The Benefits of Wall Fireplaces for Your Home

wall fireplaces

Did you know that living in cramped spaces can impact your health? Yes, according to psychology, living in such spaces can increase your stress and anxiety. So if you live in a smaller house, you need to make it as less crowded as possible. But what if you want a fireplace or many? Then a […]

How to Choose the Right Traditional Fireplace for Your Home

traditional fireplace

Looking to bring a little natural heat to your home? Perhaps you want an aesthetic centerpiece for your living room? Regardless, you’re searching for a new fireplace. What you’re not sure of, however, is which one you should choose. That’s what’s brought you to this article: you need help making a choice. We’ve got the […]

4 Reasons to Upgrade to a Linear Fireplace

linear fireplace

Each time Old Man Winter arrives, you enjoy chasing away the cold with the help of your fireplace. But you’re getting tired of cleaning it and keeping it up. You’re ready for something new, and the perfect upgrade for you may be a linear fireplace. Smart thinking. Fireplaces can add incredible value to your home due to […]

A Guide to Home Fireplace Maintenance and Safety

home fireplace

Nothing is more heartwarming than gathering around the fireplace with their loved ones and trading stories over some sips of hot chocolate, cider, and chardonnay. The question is, are you genuinely safe there? Research shows a chimney or fireplace started slightly under one-third of house fires between 2014 and 2018. If you own a home […]

6 Reasons to Replace Your Existing Fireplace With a Traditional Fireplace

traditional fireplace

Around 41% of homes built after 2018 have fireplaces included in the original build. Gas and electric fireplaces became very popular for several years, and many homeowners invested in them. If you’ve recently purchased a home or if you have an eclectic or gas fireplace, you may want to consider replacing it with a wood-burning fireplace. Traditional fireplaces […]

6 Innovative Fireplace Design Ideas for Cozy Evenings

fireplace design

2022 was a big year for homebuyers, with more than 5 million homes sold. Of course, buying a house is just one of many steps on the road to making it your home. Once you own the house, then you start the process of renovating and decorating to meet your needs. This almost always includes […]

How Does a Linear Fireplace Work?

linear fireplace

While fireplaces have been used for centuries for heating, cooking, and comfort within American homes, it’s only recently that fireplaces have also become decorative pieces. There are many types of fireplaces available on the market today, but if you want a sleek fireplace that fits with modern design sensibilities, you can’t go wrong with a […]

7 Benefits of Owning a Traditional Fireplace

traditional fireplace

Fireplaces were first developed in the Middle Ages. Medieval builders built chimneys that would allow smoke to escape from homes and castles. Eventually, they found the correct fireplace shape, depth, etc. Fireplaces have come a long way since then. You don’t have to have a traditional fireplace that burns wood in your home. There are […]

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Linear Fireplaces

linear fireplaces

Your home should be a place of comfort, and a fireplace can help complete that cozy vibe. While most homeowners have moved on to modern heating solutions, a fireplace remains a solid choice. Fireplace designs have evolved over the years and come in different styles for all homes. Many designers and homeowners have fallen in […]