Bronte Cast

Elevate Your Space with the Brontë Cast: A Fusion of Style and Innovation by Flamerite Fires

Product Description

Transform your living space with the Brontë Cast electric fireplace by Flamerite Fires. This exquisite piece combines timeless design with cutting-edge technology, offering a warm and inviting ambiance for your home.

Product Features

mart eControl Technology: Featuring Radia Flame 3D for a realistic fire experience.
Thermostatically Controlled Heater: 750W/1500W concealed fan heater for optimal comfort.
Customizable Finishes: Smooth or textured paint finish in ivory cream, arctic white, or pastel grey.
Flat Wall Installation: Effortlessly install onto a flat wall for a seamless look.

Product Specifications

Dimensions: 54” h:1170 w:1370 d:390

Key Measurements:

a: 375mm
b: 1220mm
c: 1110mm
d: 300mm
e: 1220mm

Warranty: Every Brontë Cast comes with a full 2-year parts and labor warranty, extendable to 3 years for E-FX range.

Installation Options

Wall Installation

Fuel Types


Fuel Type Application


Clearances and Cavity Measurements

Ensure proper clearances and cavity measurements for safe installation.


Limited warranty

Product Highlights

The Brontë Cast by Flamerite Fires is a masterpiece that seamlessly blends timeless design with cutting-edge technology. Its Smart eControl technology, featuring Radia Flame 3D, brings a mesmerizing and realistic fire experience to your living space. Enjoy the warmth and ambiance without the hassle, thanks to the thermostatically controlled 750W/1500W concealed fan heater, ensuring optimal comfort in any season.

Choose style that suits your taste with the Brontë Cast’s customizable finishes. Whether you prefer the classic ivory cream, the crisp arctic white, or the subtle pastel grey, this electric fireplace offers a range of options to complement your interior decor. The smooth or textured paint finish adds a touch of sophistication, making the Brontë Cast a focal point in any room.

Installation is a breeze with the Brontë Cast, designed for flat wall installation. The 54-inch dimensions make it a statement piece, while the key measurements ensure a perfect fit. With the added convenience of log or coal fuel effect, this electric fireplace brings the charm of a traditional fireplace without the maintenance. Experience the epitome of warmth and style with the Brontë Cast by Flamerite Fires.

Enhanced by Flamerite Fires’ commitment to quality, the Brontë Cast comes with an industry-leading warranty. Enjoy peace of mind with a full 2-year parts and labor warranty, extendable to an impressive 3 years for the E-FX range. Invest in a fireplace that not only elevates your ambiance but also stands the test of time.

Company Overview for Manufacturer

Established in 1999 and rooted in a rich family tradition spanning over 50 years, Flamerite Fires Ltd stands as the UK’s oldest specialist independent electric fire manufacturer. Headquartered in the historic city of Lichfield, Staffordshire, the company has earned a stellar reputation for producing high-quality, innovative electric fires and fireplaces. Flamerite Fires was founded with a singular focus – to design, assemble, and patent award-winning electric fires in Great Britain, adhering to the highest global standards of ETL-UKCA-CE.

Over its 24-year history, Flamerite Fires has not only become a leader in the industry but has also garnered numerous awards in the UK and abroad. The company takes pride in its integrity, excellent customer service, and unwavering support for the independent retail sector. The commitment to quality is evident in every aspect of their production, from design to manufacturing, ensuring that customers receive products that meet the highest standards.

Flamerite Fires’ extensive product range includes cutting-edge electric fires and fireplaces, with a focus on combining aesthetic appeal and functionality. The Kayden 1300, among their flagship offerings, exemplifies the fusion of modern design and advanced heating technology. With a dedication to customer satisfaction, Flamerite Fires provides unprecedented customer service, offering friendly assistance via phone or email and direct delivery across the UK on their own transport. As a testament to their confidence in their products, each Flamerite fire comes with a 2-year parts and labor warranty, extendable by an additional year. As a manufacturer registered to a recognized waste disposal scheme, Flamerite Fires upholds its commitment to sustainability and responsible business practices.

Flamerite Fires Ltd remains steadfast in its mission to produce top-tier electric fires and fireplaces while upholding the values of quality, innovation, and customer support.


Q: What is the Bronte Cast by Flamerite Fires?
A: The Bronte Cast is a line of electric fires manufactured by Flamerite Fires, offering stylish and efficient heating solutions.

Q: How does the Bronte Cast electric fire work?
A: The Bronte Cast operates as an electric fire, utilizing advanced technology to produce realistic flames and heat.

Q: Can I control the flame and heat settings on the Bronte Cast?
A: Yes, the Bronte Cast comes with adjustable flame and heat settings, allowing you to customize your heating experience.

Q: Is installation of the Bronte Cast complicated?
A: No, installation is straightforward. The Bronte Cast is designed for easy installation, and many models can be simply plugged into a standard electrical outlet.

Q: Does the Bronte Cast require any ventilation?
A: No ventilation is needed for the Bronte Cast electric fire, making it a convenient and flexible heating solution.

Q: Can I use the Bronte Cast as the primary heating source for a room?
A: While the Bronte Cast provides supplemental heat, it is not intended to be the primary heating source for large spaces.

Q: Is the flame effect of the Bronte Cast realistic?
A: Yes, the Bronte Cast features a realistic flame effect that adds ambiance to your space without the need for a real fire.

Q: What safety features does the Bronte Cast have?
A: The Bronte Cast is equipped with safety features such as overheating protection, making it a secure option for home use.

Q: Can I use the Bronte Cast without the heating function?
A: Yes, the Bronte Cast can be used with or without the heating function, allowing you to enjoy the flame effect even in warmer seasons.

Q: Is the Bronte Cast energy-efficient?
A: Yes, the Bronte Cast is designed to be energy-efficient, providing warmth without excessive energy consumption.

Q: Can I install the Bronte Cast in any room of my house?
A: The Bronte Cast can be installed in various rooms, but it’s essential to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for safe and proper installation.

Q: How long is the warranty for the Bronte Cast?
A: Warranty periods may vary, but Flamerite Fires typically offers a warranty on the Bronte Cast. Check the specific model for warranty details.

Q: Can I customize the appearance of the Bronte Cast?
A: Some models of the Bronte Cast may offer customization options such as different finishes and trims. Check the product specifications for details.

Q: Is the Bronte Cast remote-controlled?
A: Yes, many models of the Bronte Cast come with a remote control for convenient operation.

Q: Does the Bronte Cast make any noise when operating?
A: The Bronte Cast is designed to operate quietly, ensuring a peaceful and enjoyable experience.

Q: Can I use the Bronte Cast in an outdoor setting?
A: No, the Bronte Cast is intended for indoor use only and should not be exposed to outdoor elements.

Q: Is the Bronte Cast compatible with smart home systems?
A: Some models of the Bronte Cast may have smart features or compatibility. Check the product specifications for details.

Q: How do I clean and maintain the Bronte Cast?
A: Maintenance is generally minimal, and cleaning instructions can be found in the user manual provided with the Bronte Cast.