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Why Businesses Should Consider Commercial Wood-Burning Fireplaces

A commercial fireplace adds a touch of warmth and comfort to your indoor and outdoor office spaces. Dress up your outdoor patio with a natural wood fireplace or create a cozy indoor ambiance for your office spaces, hotel lobbies, dining areas, and more. 

Whether you are trying to achieve a warm welcoming environment, a cozy comfort zone, or an appealing focal point, a fireplace is an ideal solution. Show your hospitality by welcoming guests to your establishment with a beautiful wood fireplace. A fireplace is inviting. It makes people feel at home and when people are comfortable, they have a better experience while doing business with you.

What Are Wood-Burning Fireplaces?

Wood-burning fireplaces are fireboxes framed into a wall with non-combustible appropriate material surroundings. A traditional open masonry fireplace needs a chimney to vent, but a wood fireplace uses fireplace inserts or wood stoves. These fireplaces make a perfect addition to any establishment since you don’t have to worry about building a chimney. Wood-burning fireplaces today produce as much heat and are as efficient as wood stoves. But they are limited to large-scale renovations and new builds. Create a visually appealing display and savor a warm atmosphere with a stylish rustic wood fireplace.

Classifications of Wood Fireplaces

There are two classifications for wood fireplaces. EPA certified (Heating) and EPA exempt (Decorative).

EPA-certified Heating Wood Fireplaces

An EPA-certified wood-burning fireplace is any unit, such as a fireplace, stove, insert, etc. intended to provide heat. There are very strict emissions and efficiency standards required for these units to meet. For example, according to regulations of EPA current standards, a fireplace cannot generate over 2.5 grams per hour of particulate matter. Because of this, manufacturers step up their game to develop more efficient products that burn clearly.

Decorative EPA Exempt Wood Fireplaces

A decorative wood-burning fireplace is exempt from EPA standards as its key focus is for show rather than to provide heat. These fireplaces do not contain blowers or air controls as they’re used for ambiance only and not as a heating source. Thus, the EPA exempts them from emissions testing. It’s also important to note that while wood-burning fireplaces may be eligible for decorative status, inserts and stoves are not. This is because they are heating devices.

The Different Types and Styles of Wood-burning Fireplaces

When choosing a wood fireplace for your establishment, there are a few things to consider. Decide whether you want to use it as a heating source or for ambiance. Next, figure out your budget since wood fireplaces can vary broadly in price.

Open-hearth Fireplaces (Masonry Fireplaces)

Open-hearth fireplaces are also known as masonry fireplaces. These are the types of traditional fireplaces most people used in their homes before the 1980s. They are mostly made of stone or brick and include a large hearth to catch embers escaping from the firebox. These fireplaces add a classic style to any setting and most come with a mantel made of stone, wood, brick, concrete, or other materials.

Wood-Burning Stoves (Masonry Stoves)

Wood stoves are a type of wood heaters made of steel or cast iron. People used these heating devices since the 16th century to heat an entire house. In fact, they are the oldest heating elements after traditional masonry fireplaces. But don’t let its age fool you. Wood-burning stoves have become more modernized over the years. Today, you can place them almost anywhere, even in the center of a room, since some are freestanding.

Prefabricated Fireplaces

Also called “zero-clearance” or “low mass,” this type of wood fireplace is like an open-hearth fireplace. The only difference is prefabs are factory-built from metal whereas open-hearth fireplaces are built on-site from masonry materials. Thus, they both have the same parts, such as a firebox, hearth, flue, and mantel. But, prefab fireplace parts are delivered to the installation site preassembled.

Wood-Burning Fireplace Inserts

Fireplace Inserts are similar to free-standing wood stoves in how they function. These inserts are installed inside the firebox of an existing fireplace to take advantage of the fireplace framing and chimney already built. Upgrading your fireplace by adding an insert to your firebox can help decrease fire danger, increase heat output, and reduce particulate emissions.

Indoor and Outdoor Wood-burning Fireplaces

Nothing adds a cozier feel to a room than a fireplace. Placing a gorgeous wood-burning fireplace in your hotel lobby makes a grand focal point. It can also enhance any outdoor space while supplying heat so your guests or associates can enjoy sitting around the fire. At Dreifuss Fireplace, we have indoor and outdoor fireplaces available to improve the look of any space and provide warmth. If you desire custom features, we can accommodate you by helping with the design and building process.

Vented Fireplaces

Vented fireplaces integrate a structure that helps eliminate smoke and other material-burning byproducts. A stainless steel flue system and a chimney made of brick are some examples of these structures. Water vapor resulting from combustion leaves the room because of this ventilation, allowing for a less humid, drier, and safer living space.

Ventless Fireplaces

Ventless fireplaces use natural gas like propane or butane to operate. These gases do not produce harmful emissions. Therefore, ventless wood-burning fireplaces do not require ventilation systems. Natural gas combustion produces water vapor that remains in the living space since there’s no flue or chimney to flow through.

Advantages of Commercial Wood-burning Fireplaces

There are many advantages associated with getting a wood fireplace to dress up your business space. For one, the cost of fuel is cheaper than natural gas, heating oil, or coal. For another, you can also support community businesses and buy wood locally at the same time.

Wood is sustainable, renewable, widely available, affordable, and emits fewer pollutants into the air. 

Add a Stylish Wood Fireplace To Your Business

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