Design Inspiration: Creative Ways to Incorporate Linear Fireplaces

linear fireplaces

Studies show that fire makes us calmer, more sociable, and generally happier. Our blood pressure also decreases when we look at crackling flames, which may be why fireplaces are one of the most coveted home enhancements out there.

Linear fireplaces are a modern trend that can enhance your home interior regardless of your decor theme. Read on to learn about some creative ways that you can integrate a new fireplace into your home.

A 3D Feature

Linear fireplaces are long, rectangular features. They’re only a foot or two tall, but make up for it in length. They generally span about 3-12 feet depending on your space restrictions and general ambiance.

Because of this, they’re easy to install into any wall. Most people tend to place them near the base of the wall near the floor.

This gives them the chance to use the other wall space for different features while also making it easier to relax near the fireplace. Plus, since heat rises, you’ll make the most out of the warmth from your hearth.

Many people choose to install them inside interior walls. This lets them enjoy the crackling flame from both sides. It can warm up two rooms and make your home as a whole much cozier.

Your Living Room Cornerstone

Some people also choose to install linear fireplaces at the ends of interior walls. This means that you’ll be able to see it from both sides, but you also will be able to see it rounding the corner of the wall. It will shine from three angles!

This is an awesome way to draw multiple rooms together. It gives your home a more cohesive design scheme. Plus, you’ll get to see the flame from several different viewpoints and can better appreciate its complex beauty.

Cornerstone linear fireplace ideas also can save you money on utility bills. They heat up a larger area so you don’t need to run gas or electric heaters. This can save you money in the long run since you won’t need to pay high HVAC bills monthly.

Unique Interior Features

Minimalism doesn’t necessarily mean ‘unaccented.’ Many of the best linear fireplaces incorporate interior features to build on their sleek and beautiful aesthetic.

You can add traditional logs or stones to the inside of your hearth. In a gas fireplace, the most common linear fireplace type, these won’t burn away.

Instead, they’ll serve as decorations to make your fireplace more traditional-looking. They give your space a natural appearance.

This contrasts well with the linear hearth’s sleek heat-resistant glass and bold shapes. You’re adding complexity to your space in addition to creating a cozy ambiance.

If you want a more modern and contemporary look, you may trade in natural features in favor of glass.

Crushed pieces of glass don’t just match your glass surround and other modern home decor features. They also reflect the flame around the fireplace. This gives the flame a unique kaleidoscopic effect by bouncing the light around inside the glass hearth.

Traditional vs Modern Contrast

Fireplaces are perfect for entertaining. You can relax and unwind with family or a partner after a long day. You can invite friends over to rest, unwind, and even make s’mores or hot dogs if your fireplace design permits it.

However, you need to create a full-on ambiance that makes your home welcoming to visitors.

If you like to have people over for movie nights or gaming parties, you’re going to need a sleek flat-screen TV. Many people struggle with this when they choose traditional fireplaces since they take up an entire wall. But a linear fireplace gives you room to put other things on the wall, too.

In fact, it’s a great idea to have a diverse space! When you put a traditional-looking fireplace along the bottom of your wall, a high-tech gadget like a modern TV will add some contrast. You can match these features with both traditional and contemporary trinkets and furniture to draw multiple types of decor together.

You can also add paintings, photographs, and wall art above the fireplace. This will create some visual complexity within your decor theme. Modern abstract art works just as well as old family photographs, so you’ll have tons of options when it comes to design.

Eye-Catching Surrounds

A lot of linear fireplaces don’t have surrounds like traditional options do. They’re just cutouts encased in a heatproof glass or clear plastic. This is sleek and contemporary, but some people prefer the visual complexity that a surround provides.

This surround doesn’t need to be anything fancy. You could just use a thin strip of black or white plastic. Simple metal surrounds in brass or steel also can give your space some extra shine.

Others prefer something a bit more striking. Tiles work well, especially long and thin subway tiles. Their shape goes perfectly with the fireplace because they’re similarly long and short.

Beyond tiles, you can also create a natural look with red brick or stone surrounds. Stamped concrete also works well because of its heat resistance. You can make it look like anything you want including cobblestone or slate.

Make the Most of Linear Fireplaces

Linear fireplaces are one of the best things that you can use to enhance your home decor. There are tons of ways to incorporate them seamlessly into your home to maximize your comfort and design scheme.

Now that you know some of the best, it’s time to create a custom linear fireplace with Dreifuss. Our experts are committed to helping you install something that works perfectly with your home interior. Contact us to talk more about your specific needs and get an estimate ASAP.

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