Double Sided Gas Fireplace: What You May (And May Not) Like

by | Mar 2, 2023 | Gas Fireplaces

It is estimated that most people pay $1.63 on average to run their gas fireplace. This cost is based on a per-hour timeline, with many only paying $132 a month to use the fireplace 8 hours a day.

There is no denying the efficiency of fireplace installation in your home. One option you may not have considered is double sided gas fireplace designs.

There are many fireplace design options that you should consider when having one installed. These designs have more to offer than just appearance when heating your home.

Keep reading to find out more about the pros and cons of a double sided gas fireplace.

What Is a Double Sided Gas Fireplace?

If you have never heard about a multi-sided fireplace, you may not know what this means. This is a type of fireplace that has two faces that allow you to see the flames.

Most fireplaces only have one face, allowing you to see the flames from one direction. A double-sided fireplace provides aesthetic and functional purposes due to its design.

It runs just like any other type of gas fireplace, so using it is not going to be complicated. 

Double-Sided Fireplace Pros and Cons

If you are going to have fireplace installation done, you want to evaluate your options. There are a lot of things that you should know about a double-sided gas fireplace.

This can be a great option if you want to have a gas fireplace in your home. There are certain aspects of this design that may make this a better option or a less ideal option for your home.

Pro: Better Heat Distribution

One of the benefits of a 2-sided fireplace is the heat distribution. Because there are two faces to this fireplace, more heat is able to come through into the room.

The glass at the front of the fireplace is what allows the most warmth into the air. Traditional fireplaces tend to only warm the surrounding air closest to the fireplace itself.

When you have two glass sides to your fireplace, more warmth is able to enter the air. This can help to keep the room warmer for longer just by using your gas fireplace.

It is also able to distribute heat in two different directions in the room. This makes it ideal for larger rooms where you may struggle to keep warm during the colder months.

Another benefit is that this fireplace can heat two spaces at one time. If it is between two rooms in a dividing wall, you can choose a fireplace that has a face on either side.

Not only is this visually appealing, it can heat more areas of your home at the same cost.

Con: More Expensive

A common downside to this fireplace design is the price. Double sided gas fireplace options are still considered to be relatively new to the market.

Because of this, these fireplaces are still on the pricier side when compared to traditional options. The more common they become, the more affordable they will likely be.

Most unusual or modern fireplace designs will initially cost more. You also have to consider the cost of installation since it is not as simple as a normal fireplace.

Pro: Many Sizes

Another benefit of this fireplace style is the range of sizes available. You can choose from small to medium to large styles depending on the size of the room.

There are also different shapes that can help to better distribute heat in your home. These shapes tend to be more unusual than traditional fireplaces, giving them a unique look.

Con: Complicated Installation

Installing a double sided fireplace is going to be more complicated than you may think. These fireplaces sit inside the wall and need the right amount of support.

The fireplace must have the support of a surrounding wall, but the wall cannot be a load-bearing wall. This may be difficult to find in certain styles of homes, especially in specific rooms.

Not only does the wall need strength, but it also needs to be wide and tall enough to accommodate the fireplace.

Pro: Modern Look

One of the benefits of this kind of fireplace is the visual appeal. A 2-sided fireplace is modern and elegant looking in any space.

Because there are two faces, there is more glass than in a traditional fireplace. This creates a modern and minimal look that is great for creating a centerpiece in the room.

Con: Contrasting Styles

Even though this gas fireplace has a unique style, that may not be ideal for your home. This is a very modern fireplace, so it may clash with the surrounding room.

This can happen if your home does not necessarily look modern in design. Or this may happen if you have a more traditional or eccentric decor style.

This fireplace option is more suitable for homes that have a minimal or elegant look.

Pro: Better Safety

A benefit that you may not have considered is the safety aspects of this fireplace option. This design is built with sturdy glass that encloses the gas flame.

Because a larger portion of the fireplace is glass, it is built with safety in mind. It helps to keep the fireplace safer, especially for a household with young children and pets.

Things to Consider About Double Sided Gas Fireplaces

If you are going to have a double sided gas fireplace installed, there are certain features to be aware of. You should understand the pros and cons of this design before making your decision.

Every fireplace is going to be ideal for certain spaces, so you want to evaluate your home.

Do you want to buy a gas fireplace? Contact us today at Dreifuss Fireplaces to shop by fuel or style.

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