Eva 992 Central color fireplace with glass enclosure base with bricks

Elevate Your Home with Elegance: Eva 992 Central Color Fireplace by JC Bordelet

Product Description

The Eva 992 Central Color Fireplace from JC Bordelet is an innovative and contemporary design, offering an elegant and warm ambiance for your living space. With a sleek white lacquered finish, this hanging fireplace features voluptuous curves and a closed hearth, making it a true decorative masterpiece

Product Features

Stylish Contemporary Design
Glass Enclosure Base with Bricks
Closed Hearth for Enhanced Well-being
Available in a Range of Beautiful Colors
Glass-Ceramic Panes in Three Parts (24 mm each)
Metal Construction for Timeless Chic and Shine

Product Specifications


Stylish Contemporary Design
Glass Enclosure Base with Bricks
Closed Hearth for Enhanced Well-being

Metal Construction for Timeless Chic and Shine

Sleek White Lacquered Finish
Glass-Ceramic Panes:

Three Parts, 24 mm Each

Diameter: Ø 120 cm
Fuel Type:

Maximum Log Size:

50 cm
Available Colors:

Range of Beautiful Colors

Installation Options

Central Color Fireplace with Glass Enclosure Base with Bricks

Fuel Types


Fuel Type Application


Clearances and Cavity Measurements

Wall Cavity Dimensions:

Minimum Wall Cavity Dimensions: 150 cm (width) x 180 cm (height) for proper installation.
Ensure the wall can support the weight of the fireplace.
Floor Protection:

Non-combustible flooring is recommended for a radius of 36 inches (91 cm) around the fireplace.
Ceiling Height:

Minimum Ceiling Height: 240 cm for proper ventilation and aesthetics.
Chimney Requirements:

A standard chimney with proper draft is recommended for efficient combustion.


Limited warranty

Product Highlights

The Eva 992 Central Color Fireplace by JC Bordelet is a true embodiment of contemporary sophistication, seamlessly blending innovative design with functional warmth. Its eye-catching glass enclosure base with bricks not only adds a touch of elegance to any living space but also serves as a captivating focal point. The sleek white lacquered finish, combined with voluptuous curves, creates a fireplace that is as much a piece of art as it is a source of comfort. The closed hearth design exposes the dancing flames to your gaze, offering a sense of well-being that transforms lounging by the fire into a truly immersive experience. Crafted with precision, the three-part glass-ceramic panes, each 24 mm thick, ensure safety without compromising the view, while the metal construction adds a chic and timeless shine to the overall aesthetic.

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the Eva 992 excels in functionality. With a generous diameter of 120 cm, it accommodates logs up to 50 cm in size, allowing for extended burn times and minimizing the need for constant refueling. The option to choose from a range of beautiful colors adds a personalized touch to match diverse interior styles. Whether you’re unwinding in a cozy armchair with a book or simply enjoying the warmth and ambiance, the Eva 992 Central Color Fireplace is a statement piece that transforms any space into a haven of contemporary comfort and style.

Company Overview for Manufacturer

JC Bordelet is a renowned and innovative designer and manufacturer specializing in the creation of high-end fireplaces that seamlessly blend functionality with artistic elegance. With a rich history rooted in French craftsmanship, the company has established itself as a leader in the fireplace industry, consistently pushing boundaries to deliver exceptional products. Founded by Jean-Claude Bordelet, the brand has become synonymous with contemporary design, introducing cutting-edge concepts that redefine the traditional fireplace experience.

The hallmark of JC Bordelet’s creations lies in their commitment to craftsmanship and attention to detail. Each fireplace reflects a harmonious blend of form and function, combining innovative design elements with the warmth and ambiance of a traditional hearth. The company’s product range encompasses a variety of styles, from central fireplaces to wall-mounted options, showcasing a commitment to versatility that caters to diverse interior preferences.

As a testament to their dedication to quality, JC Bordelet sources premium materials and employs skilled artisans to bring their designs to life. The result is a collection of fireplaces that not only provide efficient heating solutions but also serve as captivating centerpieces, enhancing the overall aesthetic of any space. JC Bordelet continues to be a trailblazer in the industry, offering homeowners and designers alike the opportunity to elevate their living environments with statement pieces that marry function, style, and innovation.


Q: Will the Eva 992 Central Color Fireplace fit into my living room?
A: The Eva 992 is designed to enhance various living spaces, but it’s essential to consider the dimensions. Please refer to the product specifications for detailed information.

Q: What is the primary fuel for the Eva 992 Central Color Fireplace?
A: The Eva 992 operates on wood, providing a traditional and environmentally friendly heating option.

Q: Can I choose a different color for the glass enclosure base?
A: Yes, the Eva 992 is available in a range of beautiful colors to suit your personal style and interior preferences.

Q: Is the glass-ceramic used in the fireplace durable?
A: Absolutely. The three-part glass-ceramic panes, each 24 mm thick, are designed for durability and safety without compromising the view.

Q: What kind of warranty is offered for the Eva 992?
A: For warranty information, please refer to the warranty section on our product page or contact our customer service.

Q: Does the fireplace come with an installation guide?
A: Yes, the Eva 992 Central Color Fireplace includes a comprehensive installation guide to assist with the setup process.

Q: Can the Eva 992 be used for heating purposes, or is it primarily decorative?
A: While it adds a decorative touch, the Eva 992 is designed to provide efficient heating, creating a warm and cozy atmosphere.

Q: Are there specific clearances required for installation?
A: Yes, clearances are essential for safety. Please refer to the product specifications for detailed information on clearances.

Q: Can I burn other types of fuel in the Eva 992, such as pellets?
A: The Eva 992 is specifically designed for wood combustion. Using other fuels may void the warranty and compromise safety.

Q: Is the metal construction of the fireplace easy to maintain?
A: Yes, the metal construction is not only durable but also easy to maintain, providing long-lasting beauty with minimal effort.

Q: What is the expected lifespan of the Eva 992 Central Color Fireplace?
A: With proper care and maintenance, the Eva 992 is designed for a long lifespan, offering enduring elegance and functionality.

Q: Can the fireplace be installed in any room, or are there restrictions?
A: While it can enhance various spaces, it’s important to consider room size and ventilation. Consult the installation guide for detailed information.

Q: Is the Eva 992 suitable for both modern and traditional interior styles?
A: Yes, the contemporary design of the Eva 992 allows it to complement a wide range of interior styles, from modern to traditional.

Q: Can I customize the dimensions of the Eva 992 to fit my specific space?
A: The Eva 992 comes with fixed dimensions, but we offer a personalized study option for tailored recommendations. Contact our team for more information.

Q: Does the fireplace come with a remote control for ease of use?
A: The Eva 992 does not come with a remote control. It is designed for manual operation for a more interactive experience.

Q: Can I install the Eva 992 myself, or do I need a professional installer?
A: While some DIY enthusiasts may choose to install it themselves, professional installation is recommended to ensure safety and compliance with local regulations.

Q: What makes the Eva 992 different from other fireplaces on the market?
A: The Eva 992 stands out with its contemporary design, glass enclosure base with bricks, and meticulous craftsmanship, making it a unique and captivating choice.