Five Custom Fireplace Mantle Ideas

custom fireplace mantle

Imagine sitting next to the fireplace on a chilly morning. You’re sipping on a hot beverage and feeling the warmth emanating throughout the house. The flicker of the fireplace provides a soothing glow. 

Fireplaces are the third most popular and requested feature in a house. They create ambiance and heat. Installing a traditional fireplace can even help increase the value of your home by 6-8% overall

But a custom fireplace can also offer you a way to decorate your living space even further. Your custom fireplace mantle can accentuate your home’s decor depending on your style. There are traditional and modern mantle designs as well as more creative ideas you can utilize for your custom mantle.

If you’re interested in learning more about ways to enhance your custom mantle, this guide can help. We’ll explore 5 custom mantle ideas that can optimize your custom fireplace design. Keep reading below for more information.

1. Brick Custom Fireplace Mantle

Brick is a versatile medium for home decor. It adds a contemporary appeal to your home. 

When creating a custom fireplace mantle, you can opt for an exposed brick look. This is where the natural texture and coloring of the brick are allowed to show through. It is an ideal look if you want to shoot for a more raw and Bohemian style.

However, brick can also be painted or stained in a variety of colors. With a few coats of paint, you can create an easy accent wall with a contrasting color around your custom fireplace. If you want to paint your brick custom fireplace mantle the same color as the rest of the room, the texture of the brick will still offer a unique interplay of smooth and rough surfaces.

Using brick even allows you to paint it in multiple colors for each brick. You can turn your custom fireplace mantle into its own work of art. 

2. Stone Custom Mantle

A stone custom fireplace mantle can give your home the appearance of class and stylishness. It offers other variations of texture options to choose from over a brick custom mantle. Whereas brick can be set into the wall more uniformly, stone can be offset to make an even more stacked and layered look.

With stone, you can also mix and match different types of stones like limestone and granite for a combination of textures. Using different types of stones will also allow you to achieve different colors and patterns in your design. The natural characteristics of each stone type give you a one-of-a-kind appearance. 

If you prefer a more classic and uniform look, a stone custom fireplace mantle can also be carved or cast from a single piece of material. It offers a smoother, seamless luxury mantle design. 

3. Marble Luxury Fireplace Mantle

Marble exudes elegance and sophistication. Whenever you think of marble, you think of luxury and refinement. That’s why it makes the best custom fireplace mantle material to design a luxury fireplace. 

The types of marble you choose will vary based on your budget and your taste and style preferences. For example, Calacatta marble is a more high-end marble that is prized for its pure white coloring and pronounced gold and gray vein patterning found in Italy. Carrara marble has a grayer tone with a softer veining pattern.

Your marble luxury mantle will command the attention of the room. It is a subtle yet eye-catching material that can elevate your home’s style. Each piece of marble contains distinct patterns and coloring that make it truly exceptional. 

A custom fireplace mantle made from marble is well-suited for a high-end home design, whether you’re building from scratch or undertaking a remodel project. It provides a clean and sleek modern look for your custom fireplace that will complement the room, even when it’s not in use. 

4. Tile Fireplace Mantle

Tiles come in a wide variety of colors and designs that you can decorate your custom fireplace area with however you wish. With a tile custom fireplace mantle, you can also create beautiful patterns and mosaics. Tiling a custom mantle can take a traditional fireplace from ordinary to extraordinary.

Using tiles to decorate your custom mantle can fit either modern or traditional styles. If you want a more modern look, you can use geometric black tiles for contrast in a white room. If you want a traditional look, go with classic square or rectangular tiles.

With tiles, you may choose to use all one color to complement or contrast with the rest of your home’s interior decor. But if your decorating preference is a little more eclectic, you can use multicolored, shaped, or handpainted tiles, such as Spanish tiles, to elevate your home’s personal style. These tiles can add color and flair to an otherwise plainly decorated room.

5. Concrete Custom Mantle

Concrete is a more affordable option for many. It is also durable so it will last a long time and withstand damage. A concrete custom fireplace mantle will hold in more heat to keep the room warmer, which makes it an energy-efficient option as well. 

Creating a custom fireplace with concrete offers a modern aesthetic for a newer-build house. If you’re renovating an older house, using concrete for your custom mantle will help to modernize its overall appearance. It is a no-frills look that is straightforward and minimalistic. 

Although more basic in design, a concrete custom fireplace mantle is anything but boring or bland. Modern custom fireplaces can encompass a whole room or merely just one small section. These custom fireplace designs can even come as a double-sided luxury fireplace for use as an intriguing conversation piece to liven up any room.

A concrete custom fireplace also makes a great addition to your outdoor entertaining spaces.

Enhance Your Home With a Custom Fireplace from Dreifuss Fireplaces

Why settle for just a regular traditional fireplace, when you can have a custom luxury fireplace instead? A custom fireplace mantle can make your house feel more like home. You want a place where you can relax and unwind in the warm and soothing glow of a roaring fire. 

Dreifuss Fireplaces has been in business since 1876 in Philadelphia, PA. We offer quality electric, gas, and wood-burning fireplace designs for both home and commercial use. We can help you build the custom fireplace of your dreams. 

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