USG295SS Stainless Steel Portable Tailgate Tabletop Wood Pellet Grill

Grill on the Go: Unleash Flavor Anywhere with the Ashley Hearth USG295SS Stainless Steel Portable Tailgate Tabletop Wood Pellet Grill!

Product Description

Experience professional-grade grilling, barbecuing, and smoking on-the-go with the Ashley Hearth USG295SS. This compact stainless steel wood pellet grill ensures hardwood flavor in every bite, making it perfect for tailgating and outdoor adventures.

Product Features

295 square inch cooking area with griddle
Portable and compact design
Digital thermostat with LED controls
Meat probe with holder
Corrosion-resistant stainless-steel lid and pellet hopper
Versatile grilling temperatures from 180° to 500°
Easy-to-clean stainless steel lid
Legs with rubber levelers for stability
Push-to-close lid latch

Product Specifications

Assembled Dimensions: 15″ (D) x 24.7″ (W) x 15″ (H)
Assembled Weight: 62 lbs
Package Dimensions: 27.75″ (D) x 21.5″ (W) x 14.75″ (H)
Package Weight: 68 lbs

Installation Options

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Fuel Types


Fuel Type Application


Clearances and Cavity Measurements

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limited warranty

Product Highlights

Unleash your grilling prowess anywhere with the Ashley Hearth USG295SS Stainless Steel Portable Tailgate Tabletop Wood Pellet Grill. With a spacious 295 square inch cooking area, compact design, and innovative features like a digital thermostat, meat probe, and versatile temperature range, this grill ensures perfection in every dish. The corrosion-resistant stainless-steel lid and pellet hopper guarantee durability, while the portable design lets you take your grilling skills on the road. Whether you’re tailgating or camping, the USG295SS is your ticket to flavorful adventures.

Company Overview for Manufacturer

Ashley Hearth is a leading manufacturer dedicated to crafting high-quality heating and outdoor living solutions. With a commitment to innovation and excellence, Ashley Hearth designs and engineers products to enhance your home’s comfort and style. Renowned for its expertise in creating reliable and stylish heating appliances, Ashley Hearth continues to bring warmth and enjoyment to household


Q: What is the cooking area of the USG295SS?
A: The USG295SS has a spacious 295 square inch cooking area.

Q: Can I use the USG295SS for smoking?
A: Absolutely! The versatile temperature range makes it perfect for grilling, smoking, and more.

Q: Is the grill easy to clean?
A: Yes, the stainless steel lid is easy to clean for convenient maintenance.

Q: What is the fuel type for this grill?
A: The USG295SS uses wood pellets as its fuel.

Q: How portable is the grill?
A: The compact design and side handles make it highly portable for on-the-go grilling.

Q: Does it come with a warranty?
A: Yes, details of the warranty can be found in the product specifications.

Q: What is the temperature range of the grill?
A: The USG295SS offers versatile grilling temperatures ranging from 180° to 500°.

Q: Can I attach the smaller grate to the side of the grill?
A: Yes, the smaller grate can be attached to the side for added counter space.

Q: How is the temperature monitored?
A: The grill features a digital thermostat with LED controls and a meat probe for accurate temperature tracking.

Q: Are there rubber levelers on the legs for stability?
A: Yes, the legs come with rubber levelers for stability on any surface.

Q: Can I use the griddle instead of the grill grates?
A: Yes, the package includes a griddle for versatile cooking options.

Q: Is there an automatic ignition feature?
A: Yes, the grill has an automatic ignition with the push of a button for easy startup.

Q: What is the weight of the assembled grill?
A: The assembled grill weighs 62 lbs.

Q: How durable is the stainless-steel lid?
A: The lid is corrosion-resistant, ensuring durability and consistent heat in any weather.

Q: Can I track the food temperature without opening the lid?
A: Yes, the grill comes with a meat probe for tracking food temperature without lifting the lid.

Q: Can I cook breakfast for a crowd with this grill?
A: Absolutely! Switch out the grill grates with the included griddle to cook breakfast for a crowd.

Q: Does the lid have a push-to-close latch?
A: Yes, the grill features a push-to-close lid latch for added safety.

Q: Is there a specific wood pellet recommended for use?
A: While any high-quality wood pellets can be used, we recommend following the manufacturer’s guidelines for optimal performance.

Q: Can I take this grill tailgating?
A: Yes, the portable design makes it perfect for tailgating and outdoor events.

Q: Where can I find product manuals and downloads?
A: Visit our website’s Manuals & Downloads section for detailed product information and resources.