Commercial Wood Fireplaces

Delaware Valley’s Commercial Source for Modern and Traditional Fireplaces

Founded in 1876, we serve as the premier destination in the Delaware Valley for high-quality, contemporary linear, and classic gas, electric, and wood-burning fireplaces. Whether you’re an architect, designer, developer, project manager, general contractor, or builder, we collaborate closely with you to choose and install a fireplace that will impress your clients.

Our success is rooted in active participation during the initial planning phases. From shaping the conceptual fireplace design to selecting the right brand and overseeing installation, our experts guide you through the entire process.

Commercial Applications

Restaurants and Cafes

Hotels and Resorts

Event Venues

Retail Stores

Corporate Offices

Spas and Wellness Centers

Wineries and Tasting Rooms

Co-Working Spaces

Reception Areas

Public Spaces and Libraries

At Dreifuss Fireplaces, we present an extensive range of offerings sourced from top fireplace manufacturers. Our selection caters to diverse aesthetic preferences and stringent safety requirements.

Choosing Dreifuss Fireplaces for commercial purposes ensures the delivery of a top-tier fireplace, meticulously installed for optimum performance.

Afford your clients flexibility, assured product durability, and unwavering safety standards.

Discover the distinctive quality of Dreifuss Fireplaces first hand—reach out to us today at 215-924-3500!

Commercial Grade Fireplaces

Meeting the highest industry standards we provide UL or CSA approvals that satisfy all local or national building codes.

From traditional gas fireplaces to contemporary fireplaces, wood or electric fireplaces, our inventory line-up in the largest in the Delaware Valley Region.

Commercial Electric Fireplaces

The fireplace industry has changed drastically in the past decade. The new innovations have introduced wifi, bluetooth and smart home electric fireplaces and accessories. See them all here.

Commercial Gas Fireplaces

The traditional model used in commercial settings for years and we carry all of the major brands to meet your needs. See them all here.

Commercial Wood Fireplaces

For the ultra fireplace experience, see our full line of wood fireplaces here.

Fire Features

Gaining massive appeal in the last decade, fire features are becoming a necessity to destination locations, high-end establishments and 5-star experiences. See them all here.

Outdoor Fireplaces

The ultimate in transforming any outdoor space into a place for people to gather and enjoy the night. See them all here.