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Hearth & Home Technologies

History of the Company

Modern gas fireplace in a cozy living room with a beige couch and glass coffee table.

Hearth & Home Technologies (HHT) began its journey in 1927 when founder Robert Little established the company in Colville, Washington.

Little’s vision centered on creating high-quality heating solutions, and this vision drove the company forward.

Over the years, HHT expanded its product line, incorporating various heating technologies to meet diverse customer needs.

In the 1970s, the company revolutionized the fireplace industry with the introduction of energy-efficient wood stoves.

This innovation responded to the energy crisis of the time, offering homeowners a cost-effective and environmentally friendly heating solution.

HHT continued to grow, merging with other companies to broaden its reach and product offerings.

By the 1990s, HHT became a market leader in the fireplace industry.

The acquisition of key brands like Heatilator and Quadra-Fire strengthened its market position.

These brands became synonymous with quality and reliability, further cementing HHT’s reputation.

In the early 2000s, HHT embraced new technologies and design trends, introducing electric and gas fireplaces that combined modern aesthetics with advanced functionality.

The company also focused on sustainability, developing products that reduced emissions and increased energy efficiency.

Today, Hearth & Home Technologies operates as a subsidiary of HNI Corporation, continuing its legacy of innovation and quality.

The company remains committed to providing top-tier heating solutions, with a diverse range of products that cater to both residential and commercial markets.

HHT’s history reflects a dedication to excellence and a continuous drive to meet the evolving needs of its customers.

Mission and Values

Hearth & Home Technologies (HHT) operates with a clear mission: to be the leader in the hearth industry by providing innovative and high-quality heating solutions.

They strive to enhance the comfort and ambiance of homes and businesses through their diverse range of fireplaces, stoves, and inserts.

HHT values innovation.

They continuously invest in research and development to create cutting-edge products that meet the evolving needs of their customers.

This commitment to innovation drives them to design and produce fireplaces that offer superior performance, energy efficiency, and aesthetic appeal.

Quality is another core value at HHT.

They maintain rigorous standards to ensure that every product meets their high expectations.

This dedication to quality ensures that customers receive reliable and durable heating solutions that enhance their living spaces.

Customer focus stands at the heart of HHT’s operations.

They aim to exceed customer expectations by offering exceptional service and support.

HHT listens to customer feedback and uses it to improve their products and services continually.

This customer-centric approach helps them build long-lasting relationships and trust with their clients.

HHT also values sustainability.

They are committed to developing eco-friendly products that reduce environmental impact.

By prioritizing energy efficiency and low emissions, HHT contributes to a more sustainable future while providing customers with responsible heating solutions.

Integrity guides HHT’s business practices.

They operate with honesty, transparency, and accountability.

This ethical approach fosters trust and respect among employees, customers, and partners.

HHT’s mission and values reflect their dedication to excellence, innovation, quality, customer satisfaction, sustainability, and integrity.

These principles drive their success and position them as a leader in the hearth industry.

Overview of Products

Hearth & Home Technologies (HHT) offers a comprehensive range of heating solutions designed to enhance comfort and ambiance.

Their products include fireplaces, stoves, inserts, and accessories, catering to both residential and commercial markets.

HHT’s fireplace collection features a variety of styles and fuel options.

They offer wood, gas, and electric fireplaces, ensuring there is a perfect fit for every space and preference.

These fireplaces combine aesthetic appeal with advanced technology, providing efficient heating and a captivating focal point for any room.

Stoves from HHT come in wood, gas, and pellet options.

These stoves deliver powerful heating performance while maintaining a traditional or contemporary look.

They are ideal for those who desire both functionality and style.

The stoves are designed to provide reliable warmth and are easy to operate and maintain.

Inserts by HHT transform existing fireplaces into efficient heating systems.

They offer wood, gas, and electric inserts, allowing customers to upgrade their old fireplaces without major renovations.

These inserts improve energy efficiency and provide a modern look, enhancing the overall home environment.

HHT also provides a wide range of fireplace accessories and mantels.

These include decorative fronts, doors, and surrounds that complement their fireplaces and stoves.

Additionally, they offer remote controls and smart home integration options for convenient operation.

Outdoor products are another key offering from HHT.

They feature outdoor fireplaces, fire pits, and fire tables that create a cozy atmosphere for outdoor living spaces.

These products are designed to withstand the elements while delivering exceptional performance and style.

HHT’s diverse product lineup ensures that customers can find the perfect heating solution to suit their needs and preferences, all backed by a commitment to quality and innovation.

Manufacturing Process

Hearth & Home Technologies (HHT) maintains a meticulous manufacturing process to ensure high-quality products.

They start with innovative design and engineering.

Their team uses advanced software and technology to create precise designs that meet industry standards and customer expectations.

HHT sources premium materials for their products.

They choose durable and efficient materials that enhance performance and longevity.

These materials undergo rigorous testing to ensure they meet HHT’s quality standards.

In the production phase, HHT employs state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities.

They use automated machinery and skilled technicians to assemble their products with precision.

This combination of technology and craftsmanship ensures consistent quality across their entire product line.

Quality control is a critical step in HHT’s manufacturing process.

Each product undergoes thorough inspection and testing at various stages of production.

This ensures that every fireplace, stove, and insert meets HHT’s stringent quality and safety requirements.

HHT also focuses on sustainability in their manufacturing process.

They implement eco-friendly practices to reduce waste and minimize environmental impact.

This includes using energy-efficient technologies and recycling materials wherever possible.

Customization is another aspect of HHT’s manufacturing process.

They offer various options to tailor their products to customer preferences.

This includes different finishes, designs, and functionalities that allow customers to create their ideal heating solutions.

Packaging and shipping are the final steps in HHT’s process.

They use secure and protective packaging to ensure products arrive in perfect condition.

Their logistics team coordinates efficient delivery to customers and retailers.

HHT’s manufacturing process reflects their commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

This meticulous approach ensures that every product delivers superior performance and reliability.

Advantages of Hearth & Home Technologies

Hearth & Home Technologies (HHT) offers numerous advantages that set them apart in the hearth industry.

Their commitment to innovation leads to cutting-edge products that incorporate the latest technology.

This ensures that customers receive efficient, reliable, and easy-to-use heating solutions.

Quality stands at the forefront of HHT’s offerings.

They use premium materials and rigorous quality control processes to produce durable and long-lasting products.

This dedication to quality means customers can trust HHT products to perform exceptionally well over time.

HHT provides a wide range of products to suit various needs and preferences.

They offer wood, gas, and electric fireplaces, stoves, and inserts, catering to different fuel preferences and design styles.

This extensive product lineup ensures that every customer can find the perfect heating solution for their space.

Energy efficiency is another significant advantage of HHT products.

Their fireplaces, stoves, and inserts are designed to maximize heat output while minimizing fuel consumption.

This not only reduces energy costs but also supports environmental sustainability.

Customization options allow customers to tailor HHT products to their specific tastes.

With various design, finish, and functionality choices, customers can create a heating solution that perfectly complements their home décor and lifestyle.

HHT’s strong focus on customer satisfaction ensures excellent service and support.

They listen to customer feedback and continuously improve their products and services based on this input.

This customer-centric approach builds long-lasting relationships and trust.

Sustainability initiatives by HHT demonstrate their commitment to environmental responsibility.

They implement eco-friendly practices in their manufacturing processes and develop products that reduce emissions and environmental impact.

Overall, HHT’s advantages include innovation, quality, variety, energy efficiency, customization, customer satisfaction, and sustainability, making them a leader in the hearth industry.

Considerations for Buyers

When considering a purchase from Hearth & Home Technologies (HHT), buyers should evaluate several key factors to ensure they select the best product for their needs.

First, determine the type of fuel that suits your lifestyle and preferences.

HHT offers wood, gas, and electric options, each with its own advantages in terms of convenience, cost, and ambiance.

Space and installation requirements are critical.

Measure the area where you plan to install the fireplace, stove, or insert.

HHT provides products in various sizes and configurations to fit different spaces, whether you need a compact solution for a small room or a large centerpiece for a spacious living area.

Consider the heating efficiency and performance of the product.

HHT designs their fireplaces and stoves to maximize heat output while minimizing fuel consumption.

Look for models with high efficiency ratings to ensure you get the most warmth for your investment.

Aesthetic appeal is another important factor.

HHT offers a wide range of designs, from traditional to modern, to match your home’s décor.

Think about the style and finish that will complement your interior design and enhance the overall ambiance of your space.

Safety features should not be overlooked.

HHT incorporates advanced safety mechanisms in their products, such as automatic shut-off systems and cool-to-the-touch glass.

Review these features to ensure your chosen product meets your safety expectations.

Budget is always a consideration.

HHT provides products at various price points, making it possible to find a high-quality heating solution that fits your financial plan.

Don’t forget to account for installation costs and any necessary accessories.

Lastly, consider the level of customer support and warranty offered by HHT.

Their commitment to customer satisfaction includes reliable service and comprehensive warranties, giving you peace of mind with your purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Product Information

Q: What products does Hearth & Home Technologies manufacture?
A: Hearth & Home Technologies produces a range of hearth products, including fireplaces, stoves, and inserts, as well as outdoor living products acquired through companies like The Outdoor GreatRoom Company.

Q: What fuel options are available for Hearth & Home Technologies’ products?
A: HHT offers products that operate on various fuels, including gas, wood, and electricity. The choice depends on individual preferences and considerations such as convenience and availability.

Q: Are Hearth & Home Technologies products energy-efficient?
A: Many HHT products are designed with energy efficiency in mind, incorporating advanced technologies to maximize heating efficiency and reduce energy consumption.

Q: Does Hearth & Home Technologies offer outdoor living products?
A: Yes, with the acquisition of The Outdoor GreatRoom Company, Hearth & Home Technologies now provides premium outdoor living products, including gas fire pit tables, outdoor fireplaces, and patio furniture.

Choosing the Right Product

Q: How do I choose the right product for my home?
A: The choice depends on factors such as fuel type preference, installation requirements, heating needs, and aesthetic preferences. Consulting with a local dealer or professional is recommended.

Installation and Maintenance

Q: What are the installation requirements for HHT products?
A: Installation requirements vary based on the type of product. Gas and wood-burning products may have venting considerations, and professional installation is often recommended.

Q: How do I maintain and care for my hearth product?
A: Maintenance requirements differ based on the type of product. Regular cleaning, inspections, and following manufacturer guidelines for care are crucial for optimal performance and safety.

Q: Can I convert my wood-burning fireplace to a gas fireplace with HHT products?
A: Hearth & Home Technologies offers fireplace inserts that can convert traditional wood-burning fireplaces into efficient gas-burning ones. However, specific compatibility and requirements need to be considered.

Troubleshooting and Support

Q: How do I troubleshoot common issues with my HHT product?
A: Troubleshooting guidelines are typically provided in the product manual. If issues persist, it’s recommended to contact the authorized dealer or HHT customer support for assistance.

Warranty and Coverage

Q: What is the warranty coverage for HHT products?
A: Warranty coverage varies by product and model. Buyers should refer to the specific warranty information provided by Hearth & Home Technologies for details on coverage and duration.