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Fireplace Installation Services for Warmer, Cozier Winters

Dreifuss Fireplaces Has Been the Top Provider of High-Quality Fireplace Installation in PA Since 1876.



    Premium Garage Doors: Enhance Your Home's Appeal and Security

    Elevate the functionality and style of your home with our state-of-the-art garage doors.


    Wood-Burning-Fireplace-w-Mantel00599 2

    Create Warmth and Ambiance
    With Fireplaces or Wood Stoves

    Fireplaces can instantly transform a place. They can bring a sense
    of comfort to your space. Fireplaces are also an energy-efficient
    and cost-effective solution to heat a residential or commercial space.

    The Importance of Professional
    Garage Door Installation and Service

    At Dreifuss Fireplaces, we emphasize the importance
    of having your garage door installed and serviced by
    experts to ensure optimal functionality and safety.


    Fireplace Installation
    Services for Warmer,
    Cozier Winters

    Dreifuss Fireplaces Has Been the Top Provider
    of High-Quality Fireplace Installation in PA Since 1876.

    Create Warmth and Ambiance
    With Fireplaces or Wood Stoves

    Fireplaces can instantly transform a place. They can bring a sense of comfort to your space. Fireplaces are also an energy-efficient and cost-effective solution to heat a residential or commercial space.

    There are numerous fireplaces to choose from to fit your needs and lifestyle. From wood-burning to gas to electric, you’re guaranteed to find a high-quality fireplace within your budget.

    At Dreifuss Fireplaces, we’ve provided fireplace solutions to our customers in Pennsylvania for over 100 years. We work closely with our customers to helpthem create a welcoming ambiance in their space.

    Serving Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware


    We partner with commercial customers across the Delaware Valley. Our engineers work with general contractors, project managers, architects, and developers at every stage of the design and installation.

    Need help designing your new build? We’ve got you covered. Our fireplace experts can get started in the early stages of planning and development. We will help with conceptual fireplace design all the way to the fireplace installation.

    Some of the most common buildings we install fireplaces include hotels, shopping malls, spas, and golf courses.


    Whether replacing an old fireplace or having your home built from the
    ground up, we’ll assist you in finding the right fireplace solution. Fireplaces are an excellent, cost-effective way to keep your home warm while creating a cozy atmosphere.

    Dreifuss Fireplaces carries a wide range of fireplace styles. Some customers prefer the modern looking details while others want a traditional fireplace. Whatever your design aesthetic is, we’ll find a fireplace that fits seamlessly into your home.


    From custom homes to townhouses to condos, we partner with builders to provide innovative solutions for their fireplace needs. We invite the builder’s
    clients to visit our showroom. At our showroom, they can pick the fireplace and finish they want.

    Once the builder’s client has picked a fireplace, we’ll work with them and the builder. Our installers will ensure that the fireplace gets installed in the client’s new residence so you can focus on the rest of the project.

    Why Partner With Dreifuss Fireplaces

    We’ve been selling and installing fireplaces in Pennsylvania since 1876. Our staff has 100 years of combined experience.
    Our installers and technicians are NFI-certified, insured and experts in their craft.

    Learn why our customers travel for hours to work with the professionals at Dreifuss Fireplaces.

    Professional Installation by the Best
    We Only Work With the Best Fireplace
    We Prioritize Safety​
    Project Completion on Your Timeline

    Explore Our Different Types of Fireplaces

    At Dreifuss Fireplaces, we carry multiple types of fireplaces.
    The type of fireplace you choose depends upon your design preferences and the build application.
    Visiting our showroom in Philadelphia is the ideal way to find the right fireplace for you.

    Traditional fireplaces include a hearth made from metal, stone, or brick.
    They’re traditionally wood-burning and have been around for centuries.

    Linear fireplaces are contemporary and modern in style.
    They’re rectangular shaped and typically get installed inside of a wall.
    These are an excellent option for those looking for a sleeky,
    non-bulky fireplace.

    Power vent fireplaces enable you to have a gas fireplace installed almost anywhere. The vents can be zigzagged throughout the walls of your home in any pattern or direction. Don’t have a direct path to an exterior wall or roof line? Power Vent may be the solution.

    We carry a variety of custom fireplaces which are truly unique.
    These include electric, ethanol, outdoor, and glass fireplaces.

    A wood-burning fireplace is a firebox that gets framed into a wall.
    They don’t require chimneys. Wood-burning fireplaces use venting
    like fireplace inserts and wood stoves.

    How Our Process Works

    Step One: Get in Touch

    Get in touch with us by calling 215-924-3500.
    You can also visit our showroom at 6610 Hasbrook Ave. #1 in Philadelphia.

    Step Two: Browse Our Selection

    Explore our collection of high-end fireplaces. If you know what you need,
    or need a little help finding the right design, we can help.
    We have a wide variety of gas, wood and electric fireplaces to meet any space design.

    Step Three: We Visit Your Location

    Our fireplace experts will head to your location at a time that’s convenient for you.
    We’ll inspect the installation area and confirm it is properly prepared for your new fireplace.
    Our team will review all aspects of the project with you, place your order and set a delivery date.

    Step Four: Fireplace Installation

    Our certified technicians and installers will handle every aspect of your fireplace installation.
    The installation process might take a few days, depending on the project’s scope.
    You’ll be kept updated throughout the entire process.

    David MandelDavid Mandel
    11:43 21 May 24
    Bruno PougetBruno Pouget
    14:35 16 May 24
    Ian and his team did an amazing job for us. They where super attentive to details and very knowledgeable. That all process can be super overwelminjg but definitely worth every pennies at the end.Thanks again guys.
    15:32 05 Apr 24
    Ian is extremely professional, shows a deep knowledge of his work and minds a lot about safety. He is extremely kind and it is a great pleasure to work with him and his team. A would add a sixth star if it was possible.
    Joanne RubinsohnJoanne Rubinsohn
    11:37 09 Feb 24
    We absolutely love our fireplace and really appreciated being able to work with Dreifuss to plan out the project. They were very knowledgeable and eager to work with us and delivered with a great product!
    13:42 30 Jan 24
    Jackson is the best technician I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with!
    Wendy LylesWendy Lyles
    14:44 25 Oct 23
    I called and within 24 hours my fireplace was serviced by two professional, knowledgeable young men! They were very thorough, and detailed. They explained in lament terms what they did along the way. All under an hour! I would highly recommend Dreiffus services! Thanks, Wendy
    ed songed song
    18:50 08 Oct 23
    I have a small fireplace where I wanted to install an electric fireplace, the guys at Driefuss spent time guiding me on what would work best even though I was just researching what products would work. I was very impressed with their knowledge and focus on customer service.
    Steve BlakerSteve Blaker
    14:27 27 Nov 22
    They take there time to explain everything you need to know,
    When our ventless fireplace unit died, everyone we asked recommended Dreifuss in Philly. Now we know why.They've been in business more than a century! Kevin and Lloyd provided honest, informed advice on our replacement options and cost, with no upselling. Freddie and Jose were pros at installing the replacement unit and explaining its operation. They were a pleasure to work with and went above and beyond. They moved our shutoff valve from a corner to a more convenient location.
    Monia BiermanMonia Bierman
    19:25 07 Oct 20
    Great quality work by the Dreifuss team! Thanks David, Ian, LLoyd, Chris for going the extra mile. Our Montigo Distinction 4815DL (replacing traditional wood-burning fireplace) looks beautiful and the family and I are looking forward to those cold Fall/Winter nights.

    Browse Our Selection of Fireplaces at Our Philadelphia Showroom

    Dreifuss Fireplaces is here to assist you with finding the best fireplace for your space.
    Come by our Philadelphia showroom or contact us to learn about our fireplace installation services.

    Want to see it in person?
    We are here to serve you in person to help you choose the style, brand or design of your new fireplace.
    6610 Hasbrook Ave. #1 Philadelphia, PA 19111

    Ready to get started?

    No matter where you are in the process, our team of expert designers, engineers and sales staff are ready to help you.

    Give Dreifuss a call at 215-924-3500

    Custom Fireplaces

    Design Your Fireplace

    Let us help you design the fireplace you’ve always wanted.
    No stress or hidden fees.
    We’ll design the perfect fireplace for your home or business and provide you with plans, CAD drawings, ductwork and installation guides.
    We can even work directly with your architect or builder to save you time.

    Discover Our Work

    We’ve installed fireplaces in some crazy places! Rooftops, barns, and even the side of a cliff.
    If you have a difficult application, don’t worry, our engineers are here to help!

    Questions? Look Here.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    One of the biggest and most significant benefits of a gas fireplace is that it almost perfectly replaces the look and feel of a real fireplace. In a gas fireplace, gas is ignited to create real flames around a realistic-looking log. [Read more…]

    Adding a fireplace to your home can add as much as $12,000 to your property value. If you’re a high-end homeowner looking to upgrade your house, installing a residential fireplace is one of the best ways to give it a boost. Choosing the right hearth for your home can be challenging, but this comfortable feature is more than worth the effort. [Read more…]

    The national average for installing a new fireplace can be about $4,000 in the United States. While this isn’t the price that everyone will pay for doing so, it is close to what most will spend for fireplaces. The typical range that people have said to pay will usually fall between $2,700 to as high as $15,800 after everything is finished. [Read more…]

    One reason your pilot light can go out is the thermocouple. The thermocouple is a safety device that is designed to stop the gas valve from opening if the pilot isn’t lit.

    Another cause of the pilot light going out is if the fireplace is not clean. If you don’t clean your fireplace regularly, then over time it is common to find that dirt may build up.

    Whenever this happens, it can cause small bits of debris and other bits of dirt to get in the way of the pilot light. The best solution is to get your fireplace professionally cleaned once per year.

    In some states, like PA, NJ, DE, CA, NY and MN, state law requires homeowners to have residential fireplaces inspected by a certified professional every 12 months. [Read more…]

    An electric fireplace is a device that produces heat while simulating the look of a real fireplace. This means that it will look like a fire within a fireplace. However, unlike a real fireplace, an electric fireplace does not actually contain anything that is on fire.

    So, how is this possible? Most electric fireplaces contain fake wood and a setting that mirrors a real fireplace. [Read more…]

    Electric plug-in fireplaces cost between $600 and $1,750 to install. Wood-burning options cost between $8,500 and $22,000. Clearly, different types of fireplaces cost incomparable sums. Gas fireplace costs are a happy medium between those of electric and wood alternatives. The average cost of a gas fireplace is between $3,650 and $17,800. For high-end homeowners, this installation fee is usually not that significant. [Read more…]

    The short answer is Yes. Although gas fireplaces don’t produce creosote nor the air pollutants that wood fireplaces do, neglecting to maintain your gas fireplace can expose you to carbon monoxide. There are also other gases produced that, if not cleaned, can cause inhabitants of the home significant respiratory issues.

    You could also be allowing dust and other debris to gather in the fireplace and chimney if it’s not cleaned. Gas fireplaces still produce soot and can be a magnet for insects and birds to make a home in while it’s not in use. Making a point to clean your fireplace will help you avoid greater issues or having to deal with a fireplace that isn’t properly ventilated.  [Read more…]

    While this is a straightforward question, the answer can depend on a few different factors. These factors are fairly straightforward, however, they do need to be taken into consideration.

    In general, electric fireplaces use an average of 1KW to 1.5KW per hour. This works out at a cost of roughly $0.10 to $0.20 per hour or potentially more.  [Read more…]