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Manufacturer Products

Eiklor Flames

History of the Company

Stone fire pit with a crackling fire in a wooded setting.

Eiklor Flames Inc., established in 1984, is a family-owned business renowned for its dedication to crafting high-quality and realistic gas logs and fireplace products.

The company was founded with a clear commitment to excellence in both product realism and customer satisfaction, factors that have significantly contributed to its enduring success in the fireplace industry.

With a strong focus on craftsmanship, Eiklor Flames manufactures a variety of products designed to enhance the warmth and ambiance of both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Over the years, the company has remained at the forefront of innovation in the gas fireplace sector, continually introducing new technologies to improve the safety, efficiency, and visual appeal of its fire features.

Eiklor Flames Inc. operates from its base in the United States and has expanded its reach through Eiklor Flames West, which was founded to provide the West Coast with custom, contemporary, and elegant fire features without a middleman.

This division emphasizes the same high standards of quality and customer service, ensuring that each product not only meets but exceeds client expectations.

The company’s product line includes several advanced systems such as the ULTIMATE 5® and the 304-2 Series, both known for their realistic flame technology and customizable design options.

These products reflect Eiklor Flames’ commitment to providing consumers with durable, reliable, and aesthetically pleasing fireplace solutions.

Eiklor Flames is also noted for its customer-centric approach, offering personalized services and maintaining strong relationships with homeowners, architects, and designers.

This approach, coupled with its innovative product solutions, positions Eiklor Flames as a leader in the gas fireplace industry, continually adapting to meet the needs and preferences of a diverse clientele.

Mission and Values

At Eiklor Flames, the mission revolves around elevating the quality of living spaces through innovative and aesthetically pleasing gas fireplace solutions.

The company aims to enhance the warmth and ambiance of every home with its realistic and high-performance products.

Eiklor Flames is committed to exceeding customer expectations by delivering exceptional craftsmanship and maintaining a focus on the safety and reliability of its offerings.

The core values of Eiklor Flames highlight the importance of quality, customer satisfaction, and innovation.

Each product is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that it not only looks realistic but also operates efficiently and safely.

The company values the art of craftsmanship, which is evident in the high-quality materials and advanced technology used in their gas logs and fireplace systems.

Customer-centricity is another fundamental value at Eiklor Flames.

The company prides itself on understanding and meeting the unique needs of each customer, providing personalized services that go beyond the standard offerings.

This approach has fostered strong, lasting relationships with homeowners, designers, and architects.

Innovation drives Eiklor Flames’ pursuit of new and better ways to enhance fireplace technology.

The company continuously seeks to improve the functionality, safety, and environmental impact of its products.

This commitment to innovation ensures that Eiklor Flames remains at the forefront of the fireplace industry, offering products that are not only beautiful and functional but also adhere to the latest standards in energy efficiency and environmental responsibility.

Overall, Eiklor Flames stands out in the industry for its dedication to creating high-quality, reliable, and innovative fireplace solutions that improve the comfort and beauty of living spaces around the world.

Overview of Products

Eiklor Flames specializes in high-quality gas fireplaces and log sets that bring warmth and elegance to any living space.

Their product lineup is renowned for its realistic flame technology and customizable options, catering to a variety of preferences and styles.

Key products from Eiklor Flames include their signature gas log systems like the ULTIMATE 5® and the 304-2 Series.

These systems are designed to offer an immersive fire experience, closely mimicking the natural beauty of real wood fires.

The logs are crafted from durable materials that withstand high temperatures and provide a lifelike appearance.

In addition to traditional gas logs, Eiklor Flames offers a range of contemporary fire features.

These include custom-designed burners and fire pits that can be tailored to fit any outdoor or indoor setting.

The versatility of these products allows homeowners to integrate unique fire solutions into their decor seamlessly.

Eiklor Flames’ products are also equipped with advanced safety features and are built to ensure efficient fuel consumption, making them both safe and economical.

The company offers both natural gas and electric models, providing flexibility for different installation environments and preferences.

The combination of craftsmanship, advanced technology, and a customer-focused approach has made Eiklor Flames a leader in the fireplace industry.

Their continuous innovation in design and technology ensures that each fireplace not only enhances the ambiance of a space but also operates with utmost efficiency and reliability.

Whether for residential or commercial settings, Eiklor Flames provides fireplace solutions that meet the highest standards of quality and performance.

Manufacturing Process

The manufacturing process at Eiklor Flames exemplifies the company’s dedication to quality and precision in crafting their renowned gas fireplace products.

At the heart of their operations is the use of advanced technology combined with traditional craftsmanship techniques, ensuring every product meets their high standards.

Eiklor Flames takes pride in using only the best materials available, which undergo rigorous testing to ensure they can withstand high temperatures and provide long-lasting durability.

The logs and other fireplace components are cast and then hand-painted to achieve a realistic look that closely mimics natural wood.

This meticulous attention to detail ensures that each product not only functions efficiently but also enhances the aesthetic appeal of any space.

Innovation is key to Eiklor Flames’ manufacturing strategy.

The company continually invests in new technologies to improve the efficiency and safety of its products.

This includes the integration of innovative burner designs that optimize fuel consumption and reduce emissions, making them both eco-friendly and economical to operate.

Each product is assembled by skilled technicians who ensure that all components work seamlessly together.

Quality control is paramount, with multiple checks in place throughout the manufacturing process to guarantee that every item leaving the factory meets the company’s exacting standards.

Eiklor Flames also emphasizes flexibility in its manufacturing process, offering custom solutions that allow customers to tailor products to their specific needs.

This customer-centric approach is evident in the company’s ability to produce both standard and bespoke items that fit various installation requirements and personal preferences.

Through a combination of skilled craftsmanship, advanced technology, and rigorous quality assurance, Eiklor Flames ensures that each fireplace is a masterpiece of function and design.

Advantages of Eiklor Flames

Eiklor Flames distinguishes itself in the fireplace industry through several notable advantages.

The company demonstrates its commitment to realism by designing gas logs and fireplaces to closely mimic the natural appearance of wood fires.

This focus on aesthetic appeal ensures that their products enhance any living space, providing a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Customization is a key strength of Eiklor Flames, allowing customers to tailor products to their specific needs.

This flexibility is particularly valuable for homeowners and designers looking to match specific interior designs or unique spaces.

The ability to customize extends to sizes, finishes, and installation options, ensuring that every fireplace fits perfectly into its intended environment.

Advanced technology is another cornerstone of Eiklor Flames’ offerings.

Their fireplaces incorporate innovative features that improve functionality while increasing energy efficiency.

These advancements help reduce fuel consumption, which is both cost-effective and better for the environment, aligning with modern sustainability standards.

Durability and safety are paramount in the design and manufacture of Eiklor Flames products.

High-quality materials ensure longevity and consistent performance under high temperatures.

Furthermore, all products meet rigorous safety standards, providing peace of mind for users.

Finally, Eiklor Flames commits to excellent customer service, supporting clients from the initial selection process through installation and beyond.

This approach has helped build a loyal customer base and a strong reputation in the marketplace.

Together, these advantages position Eiklor Flames as a leader in the market, offering high-quality, customizable, and efficient fireplace solutions that meet a wide range of consumer needs.

Considerations for Buyers

When buying an Eiklor Flames product, consider several key aspects to ensure the best choice for your home.

First, accurately measure your space to determine the right size and model for your area. Eiklor Flames offers a variety of sizes that fit different spaces and layouts.

Choose a model that complements not only the size but also the style of your room.

Next, explore the customization options available.

Eiklor Flames allows you to choose from different finishes and styles, ensuring you can find a product that matches your home décor and personal preferences.

Consider the type of fuel and efficiency of the fireplace.

Eiklor Flames provides options for natural gas or propane, which impact both the operational costs and environmental considerations of the unit.

Understand the installation requirements and ensure compliance with local building codes.

Some models may require specific venting setups, while others might be vent-free. Professional installation might be necessary to ensure safety and functionality.

Check the safety features of the fireplace, including automatic shut-offs and protective barriers, to ensure a safe operating environment.

Finally, look into the after-sales support offered by Eiklor Flames.

Understand the warranty terms and what kind of customer service support is available post-purchase.

This can provide peace of mind and assist with any future needs or issues that may arise.

Considering these factors will help you make a well-informed decision, ensuring you select a fireplace that is safe, efficient, and a perfect fit for your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

Product Range

Q: What types of gas fireplaces does Eiklor Flames Inc. offer?
A: Eiklor Flames Inc. offers various types of gas fireplaces, including traditional fireplaces, inserts, and freestanding units.

Efficiency and Safety

Q: Are Eiklor Flames gas fireplaces energy-efficient?
A: Yes, Eiklor Flames designs gas fireplaces to be energy-efficient, converting a higher percentage of fuel into heat.

Q: Are gas fireplaces safe to use indoors?
A: Yes, when properly installed and maintained, gas fireplaces are safe for indoor use.

Selection and Installation

Q: How do I know which gas fireplace model is right for my home?
A: Consider your heating needs, aesthetic preferences, and the intended location to help you choose the right model.

Q: Do I need a chimney for a gas fireplace?
A: It depends on the type of gas fireplace. Direct vent and vent-free options may not require a traditional chimney.

Q: Can I install a gas fireplace myself?
A: Licensed technicians should professionally install gas fireplaces to ensure safety and compliance.

Cost and Warranty

Q: What is the cost range for Eiklor Flames gas fireplaces?
A: The cost of Eiklor Flames gas fireplaces varies based on factors such as model, features, and installation requirements.

Q: What is the warranty coverage for Eiklor Flames gas fireplaces?
A: Eiklor Flames offers warranty coverage for their gas fireplaces. Check their official documentation for specific details.

Maintenance and Operation

Q: Do gas fireplaces require regular maintenance?
A: Yes, gas fireplaces require regular maintenance. This includes annual inspections and cleaning, to ensure safe and efficient operation.

Q: How do I clean the glass of my gas fireplace?
A: Use a non-abrasive glass cleaner and a soft cloth to clean the glass surface of your gas fireplace.

Q: How do I turn off a gas fireplace?
A: Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions. In general, you can turn off a gas fireplace using the control panel or remote.

Technical Specifications

Q: What is the difference between direct vent and vent-free gas fireplaces?
A: Direct vent fireplaces require external venting. Additionally, vent-free fireplaces do not require external venting and recirculate air within the room.

Q: Can gas fireplaces be used as a primary heat source?
A: Use gas fireplaces as a supplemental heat source. However, their effectiveness as a primary heat source depends on factors like insulation and room size.

Q: What’s the difference between natural gas and propane fireplaces?
A: Natural gas fireplaces use a gas supply piped from a utility company. On the other hand, propane fireplaces use propane stored in a tank.

Features and Conversions

Q: Can I control the flame height in a gas fireplace?
A: Many gas fireplaces offer adjustable flame settings, allowing you to control the height and intensity of the flames.

Q: Are there options for remote control operation?
A: Yes, many gas fireplaces offer remote control options for convenience in adjusting flame height, temperature, and other features.

Q: Can I convert my wood-burning fireplace to a gas fireplace?
A: In many cases, yes. Consult with professionals to determine the feasibility and requirements for converting your fireplace.

Environmental Considerations

Q: Are gas fireplaces environmentally friendly?
A: Gas fireplaces are generally more environmentally friendly than wood-burning fireplaces due to reduced emissions and higher energy efficiency.

Emergency Usage

Q: Can I use my gas fireplace during power outages?
A: You can use some gas fireplaces with standing pilot lights during power outages. Check the manufacturer’s guidelines for your specific model.