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Our modern gas log sets offer the same aesthetics as traditional fireplaces but without the mess and with more efficiency.

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Quality Gas Log Sets in Philadelphia, PA

Incorporate our authentic-looking gas logs in the design of your commercial buildings and homes to make the rooms cozy. Since they are easy to install and maintenance-free, Dreifuss gas log sets give rooms the same appeal as traditional fireplaces but with a modern touch. Even more, occupants can operate them with a simple click of a button and enjoy a beautiful roaring fire any time they wish. Unlike a traditional wood fireplace, the upgrade gets the job done safely and efficiently.

Benefits of a Gas Log Sets

Easier to Use
The idea of having a traditional wood fireplace installed in a building may be pleasing until you consider the usage. It is because gathering firewood and lighting the fire takes time and effort. But with a gas log fireplace, occupants can start a fire to keep rooms warm with a simple press of a button. Our gas log fireplaces do not need logs to keep the fire going. Instead, they continue producing heat with a beautiful flame and can be turned off readily.

Fewer Safety Risks
Engineering firms and construction companies must carefully evaluate the safety risks a fireplace may pose when considering installing one in a building. In particular, traditional wood fireplaces have a higher risk of spreading fire to a room. The good thing about gas logs is that the fireplace features a protective barrier to contain the fire.

Less Maintenance and Cleanup Required
Our gas log fireplaces are easy to clean and maintain. Occupants of the buildings you are designing will not have to worry about frequent afterburn cleanup, which is common with wood fireplaces. However, we strongly recommend you advise the occupants on annual gas log fireplace maintenance. Our propane professionals can offer the service with the goal of troubleshooting or fixing any issues in the fireplace.

Pleasant Aesthetic Touch
Dreifuss gas log sets have a close resemblance to real wood but without the mess. You can count on them to add a pleasant aesthetic touch to your buildings, creating the feel of a traditional fireplace.

Lots of Options to Choose From
Finally, our gas log fireplaces come in different options to suit your commercial or residential buildings. You may go for our vented varieties if you want to install a fireplace in places it is illegal or difficult to install a wood fireplace. Our non-vented varieties can also be installed anywhere.

How Our Gas Log Sets Work

Dreifuss gas log sets are powered by innovative technology to offer rooms with instant fire. Our gas fireplace experts can help design the perfect gas log fireplaces for your buildings. Here is an overview of how they work.

Step 1: Gas Log Installation
Our experts will place the gas log in different fireplace-designated spaces during installation. The gas log comprises a set of ceramic logs and pipes, which pump gas through the holes in the logs. Once ignited, the ceramic logs generate a steady flame that harmlessly burns to keep the room warm.

Step 2: Ignition
The type of controls installed in the fireplace will determine the process of igniting the gas log set. Occupants can control some of our gas log sets with a remote system or switch them on with a knob. You can choose the ignition setup that is ideal for the target occupants of your building.

Step 3: Flameproofing
The area surrounding the gas log should be flameproof before the fireplace can be used safely. In this case, our gas fireplace experts can line the interior of the gas log fireplace with sand or lava rocks and install a glass panel to contain the fire.

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Our Guarantee

We pride ourselves on being among the leading gas fireplace suppliers in the country. With our proven record, we guarantee quality installations and customer-oriented follow-ups on any of our wide range of fireplaces. Our clients continue trusting us for the following reasons:

Over a Century of Experience

Dreifuss has been serving businesses and homes in the Delaware Valley area for more than 150 years. Throughout these years, our experts have focused on offering exceptional customer service to achieve high-quality results. Our diligent, highly-trained fireplace experts bring over several years of combined experience to every task they are assigned.

Customer-First Philosophy

To continue achieving success, our customer’s needs should always come first, regardless of the situation. Our customer-oriented philosophy is therefore centered on prompt communication, strict adherence to safety and quality standards, and strict adherence to deadlines. We are also reputable for paying attention to detail in every project.

Commitment to Customers’ Safety

Our commitment to our customers’ safety continues to propel us to new heights every year. It is based on our partnership with reputable manufacturers and our mission to adhere to the highest safety standards. All these efforts aim to ensure that your gas log fireplace works efficiently for a long time.

How Much Does a Gas Log Fireplace Installation Cost?

Dreifuss gas log fireplaces offer a revolutionary way to add a touch of luxury and warmth to living and working spaces. Depending on the features and varieties, purchase and installation costs tend to vary. Our installations are tailored to your specific needs for utmost satisfaction. Therefore, be sure to request a quote from us today as you plan on installing gas fireplace logs in your building.

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