Introducing the DV45 by Drolet Fireplaces – Your Ultimate Gas Wall Mounted Heater!

Product Description

Experience the perfect blend of efficiency and warmth with the DV45 Gas Wall Mounted Heater by Drolet Fireplaces. This versatile unit operates on both natural gas and propane, making it a smart choice for any space. Say goodbye to cold winters as the DV45 delivers up to 13,750 BTU of cozy heat, while its energy efficiency saves you money. Easy to install, no chimney needed, and can even work without electricity.

Product Features

Dual-Fuel Flexibility: Runs on both natural gas (NG) and propane (LP).
Powerful Heat: Emits up to 13,750 BTU to warm spaces up to 500 sq ft.
Energy-Efficient: Operates with an impressive 77% efficiency.
Easy Installation: No chimney required, making setup hassle-free.
Built-In Igniter: Features a convenient built-in igniter for easy start-up.
Adjustable Heat: Control heat intensity with the rheostat.
Fan Included: Comes with a push-button activated fan for even distribution.
Additional Accessories: Includes stainless steel venting kit, conversion kit (LP-NG), and blower.


Product Specifications

Fuel type: Propane or natural gas
Recommended heating area: 150 – 500 sq ft
Electrical power consumption: 55 W/h
Turn down capacity: 45%
Steady state efficiency, NG and LP: 76.85%
Maximum input (liquid propane): 13,750 BTU (4.03 kW)
Minimum input (natural gas): 7,536 BTU (2.21 kW)
Minimum input (liquid propane): 7,536 BTU (2.21 kW)
Maximum input (natural gas): 13,750 BTU (4.03 kW)
Shipping weight: 83 lb (38 kg)
Overall dimensions (Width x Height x Depth): 32 3/8″ x 24 3/4″ x 8 7/8″
Warranty: Limited 5 years

Installation Options

Mobile home approved: Yes
Type of chimney: Direct vent
Premium quality blower included (CFM): 130 (Tangentiel)
Canadian Standard (emissions): CSA 2.32-2016
USA Standard (emissions): ANSI Z21 86-2016
Requires electricity: No
Ignition type: Manual
Maximum altitude allowed: Up to 4,500 feet
Electrical requirement: 120V / 60Hz
Pilot type: Continuous pilot
Vent dimension: 3.14″ x 5.11″

Fuel Types


Fuel Type Application


Clearances and Cavity Measurements

Clearances to combustibles: (Canada / United States)
Clearance – Side wall: 6″
Clearance – Top to shelf: 6″
Clearance – Bottom to floor: 6″


Limited 5 years

Product Highlights

The DV45 by Drolet Fireplaces is your go-to gas wall mounted heater for the ultimate heating experience. With the flexibility to use both natural gas and propane, this unit delivers powerful heat, reaching up to 13,750 BTU. Its exceptional efficiency, easy installation, and inclusion of useful features like a built-in igniter, adjustable heat intensity, and a fan, make it a top choice. Plus, it can even operate without electricity, ensuring you stay warm in any situation.

Company Overview for Manufacturer

Drolet Fireplaces, a reputable manufacturer in the heating industry, has been dedicated to producing high-quality heating appliances for over a decade. Their commitment to innovation, efficiency, and environmental responsibility shines through in every product they create. With a focus on customer satisfaction and sustainable heating solutions, Drolet Fireplaces has become a trusted name in the industry.


Q: Is the DV45 suitable for heating a large room?
A: The DV45 can effectively heat an area of up to 500 sq ft, making it ideal for medium-sized rooms.

Q: Can the DV45 be installed in a mobile home?
A: Yes, the DV45 is certified for mobile home installation, providing versatility in its placement.

Q: Does the DV45 come with a warranty?
A: Yes, it includes a limited 5-year warranty for added peace of mind.

Q: What type of fuel can I use with the DV45?
A: The DV45 is compatible with both natural gas (NG) and propane (LP).

Q: Is electricity required for the DV45 to function?
A: No, the DV45 can operate without electricity, making it a reliable heat source in various conditions.

Q: What is the venting kit included with the DV45?
A: The DV45 comes with a stainless steel venting kit, ensuring proper ventilation.

Q: Can I control the heat intensity of the DV45?
A: Yes, the DV45 features a rheostat that allows you to adjust the heat intensity to your preference.

Q: Is the DV45 easy to install?
A: Yes, the DV45 is designed for easy installation and does not require a chimney.

Q: Does the DV45 come with a fan for heat distribution?
A: Yes, it includes a push-button activated fan for even heat distribution.

Q: What is the ignition type of the DV45?
A: The DV45 features manual ignition for user convenience.

Q: Is the DV45 certified for use at high altitudes?
A: Yes, it is certified for use at altitudes of up to 4,500 feet.

Q: What are the clearances required for installation?
A: The DV45 requires a clearance of 6″ from side walls, the top to the shelf, and the bottom to the floor.

Q: Can I use the DV45 in a low-ceiling space?
A: Before installation, refer to the owner’s manual and installation instructions to ensure proper clearance in your specific space.

Q: What is the electrical power consumption of the DV45?
A: The DV45 consumes 55 watts per hour for efficient operation.

Q: Is the DV45 compliant with Canadian and US emissions standards?
A: Yes, it is certified to meet both Canadian and US emissions standards.

Q: Does the DV45 have a continuous pilot light?
A: Yes, it features a continuous pilot light for reliable ignition.

Q: What is the maximum input for liquid propane and natural gas for the DV45?
A: The DV45 has a maximum input of 13,750 BTU for both liquid propane and natural gas.

Q: What is the turn-down capacity of the DV45?
A: The DV45 has a turn-down capacity of 45%.

Q: Can I purchase additional accessories for the DV45?
A: The DV45 comes with a stainless steel venting kit, conversion kit (LP-NG), and blower as included accessories.

Q: What is the vent dimension for the DV45?
A: The vent dimension for the DV45 is 3.14″ x 5.11″.