Ghost Designer Fireplace

Unveil Elegance with the Ghost Designer Fireplace: A Modern Masterpiece by EcoSmart Fire

Product Description

The Ghost Designer Fireplace is a strikingly elegant freestanding masterpiece, made entirely of glass and stainless steel. With crisp lines and a slim frame, it seamlessly fits into any residential or commercial space, exuding modernity and warmth

Product Features

Architectural Feature: Bioethanol’s lively dancing flame creates a striking focal point for interior designers.
See-Through Style: Reflective glass panels highlight the mesmerizing flame, blocking neither light nor view.
Freedom & Flexibility: Fully portable, lightweight design enables easy movement between rooms.
8-11 Hours of Heat: The efficient 2.5L AB3 ethanol burner warms for over eight hours.
Eco-Friendly Fuel: Fueled by clean-burning, environmentally friendly e-NRG bioethanol.
Optional Fire Screen: Provides an extra degree of safety and security, protecting the flame from internal draughts.
Tested Worldwide: O-TL Listed in accordance with UL 1370, certified in accordance with EN16647, and satisfies ACCC Safety Mandate for Australia.

Ghost Designer Fireplace

Product Specifications


Weight: 78.48lb [35.60kg]
Dimensions: W 15.7in [400mm], H 43.5in [1106mm]
Application: Indoor Only
Materials: Stainless Steel Grade 304, Toughened Glass
Fuel Efficiency:

Volume Capacity: 0.7 Gal [2.5 L]
Heats on Average: 215ft² [20m²]
Minimal Room: 1413ft³ [40m³]
Thermal Output: 5800 BTU/h [1.7 kW, 6.1 MJ/h]
Burn Time: 8 – 11h

Installation Options

Freestanding design, no need for a flue or pipe connection.

Fuel Types


Fuel Type Application

Uses e-NRG bioethanol fuel.


Limited Warranty

Product Highlights

EcoSmart Fire’s Ghost Designer Fireplace captivates with its architectural design, see-through style, and eco-friendly functionality. The portable masterpiece delivers 8-11 hours of inviting warmth, all powered by clean-burning e-NRG bioethanol. With optional accessories and worldwide certifications, the Ghost seamlessly combines form and function.

Company Overview for Manufacturer

EcoSmart Fireplaces, part of MAD Design Group, exemplifies innovation in modern fireplace solutions. With a commitment to sustainable design, EcoSmart delivers cutting-edge, environmentally friendly fireplaces that redefine both aesthetics and functionality. Their diverse range of products reflects a dedication to quality craftsmanship and contemporary design.


Q: Will the Ghost Designer Fireplace fit into any design scheme?
A: Yes, the Ghost’s transparency allows it to complement various design schemes and colors.

Q: What is the burn time of the ethanol burner?
A: The efficient AB3 ethanol burner has a burn time of up to eight hours.

Q: Can I use the Ghost in commercial spaces?
A: Absolutely, the Ghost is suitable for both residential and commercial spaces.

Q: Is the Ghost easy to install?
A: Yes, the freestanding design allows for easy installation without the need for a flue or pipe connection.

Q: Are accessories like the D60 Fire Screen included?
A: Accessories are optional and can be added to customize your Ghost Designer Fireplace.

Q: What is the warranty on the Ghost?
A: For warranty information, please refer to the specific warranty details provided by EcoSmart Fire.

Q: How eco-friendly is the bioethanol fuel?
A: Bioethanol is a renewable energy source made from plant by-products, providing a clean-burning and eco-friendly fuel option.

Q: Can I use the Ghost outdoors?
A: The Ghost Designer Fireplace is designed for indoor use only.

Q: What is the weight of the Ghost Designer Fireplace?
A: The fireplace weighs 78.48lb [35.60kg].

Q: Are there any specific clearances required for installation?
A: Follow the minimum room size requirements and clearance recommendations for flammable materials provided in the product specifications.

Q: Can I customize the Ghost with different finishes?
A: Yes, you can choose between Stainless Steel and Black finishes.

Q: What standards has the Ghost been tested against?
A: The Ghost is O-TL Listed in accordance with UL 1370, certified in accordance with EN16647, and satisfies the ACCC Safety Mandate for Australia.

Q: Is the Ghost Designer Fireplace easy to move between rooms?
A: Yes, its fully portable and lightweight design allows for easy movement between rooms.

Q: Can I use the Ghost as the sole heating source in a room?
A: The Ghost is designed to provide additional warmth and ambiance; it can complement other heating sources.

Q: What is the capacity of the ethanol burner?
A: The Ghost has a 2.5 litres capacity ethanol burner.

Q: Can I add accessories like Log Sets and Fire Screens later?
A: Yes, optional accessories like Log Sets and Fire Screens can be added to enhance the Ghost’s aesthetics.

Q: How do I fill the ethanol fireplace with e-NRG bioethanol fuel?
A: Refer to EcoSmart Fire’s proprietary tools and procedures provided in the product manual for fast and easy fuel filling.

Q: Can I use a different type of fuel in the Ghost?
A: No, the Ghost Designer Fireplace is specifically designed to be used with e-NRG bioethanol fuel.

Q: Is the Ghost safe for homes with children and pets?
A: The optional Fire Screen provides an extra degree of safety, making it suitable for homes with children and pets.

Q: What is the lead time for the Ghost Designer Fireplace?
A: The lead time is currently 8-10 weeks. Contact us for details.