Elara 1300

Experience Elegance and Warmth with Elara 1300 by Flamerite Fires – Where Innovation Meets Style!

Product Description

Elevate your living space with the Elara 1300 electric fireplace by Flamerite Fires. Combining cutting-edge technology, sleek design, and effortless installation, Elara 1300 is the epitome of style and comfort.

Product Features

AeroFlame® Technological Realism
Wi-Fi App-Controlled Dual Mood Lighting
Authentic Animated Log Effect with Focalized Burn
Ultra Slim 2cm Recess and Tilting Glass Mechanism
Variable Flame Speeds and Animations
Wireless Phone Charger Option
Easy One-Hour Plug-and-Play Installation
Works with Google Home & Alexa
Eco Compliant Technology with Thermostatically Controlled Heating System

Product Specifications


Wall Mounted: A: 626 | B: 1740 | C: 345 (mm)
Contemporary Legs: A: 801 | B: 1740 | C: 175 | D: 1640 (mm)
Plinth: A: 827 | B: 1740 (mm)

Installation Options

Professional Installation

Fuel Types


Fuel Type Application


Clearances and Cavity Measurements

AeroGlide Airflow for Efficient Cooling


Full 3-year warranty with a 4th & 5th year option

Product Highlights

Immerse yourself in the perfect blend of sophistication and warmth with the Elara 1300 by Flamerite Fires. This electric fireplace redefines the ambiance of any room, boasting advanced AeroFlame® technology that delivers a mesmerizing, three-dimensional flame effect with unmatched realism. The Wi-Fi app-controlled dual mood lighting allows you to tailor the atmosphere to suit any occasion, creating a customizable and enchanting experience.

The Elara 1300 doesn’t just captivate visually; it also offers a user-friendly experience with options for remote control, manual keypad, and advanced app control, ensuring effortless operation. Compatible with Google Home and Alexa, this fireplace seamlessly integrates into smart home setups, providing convenience and modernity at your fingertips.

Designed for versatility, the Elara 1300 comes with three flat wall options, allowing you to choose between Wall Mounted, Floor Standing with a plinth, or on contemporary legs. The fireplace is available in oak or slate, with elegant color options including Ivory Cream, Pastel Grey, or White. Additionally, a wireless phone charger can be seamlessly integrated into the top mantel, offering both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Installation is a breeze, requiring just one hour and a 3-pin plug, making the Elara 1300 a hassle-free addition to your space. The hidden heater with an ultra-slim 2cm recess ensures efficiency while the tilting glass mechanism facilitates a continuous flow of hot air back into the room.

Flamerite Fires takes pride in the Elara 1300’s authentic details, from the realistic animated log effect with a focalized burn to the shadow-enhanced animated downlighting, providing a captivating visual experience. Backed by a full 3-year warranty, extendable to 4 years, the Elara 1300 guarantees not only a stunning focal point but also reliable, long-lasting performance. Elevate your home with the Elara 1300 – a testament to Flamerite Fires’ commitment to innovation and excellence in electric fireplace design.

Company Overview for Manufacturer

Founded in 1999, Flamerite Fires has proudly established itself as a leading manufacturer of electric fires and fireplace suites in the United Kingdom. Headquartered in Lichfield, Staffordshire, the company has been a pillar of innovation and engineering excellence for over two decades. Committed to producing environmentally friendly, aesthetically pleasing, and technologically advanced products, Flamerite Fires has become a trusted name in the fireplace industry.

From its inception, the company’s focus has been on championing new and exciting designs while ensuring a commitment to environmental responsibility. Flamerite Fires manufactures its award-winning electric fires and fireplaces in Great Britain, adhering to the highest global standards such as ETL, UKCA, and CE certifications.

The product range offered by Flamerite Fires, including the renowned Elara 1300, showcases a perfect balance between cutting-edge technology and real aesthetics. The company’s dedication to driving engineering excellence forward has made it a preferred choice for those seeking reliable and stylish heating solutions.

Flamerite Fires supports local, independent fireplace retailers across Great Britain, strengthening its connection with the community. The company’s reputation for innovation, quality, and customer service has been built over 24 years, making it a trusted choice for homeowners, designers, and builders alike.

With a commitment to environmental health, Flamerite Fires continues to evolve its product offerings, ensuring that each electric fireplace not only enhances the beauty of living spaces but also contributes to the sustainability of the planet. As a manufacturer of electric fires, Flamerite Fires is registered to a recognized waste disposal scheme, showcasing its dedication to responsible and eco-friendly practices.

For those who choose Flamerite Fires, they not only bring home a piece of cutting-edge technology but also invest in a product backed by friendly customer service, a full 3-year parts and labor warranty (extendable to 4 years), and a company ethos built on pedigree, innovation, and environmental consciousness.


Q: Is the Elara 1300 available for purchase directly from Flamerite Fires?
A: No, Flamerite Fires directs customers to local retailers for purchasing the Elara 1300.
Q: Can I control the Elara 1300 using a smartphone app?
A: Yes! The Elara 1300 features Wi-Fi app control for convenient operation.
Q: What is the installation time for the Elara 1300?
A: The Elara 1300 offers an easy one-hour installation with a 3-pin plug.
Q: Is the wireless phone charger included with the Elara 1300, or is it optional?
A: The wireless phone charger is optional and can be ordered separately.
Q: What are the available flat wall options for configuring the Elara 1300?
A: The Elara 1300 can be configured as Wall Mounted, Floor Standing with a plinth, or on contemporary legs.
Q: Is the flame effect adjustable on the Elara 1300?
A: Yes, the Elara 1300 provides variable flame speeds and animations for a customizable experience.
Q: Does the Elara 1300 work with voice assistants like Google Home and Alexa?
A: Absolutely! The Elara 1300 seamlessly integrates with Google Home and Alexa for voice-controlled convenience.
Q: Can I choose different colors for the oak or slate options of the Elara 1300?
A: Yes, the Elara 1300 offers color options including Ivory Cream, Pastel Grey, or White.
Q: Is the Elara 1300 suitable for wall-mounted installation only?
A: No, it can be configured for wall-mounted, floor-standing, or contemporary leg options.
Q: What is the heating capacity of the Elara 1300?
A: The Elara 1300 features a hidden 1.5 KW thermostatically controlled heating system.
Q: How does the tilting glass mechanism of the Elara 1300 work?
A: The tilting glass mechanism allows for an efficient draw of cool air and a flow of hot air back into the room.
Q: Is the Elara 1300 fireplace suite eco-friendly?
A: Yes, the Elara 1300 incorporates Eco Compliant technology for environmentally conscious operation.
Q: Are there clearances and cavity measurements specified for the Elara 1300?
A: Yes, clearances and cavity measurements are detailed in the product specifications.
Q: Can I purchase additional wireless exterior mood lighting for the Elara 1300?
A: Yes, a wireless exterior mood lighting kit is available as an option.
Q: Does the Elara 1300 have a realistic animated log effect?
A: Absolutely! The Elara 1300 boasts an authentic-looking animated log effect with a focalized burn.
Q: What kind of warranty does the Elara 1300 come with?
A: The Elara 1300 comes with a full Flamerite Fires 3-year parts & labor warranty, extendable to 4 years.
Q: Is the Elara 1300 suitable for use in media walls?
A: Yes, the Elara 1300 is part of Flamerite Fires’ complete range of E-FX fires, suites, and media walls.
Q: Does Flamerite Fires offer direct delivery for the Elara 1300?
A: Yes, Flamerite Fires provides direct delivery for all its products across the UK.