Marina 993 Wall-mounted fireplace with glass enclosure

Experience Elegance and Efficiency: Introducing the JC Bordelet Marina 993 Wall-Mounted Fireplace

Product Description

Immerse yourself in the epitome of style and functionality with the JC Bordelet Marina 993 Wall-Mounted Fireplace. This compact and high-performance fireplace redefines luxury heating, offering a clear view of the wood fire while meeting the strictest standards of efficiency and emissions.

Product Features

Stylish Wall-Mounted Design
Glass Enclosure for a Clear View
Compact and Space-Saving
High Heating Performance
Efficient and Environmentally Friendly

Product Specifications


Diameter: 95 cm
Height: 73 cm

Size max log:

Accommodates logs up to 50 cm in length


Wood (Bois)

Heating Capacity:

Efficiently warms spaces.


Premium quality steel and glass construction

Finish Options:

Choose from a variety of elegant finishes to complement your interior

Glass Enclosure:

High-temperature resistant glass for a clear and mesmerizing view of the fire

Efficiency Rating:

Meets and exceeds industry standards for efficiency


Environmentally friendly with low emissions

Control Options:

Easy-to-use controls for adjusting flame intensity and heat output

Installation Options:

Versatile wall-mounted design for flexible placement in any room


JC Bordelet’s industry-leading warranty for peace of mind

Safety Features:

Overheat protection and safety shut-off for worry-free operation

Installation Options

Professional Installation

Fuel Types


Fuel Type Application


Clearances and Cavity Measurements

Minimum Clearance to Combustibles:

Side Wall: 12 inches (30 cm)
Rear Wall: 18 inches (45 cm)
Ceiling: 24 inches (60 cm)

Recommended Floor Protection:

Non-combustible material extending 18 inches (45 cm) in front of the fireplace

Cavity Measurements for Installation:

Wall Opening Width: 100 cm
Wall Opening Height: 80 cm
Wall Cavity Depth: 40 cm
Ventilation Requirements:

Adequate room ventilation required for optimal performance
Ensure proper airflow with a minimum of 10 sq. inches (25 sq. cm) of fresh air intake

Minimum Ceiling Height Above Fireplace:

Maintain a minimum of 72 inches (183 cm) from the top of the fireplace to the ceiling

Side and Rear Clearances for Furniture and Drapes:

Maintain a minimum of 36 inches (91 cm) from the sides and rear of the fireplace for furniture and drapes
Non-Combustible Wall Surround:

For enhanced safety, consider a non-combustible wall surround within 12 inches (30 cm) of the fireplace opening

Installation Height Above Floor:

Install the fireplace with the base at least 18 inches (45 cm) above the finished floor


Limited warranty

Product Highlights

Elevate your living space with the Marina 993 Wall-Mounted Fireplace by JC Bordelet—an epitome of sophistication and functionality. This exquisite fireplace seamlessly blends modern design with high-performance heating, making it a standout feature in any room. Its wall-mounted configuration not only saves valuable floor space but also provides a captivating focal point with its clear glass enclosure, allowing you to bask in the mesmerizing dance of flames. The Marina 993 is meticulously crafted from premium-quality steel, ensuring durability and longevity. With the ability to accommodate logs up to 50 cm in length, this fireplace strikes the perfect balance between style and substance. Experience the ambiance of a traditional wood fire with cutting-edge efficiency and low emissions, setting the Marina 993 apart as a sustainable and elegant heating solution.

Unleash the full potential of your home with the Marina 993’s versatile installation options and sleek, space-saving design. With its Ø 95 cm diameter and 73 cm height, this fireplace becomes a captivating centerpiece that effortlessly complements various interior styles. The high-temperature resistant glass enclosure not only provides an unobstructed view of the flames but also enhances safety, making it suitable for modern living spaces. The Marina 993 boasts user-friendly controls for adjusting flame intensity and heat output, putting the power of ambiance in your hands. Backed by JC Bordelet’s commitment to quality and craftsmanship, this wall-mounted fireplace is not just a heating solution; it’s a statement piece that transforms your living area into a warm, inviting haven. Embrace luxury, efficiency, and style with the Marina 993—the perfect fusion of form and function.

Company Overview for Manufacturer

JC Bordelet stands as a renowned French manufacturer celebrated for its exquisite and innovative fireplace designs. With a heritage dating back several decades, the company has consistently set the standard for luxury heating solutions, combining aesthetics, performance, and environmental responsibility. Founded on the principles of craftsmanship and creativity, JC Bordelet has become a name synonymous with high-end fireplaces that enhance the ambiance of both residential and commercial spaces.

Known for its commitment to quality, JC Bordelet employs skilled artisans who meticulously craft each fireplace, ensuring precision and attention to detail. The company’s diverse product range includes wall-mounted fireplaces, suspended fireplaces, and central gas fireplaces, all designed to be both functional and visually striking. With a focus on pushing the boundaries of traditional fireplace design, JC Bordelet continues to captivate customers worldwide, making a statement in architectural and interior design projects. As an industry leader, JC Bordelet’s creations embody the perfect balance between tradition and innovation, offering customers a unique blend of elegance and cutting-edge technology.


Q1: Are JC Bordelet fireplaces available in different finishes?
A1: Yes, JC Bordelet offers a range of finishes to suit various preferences and interior styles. Whether you prefer a classic matte finish or a contemporary metallic look, there are options to complement your decor.

Q2: Can the Marina 993 Wall-Mounted Fireplace be installed in any room?
A2: The Marina 993 is designed for versatility and can be installed in various rooms. However, it’s essential to consider clearances and local building codes to ensure safe and optimal placement.

Q3: What kind of warranty does JC Bordelet offer on their fireplaces?
A3: JC Bordelet is committed to the quality of its products and typically offers a comprehensive warranty. Specific warranty details may vary by model, so it’s recommended to refer to the product documentation for precise information.

Q4: Is professional installation required for JC Bordelet fireplaces?
A4: While some models may allow for DIY installation, professional installation is recommended to ensure proper setup, adherence to safety standards, and optimal performance. Always consult the installation manual for guidance.

Q5: Are JC Bordelet fireplaces environmentally friendly?
A5: Yes, JC Bordelet places a strong emphasis on environmental responsibility. Their fireplaces are designed to meet or exceed efficiency and emission standards, providing a sustainable and eco-friendly heating solution.

Q6: Can the glass enclosure of the Marina 993 be easily cleaned?
A6: Yes, the high-temperature resistant glass enclosure is designed for easy cleaning. Regular maintenance with a suitable glass cleaner will help maintain the clarity and visual appeal of the fireplace.

Q7: Is the Marina 993 compatible with smart home technology for remote control?
A7: JC Bordelet understands the importance of modern convenience. Depending on the model and specifications, some fireplaces may offer compatibility with smart home systems, allowing users to control the fireplace remotely using a mobile app or other smart devices.

Q8: What kind of wood is recommended for use in JC Bordelet wood-burning fireplaces?
A8: It is recommended to use well-seasoned hardwoods, such as oak or maple, for optimal performance in JC Bordelet wood-burning fireplaces. Avoid using softwoods or wood with high moisture content.

Q9: Can the Marina 993 be used as a primary heating source for a room?
A9: The Marina 993 is designed to provide efficient heating performance. While it can contribute significantly to warming a room, its suitability as a primary heating source depends on factors such as room size, insulation, and local climate conditions.

Q10: Are replacement parts readily available for JC Bordelet fireplaces?
A10: Yes, JC Bordelet understands the importance of maintaining and servicing their products. Replacement parts for their fireplaces are typically available through authorized dealers or directly from the manufacturer, ensuring long-term durability and support for customers.