Experience Timeless Elegance and Comfort with Kingsman’s LogF30 Gas Log Set

Product Description

Transform your living space with the LogF30 Gas Log Set from Kingsman Fireplaces. Enjoy the warmth and charm of a traditional fireplace without the hassle of wood.

Product Features

Realistic Dancing Flames: Capture the essence of a genuine wood-burning fire with the LogF30’s lifelike flames.
Matchless Piezo Ignition: Effortlessly light your fireplace with the touch of a button.
ODS Safety Pilot: Ensures your safety by shutting off the gas supply in case of emergencies.
Variable Flame and BTU Control: Customize the intensity of your fire for the perfect ambiance.
Wall Switch Control (Millivolt Only): Conveniently operate your fireplace with a wall switch.
Decorative Rock: Enhance the aesthetic appeal of your fireplace with included decorative rocks.

Product Specifications


Width: 28 inches
Height: 15 inches
Depth: 12 inches
Weight: 50 lbs


Limited 5-year warranty on the burner and control system
Limited 1-year warranty on decorative elements and rocks
Heating Capacity:

Suitable for heating rooms up to 1,000 square feet
Fuel Type Options:

Natural Gas
Ignition System:

Matchless Piezo Ignition for easy and reliable lighting
Safety Features:

ODS Safety Pilot for automatic gas shut-off in emergencies
Flame and Heat Control:

Variable Flame and BTU Control for customizable warmth and ambiance
Control Options:

Wall Switch Control (Millivolt Only) for seamless integration with home automation
Decorative Elements:

Included decorative rocks for added aesthetic appeal
Efficiency Rating:

80% efficiency, ensuring effective use of fuel for heating

Installation Options

Professional installation

Fuel Types


Fuel Type Application


Clearances and Cavity Measurements

Clearances and Cavity Measurements:

Minimum Wall Clearance:

Side Walls: 6 inches
Rear Wall: 4 inches
Mantel Clearance:

Top of the unit to the bottom of the mantel: 12 inches
Hearth Extension:

Front of the unit to the edge of the hearth: 18 inches
Ceiling Clearance:

Minimum distance from the top of the unit to the ceiling: 36 inches
Combustible Material Clearance:

Minimum distance from the unit to any combustible materials (e.g., wood, fabric): 36 inches
Cavity Depth Requirement:

Minimum depth of the fireplace cavity for installation: 14 inches
Cavity Width Requirement:

Minimum width of the fireplace cavity for installation: 30 inches
Cavity Height Requirement:

Minimum height of the fireplace cavity for installation: 18 inches
Floor Protection:

Non-combustible floor protection required for installations on combustible floors

Ensure proper ventilation in the room according to local building codes


Limited warranty

Product Highlights

The LogF30 by Kingsman Fireplaces stands out as a pinnacle of sophistication and functionality, offering a captivating addition to any living space. Immerse yourself in the warmth and ambiance of its realistic dancing flames, providing the authentic charm of a traditional wood-burning fire without the associated maintenance. The matchless Piezo Ignition system ensures effortless and convenient lighting, while the ODS Safety Pilot guarantees peace of mind by promptly shutting off the gas supply in unforeseen circumstances.

Tailor your fireplace experience with the LogF30’s variable flame and BTU control, allowing you to create the perfect atmosphere for any occasion. With wall switch control (Millivolt Only), operating your fireplace becomes a seamless part of your home automation. The inclusion of decorative rocks adds a touch of elegance to the overall aesthetic.

Crafted with precision and built to the highest standards, the LogF30 is available in Natural Gas and Propane options, offering versatility to suit your preferences. Its dimensions are thoughtfully designed for easy integration into various spaces, and the comprehensive warranty ensures long-lasting enjoyment and satisfaction. Elevate your home with the LogF30 Gas Log Set – a fusion of style, innovation, and comfort by Kingsman Fireplaces.

Company Overview for Manufacturer

Kingsman Fireplaces, a renowned leader in the heating industry, boasts a rich legacy of over 40 years dedicated to crafting high-quality fireplaces. Headquartered in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, the company has established itself as a trusted manufacturer committed to the ultimate trifecta of design, engineering, and quality. Kingsman’s expertise spans both wood and gas fireplaces, showcasing their versatility and commitment to meeting the diverse needs of consumers.

The company places a strong emphasis on innovation, evident through their continuous testing, refinement, and improvement of all products. This commitment ensures that Kingsman Fireplaces remains at the forefront of technological advancements and design trends in the fireplace industry.

Kingsman Fireplaces takes pride in its Canadian roots, crafting each fireplace entirely in Canada. The company’s dedication to the highest standards is reflected in every product they produce, promising durability and longevity. Whether you are looking for traditional wood-burning fireplaces or cutting-edge gas fireplaces, Kingsman’s diverse range of products caters to various preferences, ensuring a perfect fit for any home.

Notably, Kingsman Fireplaces places a strong emphasis on safety and compliance, with their products certified to meet industry standards. The company is committed to transparency, acknowledging that some aspects of their units may be subject to change for improvement without notice. As a testament to their commitment to quality and compliance, Kingsman Fireplaces provides detailed certifications for their vented and vent-free gas log sets.


Q: Will the LogF30 Gas Log Set by Kingsman Fireplaces work in my existing fireplace?
A: Yes, the LogF30 is designed for easy installation in existing fireplaces.

Q: What fuel types are available for the LogF30?
A: The LogF30 is available in both Natural Gas and Propane options.

Q: Can I control the intensity of the flames with the LogF30?
A: Yes, the LogF30 features variable flame and BTU control for customizable ambiance.

Q: Does the LogF30 come with a warranty?
A: Yes, detailed warranty information for the LogF30 is provided with the product.

Q: Is the LogF30 suitable for both residential and commercial use?
A: The LogF30 is primarily designed for residential use.

Q: What is the matchless Piezo Ignition system?
A: The matchless Piezo Ignition system allows for effortless and convenient lighting of the LogF30.

Q: How does the ODS Safety Pilot enhance safety?
A: The ODS Safety Pilot promptly shuts off the gas supply in case of unforeseen circumstances, ensuring safety.

Q: Can I integrate the LogF30 with my home automation system?
A: Yes, the LogF30 offers wall switch control (Millivolt Only) for easy integration with home automation.

Q: Are decorative rocks included with the LogF30?
A: Yes, the LogF30 comes with decorative rocks to enhance its aesthetic appeal.

Q: What are the dimensions of the LogF30?
A: Detailed dimensions for the LogF30 are provided to assist with proper installation.

Q: Can I convert my wood-burning fireplace to gas using the LogF30?
A: Yes, the LogF30 is an excellent choice for converting your wood-burning fireplace to gas.

Q: How long has Kingsman Fireplaces been in the industry?
A: Kingsman Fireplaces has over 40 years of experience in crafting wood and gas fireplaces.

Q: Is the LogF30 certified for safety?
A: Yes, the LogF30 is certified to meet industry standards for both vented and vent-free configurations.

Q: Can I view the LogF30 from all sides?
A: The LogF30 is designed for front viewing only.