LiteStar 30″ Smart Electric Fireplace Insert with App Driftwood Log & River Rock (ZEF38VC-30)

Cozy Up with Lite: LiteStar Smart Fireplace Transforms Your Home (ZEF38VC-30)

Product Description

Escape the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary with the LiteStar 30″ Smart Electric Fireplace Insert. This innovative fireplace combines stunning visuals, convenient app control, and comforting warmth to create a captivating focal point in any room. Say goodbye to messy firewood and enjoy the beauty of nature’s flames without the smoke or hassle.

Product Features

Patented GT-Xview + HD LED technology: Creates a mesmerizing, lifelike flame effect with realistic dancing and flickering movements.
5 unique flame color options: Customize your ambiance with warm orange, cool blue, and other color choices.
Adjustable charcoal sparkles: Enhance the visual realism with shimmering embers.
Crackling fire sounds: Immerse yourself in the comforting audio of a crackling fire, adjustable for volume.
Silent operation: Enjoy the visual flames without sound for a quieter experience.
Wi-Fi enabled and app control: Manage your fireplace from anywhere using your smartphone or tablet.
Remote control included: Operate settings and features conveniently from your couch.
Timer function: Set the fireplace to turn on and off automatically.
Direct plug-in or hardwire options: Install the fireplace to fit your preference.
Venting free and overheat protection: Enjoy safe and worry-free operation.
Easy-to-set timer and temporary control: Create the perfect atmosphere with convenient settings.
Driftwood logs and river rock accents: Enhance the natural aesthetic of your fireplace.
ETL & CETL certified: Ensures safety and quality standards.
2-year warranty: Backed by Litedeer Homes’ commitment to your satisfaction.

Product Specifications

Model: ZEF38VC-30
Brand: Litedeer Homes
Type: Electric fireplace insert
Style: Modern
Material: Black steel
Fuel type: Electric
Voltage: 120V
Wattage: 1500W
Heating area: Up to 400 sq ft
Overall: W30 7/8″ x H22 1/4″ x D8″
Firebox: W30″ x H21 5/8″ x D7 1/4″
Weight: 88 lbs
Flame effect: Patented GT-Xview + HD LED technology, 5 unique colors, adjustable charcoal sparkles
Sound effects: Crackling fire sounds, adjustable volume, silent operation option
Smart control: Wi-Fi enabled, app control, remote control, timer function
Heating: Two heat settings (low/high)
Convenience: Direct plug-in or hardwire installation, venting free, overheat protection, easy-set timer
Aesthetics: Driftwood log and river rock accents
Safety: ETL & CETL certified
Warranty: 2 years
Includes driftwood logs, river rock accents, remote control, manual
Available in other sizes and styles
Can be purchased with optional accessories

Installation Options

1. Direct Plug-In:

This is the easiest and most convenient option, ideal for anyone who wants a quick and hassle-free setup.
Simply plug the fireplace into a standard 120V outlet using the provided cord.
No additional electrical work or hardwiring is necessary.
This option is perfect for apartments, rental spaces, or anyone who wants to maintain flexibility in their fireplace placement.
2. Hardwired Installation:

This option provides a more permanent and integrated look for your fireplace.
Requires a qualified electrician to connect the fireplace directly to your home’s electrical system.
Offers potential benefits like increased safety and reliability, depending on your specific setup.
Can be a good choice if you’re planning to keep the fireplace in one place for a long time, or if you want to incorporate it into a larger custom installation.

Fuel Types


Fuel Type Application


Clearances and Cavity Measurements


Front Clearance: It’s important to maintain a clear space in front of the electric fireplace insert. This is typically mentioned in the product manual. It ensures that the heat generated by the unit can dissipate properly.
Side and Rear Clearances: Similar to the front clearance, you should also maintain adequate space on the sides and back of the fireplace insert. This helps prevent overheating and ensures safe operation.
Cavity Measurements:

Insert Dimensions: The product description provides the dimensions of the LiteStar 30″ Smart Electric Fireplace Insert (W30 7/8″ x H22 1/4″ x D8″). Ensure that the cavity or space where you plan to install the insert is large enough to accommodate these dimensions.
Firebox Dimensions: The firebox dimensions are also provided (W30″ x H21 5/8″ x D7 1/4″). This refers to the space where the flames are displayed. Make sure your wall or enclosure can house the entire firebox.


2 years warranty

Product Highlights

Escape the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary with the LiteStar 30″ Smart Electric Fireplace Insert. This innovative beauty combines stunning visuals, convenient app control, and comforting warmth to transform any space. Ditch the messy firewood and enjoy lifelike flames without smoke or hassle.

Immerse yourself in a mesmerizing experience: Patented GT-Xview + HD LED technology creates dancing, flickering flames in 5 captivating colors. Adjustable crackling sounds and shimmering charcoal sparkles complete the ambiance. Control it all from your smartphone or tablet via Wi-Fi, or use the included remote for easy access. Stay warm with two heat settings, enjoy year-round ambiance, and breathe easy with safety certifications and venting-free operation. Driftwood logs and river rock accents add a touch of nature, making the LiteStar 30″ the perfect focal point for relaxation and cozy nights in.

Company Overview for Manufacturer

Litedeer Homes®, nestled in the heart of Canada, is devoted to crafting smart electric fireplaces that marry the beauty of nature with the convenience of modern technology. Founded by passionate innovators seeking to redefine home warmth and relaxation, Litedeer Homes believes in the transformative power of fire, minus the mess and hassle of traditional fireplaces.

Fueled by meticulous attention to detail, Litedeer Homes integrates cutting-edge LED technology with natural elements like driftwood logs and river rocks to create realistic flame effects and captivating ambiances. Their smart control features, accessible through mobile apps, bring unparalleled comfort and ease to the experience, allowing you to adjust warmth, flame colors, and sounds at your fingertips. Whether you’re seeking a cozy winter haven or a touch of serenity year-round, Litedeer Homes invites you to embrace the art of intelligent comfort and redefine the fireplace experience.


Q: Does the LiteStar 30″ Smart Electric Fireplace Insert require any venting?
A: No, the LiteStar 30″ is vent-free, providing the convenience of installation without needing a chimney or external venting system.

Q: How much heat does the fireplace generate?
A: The fireplace offers two heat settings: Low and High. Low heat is suitable for creating ambiance, while High provides comfortable warmth for up to 400 square feet.

Can I control the fireplace with my smartphone or tablet?
A: Absolutely! The LiteStar 30″ features Wi-Fi connectivity and app control, allowing you to adjust settings, turn it on and off, and set timers from your mobile device.

Does the fireplace make any noise?
A: Yes, it comes with adjustable crackling fire sounds that add to the realistic ambiance. You can also choose to operate the fireplace silently if you prefer.

What kind of flames does the fireplace display?
A: The patented GT-Xview + HD LED technology creates a mesmerizing flame effect that dances and flickers like a real fire. You can even choose from 5 different flame color options to personalize the ambiance.

Does the fireplace require hardwiring?
A: No, it can be plugged directly into a standard 120V outlet for a quick and easy setup. However, hardwiring is also an option for a more permanent installation.

What safety features are included?
A: The LiteStar 30″ is ETL and CETL certified, ensuring the highest safety standards. It also features overheat protection and venting-free operation for peace of mind.

How big is the fireplace opening?
A: The firebox dimensions are 30″ wide x 21 5/8″ high x 7 1/4″ deep, providing ample space for the beautiful flame display.

What accessories are included?
A: The fireplace comes with driftwood logs and river rock accents for a natural and stylish look. A remote control and manual are also included.

Can I purchase additional accessories for the fireplace?
A: Yes, Litedeer Homes offers optional accessories like fireplace surrounds, mantels, and media inserts to further customize your fireplace experience.

What is the warranty on the fireplace?
A: The LiteStar 30″ comes with a reassuring 2-year warranty, demonstrating the manufacturer’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Is the fireplace easy to clean?
A: Yes, the fireplace’s glass front is designed for easy cleaning, requiring only occasional wiping with a damp cloth.

How efficient is the fireplace in terms of energy consumption?
A: The LED technology is energy-efficient, making the LiteStar 30″ a more sustainable alternative to traditional fireplaces.

What type of maintenance does the fireplace require?
A: The fireplace requires minimal maintenance. Simply clean the glass front occasionally and dust the decorative elements as needed.

Can I use the fireplace during the summer months?
A: Absolutely! You can enjoy the ambiance of the flames without using the heat setting, creating a cozy atmosphere even on warm evenings.

Is the fireplace suitable for bedrooms?
A: Yes, the LiteStar 30″ can be safely used in bedrooms due to its venting-free design and safety features. However, always remember to turn it off before sleeping.

Does the fireplace have any potential health risks?
A: Like any electrical appliance, it’s important to read the manual and operate the fireplace safely. As long as you do so, it poses no health risks.

Is the fireplace difficult to install?
A: The plug-in option is very simple and can be done by anyone. Hardwiring may require the assistance of a qualified electrician.