LiteStar 33 inch Smart Electric Fireplace Insert with App Diamond-like Crystal (ZEF38VC-33C)

Warmth Without Wood: The Eco-Friendly Fire You’ve Been Dreaming Of

Product Description

Transform your home into a cozy haven with the LiteStar 33 inch Smart Electric Fireplace Insert. This innovative fireplace features patented GT-XView + HD LED technology that creates stunningly realistic flame effects in 5 captivating colors. Enjoy the soothing crackle of fire sounds and the mesmerizing twinkle of diamond-like crystals for the ultimate ambiance.

Product Features

Patented GT-XView + HD LED technology: Creates lifelike flame effects that dance and flicker like real fire.
5 Unique Flame Color Options: Choose from vibrant maple leaves, summer flowers, classic amber, and more to match your mood or décor.
Adjustable Crackling Fire Sounds: Create the perfect atmosphere with customizable crackling fire sounds for an immersive experience.
Diamond-Like Crystal Stone: Adds a touch of luxury and sparkle to your fireplace, reflecting the flames for added ambiance.
Wi-Fi Enabled App Control: Control your fireplace from anywhere using the included app. Adjust flame colors, brightness, heat settings, and timer easily.
Remote Control Included: Enjoy convenient control over your fireplace even without your phone.
Easy-to-Set Timer and Temperature: Schedule your fireplace to turn on and off automatically and adjust the temperature for optimal comfort.
Heats Up to 400 Sq Ft: Enjoy warmth and coziness in medium-sized rooms with two heat settings (low and high).
ETL & CETL Certified: Ensures your fireplace meets strict safety and quality standards.
Venting Free & Overheat Protection: No chimney or venting required, and overheat protection keeps you safe.
Direct Plug-in or Hardwire: Choose the installation option that best suits your needs.
2-Year Warranty: Enjoy lasting peace of mind with a comprehensive warranty.
Multiple Color Options: Available in black and ivory to match your existing décor.

Product Specifications

Model: ZEF38VC-33C
Color Options: Black, Ivory
Overall: W33″ x H22 1/4″ x D8″
Firebox: W30″ x H21 5/8″ x D7 1/4″
Weight: Approximately 88 lbs
Power: 120V 1500W
Heating Capacity: Up to 400 sq ft
Heat Settings: Low and High
Timer: Yes, adjustable through app and remote
Warranty: 2 years
Flame Technology: Patented GT-XView + HD LED technology
Flame Color Options: 5 (amber, maple leaf, blue, summer flower, and violet)
Sound Effects: Crackling fire sounds (adjustable volume)
Diamond-Like Crystal Stone: Yes
Control Options: App (Wi-Fi enabled), remote control
Safety Certifications: ETL, CETL
Venting: Not required
Overheat Protection: Yes
Installation: Direct plug-in or hardwire
Material: Black steel frame, tempered glass
Remote control battery: 2 AAA (included)
App compatibility: iOS and Android devices
User manual included

Installation Options

1. Direct Plug-in:

This is the easiest and most common option, ideal for renters or those who want a fuss-free installation.
Simply plug the fireplace into a standard 120V outlet, no hardwiring required.
This option is perfect for placing the fireplace in existing fireplaces, mantels, or entertainment centers.
2. Hardwire:

For a more permanent installation, hardwiring is another option.
This method involves hiring a qualified electrician to connect the fireplace directly to your home’s electrical system.
Hardwiring can offer advantages like increased heating efficiency and a cleaner look without a visible cord.
It’s recommended if you plan to permanently install the fireplace in a dedicated location,

Fuel Types


Fuel Type Application


Clearances and Cavity Measurements


Side Clearance: Maintain a minimum distance of, for example, 6 inches (15 cm) on each side between the fireplace unit and any combustible materials.
Top Clearance: Ensure a clearance of 12 inches (30 cm) from the top of the fireplace to the ceiling or any overhead objects.
Front Clearance: Keep a safe distance, perhaps 36 inches (90 cm), between the front of the fireplace and any furniture or curtains.
Cavity Measurements:

Width: The width of the cavity or fireplace opening should be at least 34 inches (86 cm) to accommodate the 33-inch fireplace insert comfortably.
Height: The height of the cavity should be around 24 inches (61 cm) to allow for proper installation.
Depth: The depth of the cavity should be sufficient to accommodate the fireplace unit and provide proper clearances. For example, a depth of 10 inches (25 cm) might be suitable


2 years

Product Highlights

Transform your home into a haven of warmth and ambiance with the LiteStar 33″ Smart Electric Fireplace Insert. This innovative fireplace boasts dazzling flame effects powered by patented GT-XView + HD LED technology, bringing five captivating color options to life in your living space. Choose from the glow of classic amber to the vibrant dance of maple leaves, creating a mood that perfectly suits your desires. Immerse yourself in the crackling of a cozy fire, adjustable for the perfect level of comfort, while mesmerizing diamond-like crystals add a touch of luxury as they reflect the dancing flames.

But the LiteStar is more than just beautiful – it’s smart. Take control from anywhere with the included app and Wi-Fi connectivity, adjusting flame colors, brightness, heat settings, and even setting a timer for ultimate convenience. Whether you’re seeking warmth for up to 400 square feet or simply yearning for a mesmerizing centerpiece, the LiteStar stands ready to redefine your fireplace experience. With its combination of cutting-edge technology, luxurious ambiance, and smart control, this electric fireplace is sure to become the heart of your home.

Company Overview for Manufacturer

Litedeer Homes®, nestled in the heart of Vancouver, Canada, is a company fueled by a passionate vision: to redefine home through the art of electric fireplaces and the magic of natural elements. They’re not just about creating heat; they’re about crafting atmospheres that exude charm, comfort, and a deep connection to the natural world.

Through meticulously designed electric fireplaces, Litedeer Homes invites you to embark on a journey of “Intelligent Comfort.” Their dedication to smart technology and innovation seamlessly blends with their love for nature, resulting in fireplaces that not only warm your space but also inspire and rejuvenate. Each piece is meticulously crafted with a focus on sustainable practices and eco-friendly materials, reflecting their commitment to both beauty and environmental responsibility. Whether you’re seeking a modern statement piece or a cozy sanctuary bathed in the glow of dancing flames, Litedeer Homes offers a fireplace that resonates with your soul and transforms your home into a haven of warmth and well-being.


1. Does the LiteStar generate actual heat?

Yes, the LiteStar has two heat settings that can warm up to 400 square feet, making it a cozy addition to medium-sized rooms.

2. What kind of flame effects does it have?

The LiteStar uses patented GT-XView + HD LED technology to create realistic flame effects that dance and flicker just like real fire. You can choose from 5 different flame color options to match your mood or décor.

3. Do I need a chimney or venting for the LiteStar?

No, the LiteStar is ventless and does not require a chimney. This makes it easy to install in any room without special modifications.

4. Can I control the LiteStar with my phone?

Yes, the LiteStar comes with a Wi-Fi enabled app that allows you to control all its features from anywhere, including flame colors, brightness, heat settings, and timer.

5. Does the LiteStar make any noise?

The LiteStar has adjustable crackling fire sounds that you can turn on or off for an immersive experience. The volume is also adjustable to your preference.

6. Is the diamond-like crystal real?

While not technically a real diamond, the crystal used in the LiteStar is a high-quality material that adds a touch of luxury and sparkle to the fireplace. It reflects the flames beautifully, creating an even more mesmerizing ambiance.

7. How much electricity does the LiteStar use?

The electricity consumption of the LiteStar depends on the heat setting and flame brightness. On the low heat setting with low brightness, it uses approximately 800 watts.

8. Is the LiteStar safe to use around children and pets?

The LiteStar has overheat protection and a cool-to-the-touch exterior. However, it is always recommended to supervise children and pets near any heat source.

9. Can I install the LiteStar myself?

The LiteStar can be installed in two ways: direct plug-in or hardwire. The direct plug-in option is very easy and can be done by anyone. Hardwiring requires an electrician for a more permanent installation.

10. What is the warranty on the LiteStar?

The LiteStar comes with a 2-year warranty for peace of mind.

11. Can I customize the size of the fireplace insert?

No, the LiteStar is available in one size (33 inches). However, Litedeer Homes offers other fireplace models in various sizes to fit different needs.

12. Does the LiteStar come with a remote control?

Yes, the LiteStar comes with a remote control in addition to the app control for added convenience.

13. What kind of maintenance does the LiteStar require?

The LiteStar requires minimal maintenance. Simply wipe down the exterior with a damp cloth occasionally. The LED fireplace technology does not require any replacement parts.

14. Is the LiteStar energy efficient?

Compared to traditional wood-burning fireplaces, the LiteStar is much more energy efficient. It also doesn’t produce any harmful emissions or smoke.

15. Can I use the LiteStar year-round?

Yes, you can enjoy the ambiance of the LiteStar even during the summer months. Simply turn off the heating element and enjoy the flames without the warmth.

16. Can I add my own decorative logs or rocks to the fireplace?

The LiteStar comes with decorative driftwood logs and river rocks included. While adding other materials wouldn’t cause harm, it’s not recommended as it may block the airflow and cause overheating.

17. Is the LiteStar compatible with any smart home systems?

Currently, the LiteStar does not directly integrate with any smart home systems. However, you can control it remotely through the app, which offers similar functionality.

18. Where can I find replacement parts for the LiteStar?

If you need any replacement parts for your LiteStar, you can contact Litedeer Homes directly through their website or customer service phone number.

19. What happens if the power goes out?

The LiteStar will automatically turn off if the power goes out. Once the power returns, you can simply turn it back on using the remote or app.

20. How does the LiteStar compare to other electric fireplaces on the market?

The LiteStar stands out from other electric fireplaces with its combination of features: realistic flame effects, multiple flame color options, diamond-like crystal accents, smart app control, and a 2-year warranty. Additionally, Litedeer Homes’ commitment to sustainable practices and eco-friendly materials sets them apart from the competition.