FORTY8 Slim-Line Built-In

Transform Your Space with the FORTY8 Slim-Line Built-In: Effortlessly Stylish and Highly Efficient

Product Description

The FORTY8 Slim-Line Built-In is a highly efficient and versatile gas fireplace designed to add a contemporary ambiance to any room. With its sleek and slim profile, this 4-foot wide fireplace is perfect for both residential and commercial settings. Experience the warmth and beauty of a linear gas fireplace that effortlessly transforms your space.

Product Features

Efficient Heating: Enjoy the warmth of the FORTY8 with its BTU rate range of LP: 30,000-19,000/hr and NG: 26,000-16,000/hr.
Contemporary Design: Enhance your interior with the modern and stylish aesthetics of this linear gas fireplace.
Easy Installation: The FORTY8 is designed for hassle-free installation, allowing you to enjoy your fireplace sooner.
Versatile Applications: With its convenient size, this fireplace fits a wide range of architectural settings.
Cool Zone Technology: Compatible with SÓLAS’ Cool Zone Technology for enhanced safety and comfort.
Self-Calibrating Power Vent System: Works seamlessly with SÓLAS’ Self-Calibrating Power Vent System for optimal performance.

FORTY8 Slim-Line Built-In

Product Specifications

Dimensions: 63.22″ (1606mm) W x 28.83″ (732mm) H x 12″ (305mm) D
Glass Viewing Area: 49″ (1245mm) W x 12.52″ (318mm) H
Remote Control: NEW SÓLAS One-Touch Thermostatic Remote Control included
Venting: 4″ x 6 5/8″ Direct-Vent
Minimum Flue Vertical: 12″ (305mm)
Blower: Standard Variable Speed
Fuel Type: Natural Gas or Propane
Burner Media: Clear & Black Mixed Glass Media
Safety Screen: Standard
Trim Options: Satin Black, Stainless Steel

Installation Options

Single-Side Installation: The fireplace can be installed as a single-sided unit, with one viewing area. It can be vented either from the left side (BI-72-SSL) or the right side (BI-72-SSR).

See-Thru Installation: The fireplace is also available in a see-thru model (BI-72-ST) which allows for installation between two rooms, creating a stunning focal point that can be enjoyed from both sides.

Venting Options: The fireplace requires direct venting, which means it must be vented to the outside through a wall or roof. The venting options may vary depending on your specific installation requirements and local building codes. It is important to consult the installation manual or a qualified installer for the appropriate venting configuration.

Fuel Types


Fuel Type Application


Clearances and Cavity Measurements

Dimension Description FORTY8 SIXTY0 SEVENTY2
Top & Sides 4″ (102mm) 4″ (102mm) 4″ (102mm)
Floor 1/2″ (13mm) 1/2″ (13mm) 1/2″ (13mm)
Back (Single Sided) 2″ (51mm) 2″ (51mm) 2″ (51mm)
Back (See-Thru) 12″ (305mm) 12″ (305mm) 12″ (305mm)
Front 12″ (305mm) 12″ (305mm) 12″ (305mm)
Clearance around vent pipe 1.5″ (38mm) 1.5″ (38mm) 1.5″ (38mm)


Limited Lifetime Warranty

Product Highlights

Experience the epitome of modern design and efficient heating with the FORTY8 Slim-Line Built-In by Solas Fireplaces. This remarkable gas fireplace combines sleek aesthetics with outstanding performance, making it the perfect centerpiece for any residential or commercial space. The FORTY8 boasts a 4-foot width, allowing for versatile installation in a variety of architectural settings. Its contemporary design effortlessly elevates the ambiance of any room, creating a stylish focal point that exudes sophistication. With its highly efficient heating capabilities and a BTU rate range of LP: 30,000-19,000/hr and NG: 26,000-16,000/hr, the FORTY8 ensures both comfort and cost-effectiveness. The inclusion of the NEW SÓLAS One-Touch Thermostatic Remote Control provides convenient and intuitive operation, while the standard variable-speed blower ensures even heat distribution throughout the space. Safety is paramount, and the FORTY8 comes equipped with a standard safety screen and is certified to meet the rigorous safety standards set by PFS TECO. With the option to choose between Natural Gas or Propane as a fuel source, the FORTY8 Slim-Line Built-In offers flexibility to accommodate individual preferences. Transform your living or working environment with the FORTY8 Slim-Line Built-In, an embodiment of modern elegance and cutting-edge heating technology.

Company Overview

Solas Fireplaces is a leading manufacturer and provider of innovative, high-quality fireplace solutions. With a commitment to excellence and a passion for design, Solas Fireplaces has established itself as a trusted brand in the industry.

Founded with a vision to transform the way people experience warmth and ambiance in their spaces, Solas Fireplaces combines contemporary aesthetics with advanced heating technologies. The company takes pride in creating fireplaces that not only provide efficient heating but also serve as stylish focal points, enhancing the overall atmosphere and design of homes and commercial settings.

Solas Fireplaces offers a diverse range of fireplace products, including built-in gas fireplaces, linear fireplaces, and wall-mounted fireplaces. These products are designed to meet the unique needs and preferences of customers, providing them with versatile options to complement their interior designs.

With a strong focus on innovation, Solas Fireplaces continually strives to push the boundaries of fireplace technology. The company integrates features like Cool Zone Technology and Self-Calibrating Power Vent Systems to enhance safety, comfort, and convenience for users.

Quality is at the core of Solas Fireplaces’ manufacturing process. The company utilizes state-of-the-art production facilities and employs skilled craftsmen who meticulously build each fireplace to the highest standards. By combining quality materials, precise engineering, and rigorous testing, Solas Fireplaces ensures that every product delivers exceptional performance, durability, and reliability.

Beyond their commitment to product excellence, Solas Fireplaces prioritizes customer satisfaction. The company provides exceptional customer service, offering guidance and support throughout the buying process and beyond. Whether it’s assisting with product selection, installation, or addressing any inquiries or concerns, Solas Fireplaces aims to exceed customer expectations.

With a strong reputation for innovation, quality, and customer-centricity, Solas Fireplaces has garnered a loyal customer base and established partnerships with industry professionals. As the demand for stylish and efficient fireplaces continues to grow, Solas Fireplaces remains at the forefront, driving the industry forward with their cutting-edge designs and commitment to delivering superior fireplace solutions.


Q: Will the FORTY8 Slim-Line Built-In fit in my home?
A: Yes, the FORTY8 Slim-Line Built-In is conveniently sized for a wide range of residential settings.

Q: Can the FORTY8 Slim-Line Built-In be used in commercial spaces?
A: Absolutely! The FORTY8 is versatile and suitable for commercial settings as well.

Q: What is the heating capacity of the FORTY8 Slim-Line Built-In?
A: The heating capacity ranges from LP: 30,000-19,000/hr to NG: 26,000-16,000/hr.

Q: Does the FORTY8 Slim-Line Built-In come with a remote control?
A: Yes, it comes with the NEW SÓLAS One-Touch Thermostatic Remote Control.

Q: What type of venting is required for the FORTY8 Slim-Line Built-In?
A: The FORTY8 requires 4″ x 6 5/8″ Direct-Vent for proper installation.

Q: What are the dimensions of the FORTY8 Slim-Line Built-In?
A: The dimensions are 63.22″ (1606mm) W x 28.83″ (732mm) H x 12″ (305mm) D.

Q: Can I use the FORTY8 Slim-Line Built-In with propane gas?
A: Yes, the FORTY8 is fuel-specific and can be used with either Natural Gas or Propane.

Q: What type of burner media is included with the FORTY8 Slim-Line Built-In?
A: It comes with clear and black mixed glass media for a stylish appearance.

Q: Is a safety screen included with the FORTY8 Slim-Line Built-In?
A: Yes, a standard safety screen is included for added protection.

Q: What trim options are available for the FORTY8 Slim-Line Built-In?
A: The trim options available are Satin Black and Stainless Steel.

Q: Can the FORTY8 Slim-Line Built-In be installed by a homeowner, or is professional installation required?
A: While it is recommended to consult with a professional installer, the FORTY8 is designed for relatively easy installation.

Q: Is the FORTY8 Slim-Line Built-In certified for safety?
A: Yes, it is certified by PFS TECO to meet the safety standards of ANSI Z21.88-2014 /CSA 2.33-2014 and CAN/CGA 2.17-M91 (2014).

Q: Does the FORTY8 Slim-Line Built-In come with a warranty?
A: Warranty information is provided by the manufacturer. Please refer to the product documentation for details.

Q: What is the minimum flue vertical required for the FORTY8 Slim-Line Built-In?
A: The minimum flue vertical requirement is 12″ (305mm).

Q: Does the FORTY8 Slim-Line Built-In have a blower?
A: Yes, it comes with a standard variable-speed blower for improved heat distribution.

Q: Can the FORTY8 Slim-Line Built-In be used at high altitudes?
A: Yes, it is certified for use at high altitudes according to CAN/CGA 2.17-M91 (2014).

Q: Is the FORTY8 Slim-Line Built-In compatible with SÓLAS Cool Zone Technology?
A: Yes, all SÓLAS Slim-Line Built-In models are compatible with Cool Zone Technology.

Q: Can I get assistance with installation and technical questions for the FORTY8 Slim-Line Built-In?
A: Absolutely! Please reach out to our customer service team for installation guidance and technical support.

Q: Are there any additional accessories or options available for the FORTY8 Slim-Line Built-In?
A: Please consult the product documentation or contact our customer service for information on available accessories and options.

Q: Where can I see the FORTY8 Slim-Line Built-In in person before making a purchase?
A: Visit our showroom or contact us for details.