Traditional Working Doors

Experience Elegance and Functionality with Stoll’s Traditional Working Doors!

Product Description

Elevate your fireplace experience with Stoll’s Traditional Working Doors. Crafted with precision and designed for both style and functionality, these doors are the perfect addition to your home. Explore the timeless appeal and exceptional craftsmanship that define Stoll Industries

Product Features

Elegant Design: Immerse yourself in the classic charm of our Traditional Working Doors, enhancing the aesthetic of your fireplace.

Functional Brilliance: Enjoy the convenience of easy access to your fireplace while keeping safety a top priority with these thoughtfully designed doors.

Premium Craftsmanship: Meticulously crafted with quality materials, our doors ensure durability and longevity, promising years of reliable performance.

Customization Options: Tailor your fireplace doors to complement your style. Choose from a range of finishes, handles, and glass options for a personalized touch.

Safety First: Engineered for safety, the doors are designed to prevent accidents and provide a barrier between your living space and the fire.

Effortless Maintenance: Keep your fireplace doors looking pristine with easy cleaning using mild household cleaners, maintaining their beauty over time.

Product Specifications

. Dimensions:

Height: Customizable to fit your fireplace opening
Width: Tailored to your fireplace specifications
Depth: Standard depth for secure installation
2. Construction:

Frame Material: Heavy-duty steel for strength and durability
Finish Options: Choose from a variety of finishes to match your decor
Glass Type: High-temperature resistant tempered glass for safety
3. Door Operation:

Hinged Doors: Smooth, easy-to-operate hinges for convenient access to the fire
Magnetic Latch: Ensures a secure closure when not in use
4. Ventilation:

Adjustable Ventilation: Maintain optimal airflow for efficient combustion
Optional Mesh Screens: Enhance safety with mesh screens to contain embers
5. Heat Resistance:

Handles High Temperatures: Designed to withstand the heat of the fireplace
Insulated Frame: Minimizes heat transfer to surrounding surfaces
6. Customization Options:

Handle Styles: Choose from a selection of handle designs to match your aesthetic
Finish Colors: Personalize your doors with a range of finishes, including matte and metallic options
Glass Tints: Select from clear, smoked, or custom tinted glass
7. Installation:

Versatile Mounting: Suitable for masonry or non-masonry fireplaces
Easy Installation: Comes with all necessary hardware and detailed instructions
8. Safety Features:

Childproof Design: Prevents accidental access to the fireplace
Barrier Function: Provides a protective barrier between the fire and living space
9. Cleaning and Maintenance:

Easy to Clean: Wipe down with a damp cloth or mild household cleaner
Low Maintenance: Durable materials resist tarnishing and wear over time
10. Warranty:

5-Year Limited Warranty: Stoll Industries stands behind the quality and craftsmanship of its Traditional Working Doors
Warranty Claims: Processed through authorized Stoll dealers

Installation Options

Versatile Mounting: Suitable for masonry or non-masonry fireplaces
Easy Installation: Comes with all necessary hardware and detailed instructions

Fuel Types


Fuel Type Application


Clearances and Cavity Measurements

Minimum Clearances:

Side Clearances: Ensure a minimum distance of 1 inch on each side of the door frame to any adjacent combustible material.
Top Clearance: Maintain a minimum clearance of 2 inches between the top of the door frame and any combustible materials or surfaces.
Bottom Clearance: Allow for a minimum of 1 inch clearance between the bottom of the door frame and the hearth or floor.
2. Cavity Measurements:

Fireplace Opening Width: Measure the width of the fireplace opening from inside edge to inside edge.
Fireplace Opening Height: Measure the height of the fireplace opening from the hearth to the bottom of the lintel.


5-year warranty

Product Highlights

Elevate your fireplace experience with the exquisite Traditional Working Doors by Stoll Industries. Crafted with precision and designed for both aesthetics and functionality, these doors seamlessly blend timeless elegance with modern convenience. The heavy-duty steel frame, available in a range of finishes, ensures durability, while the high-temperature resistant tempered glass provides a clear view of the dancing flames within. The hinged doors operate effortlessly, offering convenient access to the fire, and the magnetic latch ensures a secure closure when not in use. With customizable options, including handle styles, finish colors, and glass tints, you can tailor these doors to match your unique style and complement your home decor. The safety features, such as a childproof design and a protective barrier function, make these doors not only a stylish addition but also a secure one. Easy to install and easy to maintain, the Traditional Working Doors by Stoll Industries redefine the beauty and functionality of your fireplace space.

Company Overview for Manufacturer

Stoll Industries stands as a premier manufacturer known for its commitment to craftsmanship, innovation, and quality in the realm of fireplace accessories and architectural enhancements. With a rich history dating back to its establishment, Stoll Industries has become a trusted name synonymous with excellence in design and functionality.

The company specializes in crafting a diverse range of fireplace products, including screens, doors, mantels, and accessories, each meticulously designed to elevate the aesthetic and performance of indoor and outdoor fireplaces. Stoll Industries prides itself on blending traditional craftsmanship with cutting-edge technology, resulting in products that not only meet but exceed industry standards.

At the core of Stoll Industries’ philosophy is a dedication to customer satisfaction. The company’s products are not just functional; they are statements of style and elegance. With a keen eye for design trends and an unwavering commitment to quality, Stoll Industries continuously introduces innovative solutions that redefine fireplace spaces.

Stoll Industries places a strong emphasis on customization, allowing customers to tailor products to their unique preferences. Whether it’s the finish, materials, or intricate design details, the company offers a level of personalization that sets its products apart.

In addition to its commitment to craftsmanship, Stoll Industries places a high priority on safety and environmental responsibility. The company adheres to rigorous quality control measures, ensuring that its products not only enhance the ambiance of homes but also meet stringent safety standards.

As a leader in the industry, Stoll Industries continues to evolve, pushing the boundaries of fireplace design and functionality. With a comprehensive product line, a dedication to customer satisfaction, and a vision for the future, Stoll Industries remains a reliable and innovative force in the world of fireplace solutions.


Q: Will the Traditional Working Doors fit my fireplace?
A: Yes! Our doors are customizable to fit a range of fireplace sizes. Please refer to the product specifications or consult with your local Stoll dealer for personalized assistance.

Q: Are the finishes for the doors durable?
A: Absolutely. We use high-quality materials and finishes to ensure durability and resistance to wear over time.

Q: Can I install these doors in a masonry fireplace?
A: Yes, our Traditional Working Doors are suitable for both masonry and non-masonry fireplaces. Follow the provided installation instructions for guidance.

Q: How do I clean the glass on the doors?
A: Cleaning is easy! Use a damp cloth or mild household cleaner to wipe down the glass. Avoid harsh chemicals for long-lasting clarity.

Q: Are the doors childproof?
A: Yes, our doors feature a childproof design to prevent accidental access to the fireplace.

Q: Can I customize the handle design?
A: Absolutely! Choose from a selection of handle styles to personalize your fireplace doors.

Q: Is professional installation recommended?
A: While our doors are designed for easy installation, we recommend consulting with a professional for optimal results.

Q: What is the warranty period for Traditional Working Doors?
A: Enjoy peace of mind with our 5-year limited warranty. Visit our website or contact your local dealer for more details.

Q: Can I use mesh screens with these doors?
A: Yes, optional mesh screens are available for enhanced safety. Ensure proper measurements for installation.

Q: Are the doors suitable for wood-burning fireplaces?
A: Yes, our Traditional Working Doors are designed to enhance the safety and efficiency of wood-burning fireplaces.

Q: How do I choose the right finish for my doors?
A: Explore our finish options and consult with your local Stoll dealer to find the perfect match for your decor.

Q: Can I install the doors myself?
A: Yes, our doors come with comprehensive installation instructions. However, professional installation is recommended for optimal results.

Q: Do the doors come with handles?
A: Yes, our doors include handles. Choose from our selection to complement your style.

Q: Are the doors suitable for gas fireplaces?
A: Yes, our Traditional Working Doors are compatible with gas fireplaces. Follow the recommended guidelines for installation.

Q: Can I order replacement parts?
A: Yes, replacement parts are available. Contact your local Stoll dealer for assistance.

Q: Do I need additional ventilation with these doors?
A: Proper ventilation is essential. Ensure that the doors do not obstruct the natural airflow of your fireplace.

Q: Can I use the doors with a gas log set?
A: Yes, our doors are compatible with gas log sets. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for installation.

Q: Is the glass tempered for safety?
A: Absolutely. The glass in our Traditional Working Doors is high-temperature resistant tempered glass, ensuring safety and durability.

Q: Can I install these doors on an outdoor fireplace?
A: Our Traditional Working Doors are primarily designed for indoor use. For outdoor applications, consult with your local Stoll dealer for suitable options.