13″ Round Grate Kit

Elevate Your Fireplace Experience with the 13″ Round Grate Kit!

Product Description

The 13″ Round Grate Kit by The Bio Flame Fireplaces is a versatile and easy-to-use insert that can be used to convert any existing wood-burning fireplace into a bioethanol fireplace. The kit includes a 13″ stainless steel grate, a fuel tray, and a set of fire logs.

Product Features

Converts any existing wood-burning fireplace into a bioethanol fireplace
Easy to install and use
Made from high-quality stainless steel
Includes a fuel tray and a set of fire logs

Product Specifications

Dimensions: 13″ W x 13″ D x 1″ H
Weight: 5 lbs

Installation Options

Can be installed in any existing wood-burning fireplace
Can be wall-mounted or freestanding

Fuel Types


Fuel Type Application


Clearances and Cavity Measurements

Minimum clearance to combustible materials: 12″
No minimum cavity depth required


1 year warranty

Product Highlights

The 13″ Round Grate Kit by The Bio Flame Fireplaces is a versatile and stylish addition to your fireplace setup. Crafted with precision and designed for functionality, this grate kit enhances the performance and aesthetics of your fireplace. Its compact size makes it ideal for smaller fireplaces, and it can accommodate various fuel options, including bioethanol. The durable construction ensures long-lasting use, and the rounded design not only adds a touch of elegance but also helps evenly distribute heat for a cozy and comforting ambiance. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your existing fireplace or create a new one, the 13″ Round Grate Kit offers a convenient solution that elevates your fire experience. Easy to install and maintain, it’s a must-have accessory for anyone seeking to enjoy the warmth and beauty of a well-crafted fire.

Company Overview for Manufacturer

The Bio Flame Fireplaces is a renowned leader in the world of innovative and eco-friendly fireplace solutions. With a commitment to sustainability and cutting-edge design, The Bio Flame has established itself as a trusted name in the industry. The company’s mission is to provide customers with a wide range of clean-burning, ethanol-based fireplace products that offer the warmth and ambiance of traditional fireplaces without the drawbacks of smoke, soot, or harmful emissions.

The Bio Flame’s product lineup includes a diverse selection of fireplaces, burners, grates, and accessories that cater to various design preferences and heating needs. Whether you’re looking to enhance your indoor or outdoor living space, their solutions offer flexibility and convenience, making it easy to enjoy the beauty of a real flame.

Environmental responsibility is at the core of The Bio Flame’s philosophy. Their bioethanol fuel is derived from sustainable sources, ensuring a minimal carbon footprint. These clean-burning fireplaces provide an eco-conscious alternative to traditional wood or gas fireplaces.

With a global presence, The Bio Flame Fireplaces serves customers worldwide, offering not only high-quality products but also exceptional customer service and support. Their dedication to quality, safety, and design innovation continues to make them a preferred choice for those seeking to transform their living spaces with warmth, style, and a touch of environmental consciousness.


Q: Will the 13″ Round Grate Kit fit in my existing fireplace?
A: The 13″ Round Grate Kit is designed to fit most standard fireplaces. Please check the dimensions to ensure compatibility with your fireplace.

Q: What fuel options can I use with this grate kit?
A: This grate kit is compatible with bioethanol fuel, which is clean-burning and eco-friendly.

Q: Is installation of the 13″ Round Grate Kit complicated?
A: No, installation is straightforward and can typically be done by following the provided instructions.

Q: Can I use this grate kit outdoors?
A: While it’s primarily designed for indoor use, some models may be suitable for covered outdoor spaces. Check the product specifications for details.

Q: Does the grate kit come with a fuel supply?
A: Fuel is typically not included and must be purchased separately.

Q: Is the 13″ Round Grate Kit safe to use indoors?
A: Yes, it is safe for indoor use when used according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Q: How long does the flame burn with a full fuel reservoir?
A: The burn time can vary depending on factors such as the fuel level, but it typically ranges from several hours to over half a day.

Q: Can I adjust the flame height with this grate kit?
A: Some models may offer flame height adjustment options. Refer to the specific product details for this feature.

Q: Is it easy to clean and maintain the 13″ Round Grate Kit?
A: Yes, maintenance is relatively simple. Regular cleaning of the burner and surrounding area is recommended.

Q: Does the kit come with any safety features?
A: Many Bio Flame products include safety features such as a snuffer tool to extinguish the flame and a safety chamber.

Q: Can I use this grate kit as a primary heat source for a room?
A: While it provides warmth and ambiance, it is not intended to be a primary heating source.

Q: Can I use the grate kit with other types of fuel?
A: It is designed specifically for bioethanol fuel and should not be used with other fuels.

Q: What is the warranty for the 13″ Round Grate Kit?
A: Warranty terms may vary by product and location. Check the product documentation for warranty information.

Q: Can I customize the appearance of the grate kit?
A: Some customization options may be available. Check with the manufacturer or retailer for details.

Q: Is it possible to convert an existing wood-burning fireplace to use this grate kit?
A: Converting a wood-burning fireplace may require professional installation. Consult with a fireplace expert for guidance.

Q: Can I use the grate kit in a bedroom?
A: While it is safe for indoor use, it is essential to follow local regulations and guidelines regarding the use of fireplaces in bedrooms.

Q: How do I extinguish the flame when I’m done using the grate kit?
A: A snuffer tool is typically included, allowing you to safely extinguish the flame.

Q: Are replacement parts readily available for this product?
A: Replacement parts and accessories are often available through authorized dealers and the manufacturer’s website.

Q: Can I install the 13″ Round Grate Kit myself, or do I need a professional installer?
A: Installation can typically be done by homeowners, but it’s essential to follow the provided instructions carefully for safety and efficiency.

Q: Where can I purchase the 13″ Round Grate Kit?
A: You can purchase Bio Flame products through authorized dealers, retailers, or the manufacturer’s website.