Elevate Your Space with the Majestic Bridgewater by Forshaw Mantels: Timeless Elegance for Modern Living

Product Description

The Bridgewater offers a massive appearance, perfect for an informal family room setting. Shown here in Oak with Fruitwood finish and Black Granite

Product Features

Massive appearance: Creates a bold and impactful statement in informal settings like family rooms.
Fruitwood finish: Adds warmth and depth to the oak material.
Black Granite hearth (optional): Provides a sophisticated and elegant contrast to the wood.
Customizable size and materials: Allows for personalization to perfectly match your décor and existing fireplace.
Spacious shelf: Offers ample space for displaying decorative items or housing fireplace tools.
Durable construction: Made from high-quality wood and potentially other materials (depending on customization) for long-lasting beauty and functionality.
Open design: Allows for proper heat circulation from the fireplace.
Mantle surround options: Some mantel models might offer additional decorative elements like corbels or mouldings.
Built-in storage compartments: Some models might provide hidden storage space within the mantel structure.
Pre-drilled holes for easy installation: Certain models might come with pre-drilled holes for mounting and securing the mantel to the wall.

Product Specifications

36″ (opening height: 55.5″, width: 47.0″, shelf length: 39.5″, leg width: 8.625″, overall depth: 8.75″, overall height: 64.5″)
42″ (opening height: 55.5″, width: 53.0″, shelf length: 39.5″, leg width: 8.625″, overall depth: 8.75″, overall height: 70.5″)
Oak with Fruitwood finish (shown in product image)
Other materials and finishes likely available through custom options
Massive appearance suited for informal settings
Custom sizing available through Forshaw Mantels’ online calculator
Part of the Estate Series Custom Wood Mantels collection
Black Granite hearth in photo (may be customizable)

Installation Options

Mantel weight: The Bridgewater mantel is likely quite heavy, especially in the larger 42″ size. Ensure you have proper support and manpower to safely lift and position it during installation.
Mounting method: Mantels are typically secured to the wall using lag screws or bolts. The specific hardware and technique will depend on the wall material (brick, drywall, etc.) and the mantel’s weight.
Leveling: Use a level to ensure the mantel is perfectly horizontal before securing it to the wall.
Fireplace clearance: Maintain the necessary clearance between the mantel and the fireplace opening as specified by local building codes and the fireplace manufacturer’s recommendations.

Fuel Types


Fuel Type Application


Clearances and Cavity Measurements


Clearance from Combustible Materials: Mantels, especially those around fireplaces, typically have specific clearance requirements to combustible materials like wood, drywall, or other flammable surfaces. This is crucial to prevent heat-related issues.

Height Clearance: Consider the height of the mantel in relation to the fireplace opening and any heat-producing elements. This ensures that the mantel is a safe distance from the source of heat.

Side and Depth Clearance: The distance between the mantel and the sides or top of the fireplace can also be important. Ensure that there’s enough space to accommodate the mantel without compromising safety.

Cavity Measurements:

Width and Height of the Fireplace Opening: Measure the width and height of the fireplace opening to ensure that the mantel you choose fits properly. This is crucial for both aesthetic reasons and safety.

Depth of the Mantel: Consider the depth of the mantel to ensure it doesn’t protrude too much into the living space or obstruct the functionality of the fireplace.

Overall Room Dimensions: Take into account the overall dimensions of the room to ensure that the mantel fits well within the space and complements the room’s design.


Limited warranty

Product Highlights

Crafted from rich oak and bathed in a warm Fruitwood finish, “The Bridgewater” mantel commands attention with its imposing presence. This stately piece, ideal for informal family rooms, seamlessly blends function and form, creating a centerpiece for cherished memories.

Beyond its captivating beauty, “The Bridgewater” boasts practical features. A spacious shelf beckons for treasured decorations, while its open design ensures optimal heat circulation. Customizable sizes and materials make it adaptable to any space, and the optional Black Granite hearth adds a touch of sophistication. Whether enjoying crackling flames or sharing lively conversations, “The Bridgewater” mantel promises to be the heart of your home, where warmth and style gracefully intertwine.

Company Overview for Manufacturer

Forshaw Mantels, synonymous with quality craftsmanship since 1871, stands as a testament to familial dedication and enduring artistry. Established in St. Louis, Missouri, their legacy reflects an unwavering commitment to excellence, utilizing only the finest materials and employing skilled artisans to create timeless pieces that grace hearths across generations.

From their signature Estate Series, boasting intricate hand-carved details, to the more contemporary Ready Built offerings, Forshaw caters to diverse tastes while upholding their core values of quality and personalized service. Today, they remain a family-owned enterprise, carrying the torch of excellence ignited by their ancestors, constantly innovating while never losing sight of the timeless tradition that has solidified their reputation as America’s premier mantel maker.


Q: Does “The Bridgewater” mantel come in any other materials besides oak?
A: While the product page showcases “The Bridgewater” in oak, the manufacturer offers customization options through their online calculator. This means you can likely explore different wood types, finishes, and potentially even stone or metal elements.
Q: How much weight can the mantel shelf hold?
A: Unfortunately, the provided information doesn’t specify the shelf’s weight capacity. To ensure safety and prevent damage, contacting the manufacturer or a qualified installer for specific weight limitations is recommended.
Q: Does the mantel come pre-assembled?
A: The website doesn’t provide details on assembly. Some mantel models might come partially assembled, but others may require full assembly on-site. Checking the product specifications or contacting the manufacturer for clarification is advisable.
Q: Are there any warranties or guarantees offered for the mantel?
A: Warranty information typically resides on the manufacturer’s website or within the product documentation. Checking these resources or contacting the company directly for warranty details is essential.
Q: Can the mantel be installed on a sloped wall?
A: While standard mantel installation assumes a flat wall, some models might offer adaptable mounting options or modifications for slightly angled walls. Consulting the manufacturer or a professional installer for compatibility and recommended installation methods is crucial.
Q: Does the mantel require any special maintenance or cleaning?
A: Depending on the material and finish, specific care instructions will vary. Look for cleaning and maintenance recommendations on the manufacturer’s website, product manual, or consult with a qualified professional for advice on preserving the mantel’s beauty.
Q: Are there any fireplace safety concerns regarding the mantel placement?
A: Always prioritize fireplace safety. Ensure you maintain the necessary clearance between the mantel and the fireplace opening as mandated by local building codes and the fireplace manufacturer’s specifications.
Q: Can the mantel be painted or stained to match existing décor?
A: Depending on the original finish and material, some modifications might be feasible. However, attempting such alterations without expertise could compromise the mantel’s integrity or warranty. Consulting the manufacturer or a professional refinisher for guidance is strongly recommended.
Q: Does the company offer financing options for purchasing the mantel?
A: The website doesn’t directly mention financing options. Exploring the payment section on the manufacturer’s website or contacting their customer service for available payment methods is advisable.
Q: Are there any environmental considerations regarding the mantel’s materials and production?
A: Information on the manufacturer’s commitment to sustainability or use of eco-friendly materials might be available on their website or within their company values statement. Checking these resources or contacting them directly for clarification is recommended.