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Discover Timeless Elegance with the Hanover Series by Forshaw Mantels

Product Description

Experience the perfect blend of simplicity and classic design with the Hanover Series by Forshaw Mantels. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, this mantel adds a touch of sophistication to any space.

Product Features

Unpretentious Design:

The Hanover series is described as unpretentious in its simplicity, suggesting a classic and timeless design.
Material and Finish:

Shown in Maple wood with a Clearcoat finish, indicating a natural wood appearance.
Granite Accent:

Features Giallo Veneziano Granite as an accent, providing a stylish and durable surface.
Variety of Sizes:

Available in two sizes: 36″ and 42″, catering to different spatial requirements.

Provides detailed dimensions for Overall Length (OL), Overall Height (OH), Width (W), Height (H), Shelf (S), Leg (L), and Overall Leg Width (OLW) for both the 36″ and 42″ variants.

Mentions a Custom Calculator for custom sizing, indicating a degree of customization available for the mantels.
Estate Series:

Categorized under the Estate series, suggesting a premium and high-quality line of mantels.
Ready Built Options:

Reference to “Ready Built” implies that some mantels may be available for immediate purchase.
Reclaimed Timber Mantels:

Indicates an environmentally conscious option with “Reclaimed Timber Mantels.”

Product Specifications

Hanover 36″ Mantel:
Overall Length (OL): 66.50 inches
Overall Height (OH): 54.75 inches
Width (W): 47.00 inches
Height (H): 39.50 inches
Shelf (S): 7.250 inches
Leg (L): 8.3125 inches
Overall Leg Width (OLW): 63.625 inches
Hanover 42″ Mantel:
Overall Length (OL): 72.50 inches
Overall Height (OH): 54.75 inches
Width (W): 53.00 inches
Height (H): 39.50 inches
Shelf (S): 7.250 inches
Leg (L): 8.3125 inches
Overall Leg Width (OLW): 63.625 inches

Installation Options

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Fuel Types


Fuel Type Application


Clearances and Cavity Measurements

Clearance to Combustible Materials:

Many building codes require a specific clearance between the mantel and any combustible materials, such as wood framing or drywall. A common recommendation is a minimum clearance of 6 inches.
Clearance to Fireplace Opening:

The mantel should be positioned at a safe distance above the fireplace opening. Check the manufacturer’s recommendations for the specific product.
Side Clearance:

Consider the space on either side of the mantel. Ensure that there is sufficient clearance to prevent overheating or contact with nearby materials.
Height Clearance:

Verify the height clearance from the mantel to the ceiling or any overhanging structures. This helps prevent heat buildup in confined spaces.
Cavity Measurements:
Fireplace Cavity Size:

Measure the width, height, and depth of the fireplace cavity to ensure that the mantel will fit properly. The mantel dimensions should complement the fireplace opening.
Wall Cavity Dimensions:

Consider the available wall space for the mantel. Measure the width and height to determine the appropriate size for the mantel.
Protrusion into the Room:

Measure how far the mantel protrudes into the room to ensure it complements the overall design and layout.
Ceiling Height:

Take into account the ceiling height when selecting a mantel. Taller ceilings may accommodate larger and more elaborate mantel designs.
Consideration for Accessories:

If the mantel will be accompanied by accessories, such as a mirror or artwork, factor in their dimensions and placement within the cavity.


Limited warranty

Product Highlights

Forshaw Mantels stands out in the realm of fireplace aesthetics with their Hanover series, epitomizing timeless elegance and simplicity. Crafted from high-quality Maple wood and finished with a lustrous Clearcoat, the Hanover mantels exude an unpretentious charm that seamlessly integrates into any space. The classic design is further accentuated by the inclusion of Giallo Veneziano Granite, providing both a stylish and durable surface. Available in two sizes, 36″ and 42″, these mantels offer versatility to suit various spatial requirements.

In addition to the Hanover series, Forshaw Mantels offers a diverse range of custom wood mantels, including the Estate and Heritage series, each characterized by unique designs and premium craftsmanship. The company’s commitment to customization is evident through their Custom Calculator, allowing customers to tailor mantel sizes according to their specific needs. With a dedication to quality, aesthetic appeal, and personalized options, Forshaw Mantels remains a trusted choice for those seeking sophisticated fireplace solutions that elevate both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Company Overview for Manufacturer

Forshaw Mantels, headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri, has established itself as a premier manufacturer of exquisite fireplace mantels, embodying a perfect blend of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary design. With a legacy spanning years, Forshaw Mantels has become synonymous with superior quality and elegance in the realm of hearth aesthetics. Specializing in custom wood mantels, the company offers a diverse range of series, including the iconic Hanover series known for its unpretentious simplicity and classic appeal. Whether it’s the Estate and Heritage series or the Ready Built and Reclaimed Timber Mantels, Forshaw Mantels takes pride in delivering products that not only enhance the warmth of a space but also serve as timeless focal points in both residential and commercial settings.

Beyond their commitment to craftsmanship and design, Forshaw Mantels stands out for its dedication to customer satisfaction and customization. The inclusion of a Custom Calculator underscores their mission to cater to unique customer needs, allowing for personalized sizing of mantels. With a comprehensive catalog, a commitment to environmental sustainability evident in their reclaimed timber options, and a dealer network spanning the nation, Forshaw Mantels continues to be a trusted choice for those seeking top-tier fireplace solutions.


Q: What materials are used in Forshaw Mantels’ Hanover series?
A: The Hanover series is crafted from high-quality Maple wood.

Q: Can I customize the size of a mantel in the Hanover series?
A: Yes, customization is available through the Custom Calculator for all wooden mantels.

Q: Are there different finishes available for the Hanover series?
A: The Hanover series features a Clearcoat finish, emphasizing a natural wood appearance.

Q: Is professional installation recommended for Forshaw Mantels’ products?
A: While installation can be a DIY project, professional installation is recommended for complex setups.

Q: What is the significance of the Giallo Veneziano Granite accent in the Hanover series?
A: The granite accent adds both style and durability to the mantels.

Q: Are there outdoor mantel options available?
A: Yes, Forshaw Mantels offers outdoor kitchen mantels suitable for outdoor spaces.

Q: What is the lead time for custom-sized mantels?
A: Lead times for custom mantels may vary; it’s advisable to inquire during the ordering process.

Q: Can I purchase a mantel directly from Forshaw Mantels’ website?
A: Forshaw Mantels does not sell directly to consumers; they have a network of dealers for purchases.

Q: Are there specific care instructions for maintaining the mantels?
A: Care instructions are typically provided with each product; follow them for optimal maintenance.

Q: Is the Hanover series suitable for both gas and wood-burning fireplaces?
A: Yes, the Hanover series is versatile and can complement both gas and wood-burning fireplaces.

Q: Can I install a Forshaw Mantel in a small living room?
A: Yes, the variety of sizes available allows for flexibility in different room sizes.

Q: Are there financing options available for Forshaw Mantels’ products?
A: Financing options may vary and can be discussed with the authorized dealers.

Q: Can I purchase replacement parts for Forshaw Mantels’ products?
A: Yes, replacement parts are typically available; contact the dealer for specific inquiries.

Q: What is the warranty period for Forshaw Mantels’ mantels?
A: Warranty periods may vary by product; refer to the warranty information provided with the purchase.

Q: Are there any fire safety considerations for installing a mantel?
A: Adhering to local building codes and maintaining proper clearances is crucial for fire safety.

Q: Can I paint or stain a Forshaw Mantel to match my decor?
A: Forshaw Mantels recommends consulting with a professional before altering the finish.

Q: Is there a showroom where I can view Forshaw Mantels’ products in person?
A: Forshaw Mantels has authorized dealers; inquire about showrooms in your area for a firsthand experience.

Q: Are the mantels suitable for use with electric fireplaces?
A: While Forshaw Mantels’ mantels are primarily designed for gas and wood-burning fireplaces, they can complement electric fireplaces as well.

Q: Can I purchase Forshaw Mantels’ products internationally?
A: Forshaw Mantels primarily serves the U.S.; international availability may vary.

Q: What makes Forshaw Mantels’ Reclaimed Timber Mantels unique?
A: Reclaimed Timber Mantels offer an eco-friendly option, crafted from recycled materials with distinctive character.