6K/8K Series Traditional Gas Fireplace

Experience Cozy Luxury with the 6K/8K Series Traditional Gas Fireplace by Heat & Gl

Product Description

The 6K/8K Series, Heat & Glo’s best-selling gas fireplace, offers a timeless traditional fire experience with modern convenience. Enjoy an expansive view, trend-forward design, voice control, and precise heat management for a year-round luxury experience

Product Features

INTELLIFIRE TOUCH® control via app, smart speaker, remote control, or wall switch
Dynamic thermostat to maintain your comfort level
Heat management for customizable warmth
Efficient DIRECT VENT TECHNOLOGY for safe and clean operation]

Product Specifications

Dimensions: Framing Width – 42″, Framing Depth – 22″, Framing Height – 40 1/8″
BTU/hr Input: 30,000 (NG), 29,000 (LP)
Viewing Area: 34 1/4 x 24 3/4″

Installation Options

refer to manual

Fuel Types


Fuel Type Application


Clearances and Cavity Measurements

refer to manual


limited warranty

Product Highlights

The 6K/8K Series Traditional Gas Fireplace by Heat & Glo Fireplaces offers the perfect blend of traditional charm and modern convenience. With INTELLIFIRE TOUCH® control, dynamic thermostat, and efficient heat management, you can create the ideal ambiance and comfort. This best-selling gas fireplace boasts an expansive view, trend-forward design choices, and voice control for a luxury experience year-round.

Company Overview for Manufacturer

Heat & Glo Fireplaces is a leading name in the industry, known for its innovative and stylish fireplace solutions. With a commitment to quality, safety, and customer satisfaction, Heat & Glo has been transforming homes with beautiful and efficient heating options for years. Their range of products combines traditional warmth with contemporary technology, making them a trusted choice for homeowners and professionals alike.


Q: Is professional installation required for the 6K/8K Series Traditional Gas Fireplace?
A: Yes, we highly recommend professional installation to ensure safety and optimal performance.

Q: Can I control the fireplace using a mobile app?
A: Yes, you can control the fireplace using the INTELLIFIRE TOUCH® app for added convenience.

Q: What fuel types are available for this fireplace?
A: The 6K/8K Series Traditional Gas Fireplace is available for natural gas (NG) or liquid propane (LP) use.

Q: Are there different finishing options available for the fireplace?
A: Yes, you can choose from various fronts, doors, interior panels, logs, and even stone facing to customize the appearance.

Q: Is there a warranty for this product?
A: Yes, please refer to the owner’s/installation manual for complete warranty information.

Q: Does the fireplace require a chimney?
A: No, it features DIRECT VENT TECHNOLOGY, which efficiently removes combustion exhaust without the need for a traditional chimney.

Q: Can I adjust the heat output of the fireplace?
A: Yes, the fireplace offers heat management options, allowing you to control the warmth according to your preferences.

Q: Is voice control compatible with popular smart home systems?
A: Yes, you can integrate voice control with smart speakers and systems like Google Home.

Q: Can I personalize the interior of the firebox?
A: Yes, there are various interior panel options available to match your style.

Q: Does the fireplace come with a remote control?
A: Yes, you can choose from different remote control options for convenient operation.

Q: What is the efficiency of this gas fireplace?
A: The 6K/8K Series is designed for efficient and clean-burning operation.

Q: Can I install shelves or mantels around the fireplace?
A: Yes, there are customizable mantel shelves and wood mantels available to enhance the fireplace’s appearance.

Q: Is this fireplace suitable for both traditional and modern interior styles?
A: Yes, it offers a timeless traditional fire look but can be customized to fit various design aesthetics.

Q: Does the fireplace have safety features?
A: Yes, Heat & Glo fireplaces are designed with safety in mind, including features like clearances and safety precautions.

Q: Can I adjust the flame height and appearance?
A: Yes, the dynamic thermostat allows you to control the flames for your desired look and comfort.

Q: Is the fireplace suitable for small and large rooms?
A: Yes, the 6K/8K Series offers efficient heating options suitable for different room sizes.

Q: What kind of maintenance does the fireplace require?
A: Regular cleaning and maintenance are recommended to ensure the fireplace operates optimally. Please refer to the owner’s/installation manual for details.

Q: Can I find this product at local dealers?
A: Yes, you can connect with a Heat & Glo dealer near you to see the products firsthand and inquire about pricing and details.

Q: Is the fireplace compatible with a wireless wall switch?
A: Yes, you can control the fireplace using a wireless wall switch for added convenience.

Q: Are there any additional accessories available for this fireplace?
A: Yes, there are various accessories like remotes, wall switches, and more to enhance your fireplace experience.