SlimLine Series Indoor Gas Fireplace

Elevate Your Home with the SlimLine Series Indoor Gas Fireplace by Heat & Glo Fireplaces

Product Description

Transform your living space with the SlimLine Series Indoor Gas Fireplace by Heat & Glo Fireplaces. This sleek and space-saving fireplace adds warmth, comfort, and style to any room. With its slim profile and advanced features, it’s the perfect addition to your home.

Product Features

Battery Backup: Ensures uninterrupted warmth, even during power outages.
Direct Vent Technology: Efficiently removes fumes and exhaust from your home.
IntelliFire Touch®: Convenient touchscreen remote control or wireless wall switch.
Slim Depth: Fits into small rooms, corners, and tight spaces without sacrificing livable space.

Product Specifications

Dimensions: Varies by model (e.g., SlimLine 3X: Framing Width 34″, Framing Depth 16-1/4″, Framing Height 32-3/4″)
BTU/hr Input: 11,500 – 21,000
Viewing Area: Varies by model (e.g., SlimLine 3X: 24-1/8 x 16″)

Installation Options

Refer to Manual

Fuel Types


Fuel Type Application


Clearances and Cavity Measurements

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Limited Warranty

Product Highlights

Elevate your living space with the SlimLine Series Indoor Gas Fireplace from Heat & Glo. Enjoy reliable warmth with a battery backup, clean air with direct vent technology, and convenience with IntelliFire Touch®. Its slim design fits seamlessly into any room, making it the ideal choice for cozy gatherings and relaxed evenings at home.

Company Overview for Manufacturer

Heat & Glo Fireplaces is a leading manufacturer of innovative and stylish hearth products. With a commitment to quality and innovation, Heat & Glo has been transforming living spaces for over four decades. Known for their gas fireplaces, stoves, and inserts, Heat & Glo brings warmth and comfort to homes while maintaining a focus on safety and efficiency. Discover a world of possibilities with Heat & Glo Fireplaces.


Q: Will there be 20 questions?
A: Yes! There will be 20 questions.

Q: What makes the SlimLine Series Indoor Gas Fireplace unique?
A: Its slim profile and advanced features make it ideal for tight spaces.

Q: Can I use natural gas or propane with this fireplace?
A: Yes, you can choose the fuel type that suits your home.

Q: How does the battery backup work?
A: The battery backup ensures continued operation during power outages.

Q: Is professional installation required?
A: It’s highly recommended for safety and performance.

Q: Can I control the fireplace remotely?
A: Yes, you can use the IntelliFire Touch® touchscreen remote control.

Q: What are the available models in the SlimLine Series?
A: There are various models with different features to choose from.

Q: How do I find a local authorized dealer?
A: Visit the Heat & Glo website or contact their customer support.

Q: Are there customization options for the fireplace’s appearance?
A: Yes, you can personalize it with various fronts, doors, and finishes.

Q: What kind of warranty does the fireplace come with?
A: Warranty details may vary, so contact your local dealer for information.

Q: Can I install this fireplace in a corner?
A: Yes, the slim depth allows for corner installations.

Q: How do I maintain the fireplace?
A: Follow the maintenance instructions in the owner’s manual.

Q: Does it require a chimney?
A: No, the direct vent technology eliminates the need for a traditional chimney.

Q: Can I use it as the primary heat source for a room?
A: It can provide significant heat but may not be suitable as the primary source in larger spaces.

Q: Are there eco-friendly options?
A: Heat & Glo is committed to environmental responsibility, and some models may have eco-friendly features.

Q: Is financing available for purchasing this fireplace?
A: Check with your local dealer for financing options.

Q: Can I view the fireplace in person before purchasing?
A: Yes, you can visit a local authorized dealer to see it firsthand.

Q: Are there safety features built into the fireplace?
A: Yes, Heat & Glo fireplaces prioritize safety with features like direct vent technology.

Q: Can I install a TV above the fireplace?
A: Follow the recommended clearances for safe TV installation.

Q: Is remote control included with the fireplace?
A: Remote control options vary by model, so check with your dealer.

Q: How can I get more information about pricing and installation?
A: Contact your local authorized Heat & Glo dealer for personalized assistance.