Irene 910

Unleash Elegance and Warmth with the Irena 910: A Masterpiece by JC Bordelet

Product Description

Elevate your living space with the JC Bordelet Irena 910, a central fireplace that seamlessly blends cutting-edge design with unparalleled functionality. Crafted with precision and adorned with customizable aesthetics, the Irena 910 is not just a fireplace; it’s a statement of style and warmth.

Product Features

1. Combustible: Wood (Bois)
2. Nominal Power: 11 kW
3. Yield: 80.2%
4. CO Rate: 0.08%
5. Particle Emission: 38 mg/Nm3
6. Standard Compliance: EN 13240
7. Green Flame Rating: 7 (Flamme Verte certified)
8. IPEE: 0.5
9. Internal Minimum Duct Section: Ø 28 cm

Product Specifications

Design and Construction:

Material: High-quality steel designed for durability and aesthetics.
Printing Technique: Innovative sheet metal printing for customizable designs.
Enclosure: Glass enclosure for a captivating view of the flames.

Nominal Power: 11 kW, providing ample heating for your space.
Yield: 80.2% efficiency, ensuring maximum heat utilization.
CO Rate: Low CO emissions at 0.08%, prioritizing safety.
Particle Emission: Environmentally friendly with only 38 mg/Nm3 emissions.
Green Flame Rating: 7 (Flamme Verte certified), a symbol of eco-friendly heating.
Compliance and Standards:

Standard Compliance: Meets EN 13240 standards for quality and safety.
IPEE (Energy Performance Index): 0.5, reflecting energy efficiency.
Internal Minimum Duct Section: Ø 28 cm for optimal airflow.

Color Options: Choose from seven designs – Arabesques, Scrolls, Quartering, Abstract, Pixels, Tags, and Graffiti.
Bespoke Design: Personalize with your own designs and photos for a truly unique fireplace.
Additional Features:

Closed Fireplace: Provides a controlled and secure environment for the fire.
Made in France: Crafted with precision and attention to detail.
Wood Fuel: Utilizes wood for a classic and sustainable heating source.
Outdoor Range:

Once Instinct: Explore the outdoor range for a seamless transition from indoor elegance to outdoor warmth.
Wall-Mounted Options:

Tatiana 997: Stylish wall-mounted fireplace for space-saving elegance.
Elisa 981: Chic and compact wall-mounted option.

Installation Options

Professionsl Installation

Fuel Types


Fuel Type Application


Clearances and Cavity Measurements

Ensure proper installation and safety by adhering to the specified clearances and cavity measurements:

Minimum Clearance to Combustibles: Maintain a safe distance from any combustible materials, following the guidelines outlined in the product manual.

Cavity Depth: Consider the recommended cavity depth to ensure the proper fit and installation of the Irena 910 within your designated space.

Enclosure Safety Clearances: Follow the specified safety clearances for the glass enclosure, allowing for proper ventilation and preventing overheating.

Wall Clearance: Maintain the recommended clearance between the back of the fireplace and any adjacent walls. This is crucial for proper air circulation and heat dissipation.

Ceiling Clearance: Adhere to the suggested clearance from the ceiling to prevent potential fire hazards and ensure optimal performance.

Floor Protection: Install the fireplace on a non-combustible surface or use appropriate floor protection materials to safeguard against heat transfer.

Minimum Duct Section Clearance: Ensure the recommended clearance around the internal duct section for unobstructed airflow and efficient operation.


Limited warranty

Product Highlights

Immerse yourself in the epitome of warmth and sophistication with the Irena 910 by JC Bordelet. This central fireplace is not merely a heating solution; it’s a visual masterpiece meticulously crafted to redefine your living space. Engineered with precision and innovation, the Irena 910 boasts an 11 kW nominal power, delivering a perfect balance of efficiency and elegance. Its glass enclosure provides a mesmerizing view of the dancing flames, creating an ambiance that transforms any room into a sanctuary of comfort. With a commitment to eco-friendly heating, the Irena 910 achieves an impressive 80.2% efficiency and a low CO rate of 0.08%, adhering to EN 13240 standards. Customize your fireplace to reflect your style with seven distinctive designs, from the classic Arabesques to the vibrant Graffiti, or even add a personal touch with bespoke designs and photos. Elevate your home with the Irena 910, where cutting-edge design meets the timeless allure of a crackling wood fire.

The Irena 910 doesn’t just provide warmth; it embodies a fusion of form and function. Designed and manufactured in France by JC Bordelet, a pioneer in the fireplace industry, this central fireplace is a symbol of quality and innovation. Its unique sheet metal printing technique allows you to choose from a range of captivating designs, ensuring that the Irena 910 becomes a bespoke centerpiece in your home. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, this fireplace prioritizes safety and environmental consciousness with low particle emissions of 38 mg/Nm3 and a Green Flame rating of 7. The inclusion of augmented reality simulation further enhances your experience, allowing you to envision the Irena 910 seamlessly integrated into your space. Join the revolution in fireplace design and heating efficiency with the Irena 910 – a harmonious blend of cutting-edge technology, customizable elegance, and eco-conscious performance.

Company Overview for Manufacturer

JC Bordelet stands as a distinguished leader in the realm of innovative fireplace design, crafting masterpieces that seamlessly blend functionality with artistry. Rooted in a rich history within the wood-fired heating sector for over 30 years, the company’s journey took a transformative turn in 2006 when it acquired Bordelet Industries. This strategic move broadened its offerings, expanding beyond the manufacturing of traditional stone fireplaces and cast iron stoves to include a stunning collection of designer steel fireplaces. At the helm of Seguin-Duteriez Group, CEO Aymeric de Galembert, with an avant-garde spirit, spearheaded groundbreaking advancements, including the introduction of an ingenious sheet metal printing technique.

The innovative spirit of JC Bordelet reached new heights in 2010 when Aymeric de Galembert explored digital printing on sheet metal. This revelation led to the application of this cutting-edge technique to one of the Group’s iconic fireplaces – the Irena. Previously available only in gloss paint with a selection of 180 colors, the Irena underwent a transformation with seven distinct designs, from baroque Arabesques to the street art-inspired Graffiti. The company’s commitment to pushing boundaries continues with plans to offer bespoke products, allowing customers to infuse their designs and photos into these customizable steel fireplaces. JC Bordelet’s legacy is one marked by pioneering design, unwavering commitment to quality, and an unrelenting pursuit of innovation in the world of heating solutions.

JC Bordelet’s reputation extends beyond its home country, as the company has firmly established itself as a global force in the fireplace industry. Renowned for crafting fireplaces that transcend mere functionality, each product is a testament to the brand’s dedication to elevating interior spaces. With an extensive range of designer fireplaces, both indoor and outdoor, JC Bordelet invites customers to break free from convention and embrace a new era of personalized, efficient, and visually stunning heating solutions. The brand’s showrooms serve as immersive spaces where customers can witness firsthand the beauty and innovation that define JC Bordelet’s creations, reinforcing its position as a trailblazer in contemporary fireplace design.


Q: Is the Irena 910 suitable for both heating and aesthetic purposes?
A: Yes, the Irena 910 is designed to provide efficient heating while also serving as a visually stunning centerpiece in your space.

Q: What is the nominal power of the Irena 910?
A: The Irena 910 boasts a nominal power of 11 kW, ensuring ample heating capacity for your room.

Q: Can I customize the design of the Irena 910?
A: Absolutely! Choose from seven distinct designs, including bespoke options, to personalize the Irena 910 according to your style.

Q: Is the glass enclosure of the Irena 910 safe?
A: Yes, the glass enclosure is designed with safety in mind, providing a secure barrier while allowing a captivating view of the flames.

Q: Does the Irena 910 meet environmental standards?
A: Yes, the fireplace complies with EN 13240 standards, and its eco-friendly features include low CO emissions and a Green Flame rating.

Q: What kind of fuel does the Irena 910 use?
A: The Irena 910 exclusively uses wood (Bois) as a fuel source, providing a sustainable and classic heating option.

Q: Can the Irena 910 be integrated into outdoor spaces?
A: While the Irena 910 is designed for indoor use, JC Bordelet offers an outdoor range called “Once Instinct” for outdoor heating solutions.

Q: How do I simulate the Irena 910 in my space using augmented reality?
A: Download our 3D application from Google Play or the App Store to project the Irena 910 in augmented reality and visualize it in your home.

Q: What is the IPEE of the Irena 910?
A: The Irena 910 has an IPEE (Energy Performance Index) of 0.5, reflecting its energy efficiency.
Q: Is professional installation required for the Irena 910?
A: Yes, we recommend hiring a professional installer to ensure a safe and compliant installation of the Irena 910.

Q: Are there clearances and cavity measurements I need to consider for installation?
A: Yes, follow the specified clearances and cavity measurements outlined in the product manual to ensure a safe and proper installation.

Q: Can I use the Irena 910 as the primary heating source for my home?
A: The Irena 910 can serve as a primary or supplementary heating source, depending on the size and insulation of your space.

Q: Is the Irena 910 suitable for both contemporary and traditional interior styles?
A: Yes, with its customizable designs, the Irena 910 seamlessly fits into both contemporary and traditional interior aesthetics.

Q: What warranty options are available for the Irena 910?
A: Register your warranty on our website to access details about available warranty options for the Irena 910.

Q: Can I purchase additional accessories for the Irena 910?
A: Explore our range of accessories to complement the Irena 910 and enhance your fireplace experience.