Tunnel 31H (31X65)

Experience Radiance from Every Angle: Introducing the Tunnel 31H (31X65) Fireplace by Ortal


Product Description

Elevate your living spaces with the stunning Tunnel 31H (31X65) Fireplace by Ortal. Designed to divide and define, this vertical see-through fireplace boasts contemporary style, modern efficiency, and a mesmerizing ambiance. With exposure and visibility from both sides, the Tunnel 31H is the epitome of warmth, beauty, and innovation.

Product Features

Passive Cool Wall Technology: Safely hang your TV or artwork directly above the fireplace, enhancing your design options.
Creative Interiors: Choose from a wide selection of logs, pebbles, and glass to personalize your fireplace’s aesthetic.
Heat Barrier Solutions: Opt for double glass or a micro mesh screen for a safe yet clean look.
Power Vent System: Enjoy design freedom without limitations, thanks to Ortal’s innovative power vent technology.
Lighting: Internal lighting creates a dramatic effect, enhancing the fireplace’s visual appeal.
Direct Vent: Co-axial flue and sealed glass front ensure efficient operation and safety.
Efficiency: Unique burner design ensures clean and efficient gas usage.
Smarthome Integration: Control your fireplace from a mobile device for ultimate convenience.
Heat Control System: Transfer heat to another room or outdoors, maximizing comfort.

Product Specifications

Viewing Area: 30 5/8″ x 64 15/16″
Gas Type: LPG, NG
LPG BTU Output / Efficiency: 28,118 / 73.9%
NG BTU Output / Efficiency: 29,100 / 77.80%
Vent: 5×8 Co-Axial Direct Vent Pipe (5-inch interior, 8-inch exterior) or Ortal Power Vent Max, 3×5 Co-Axial Direct Vent Pipe (3-inch interior, 5-inch exterior)
Heat Barrier: Double Glass, Micro Mesh Screen
Interiors: Log Sets
Controls: Remote, WiFi, Wall Switch

Installation Options

Refer to Manual

Fuel Types


Fuel Type Application

Choose between LPG (Propane) or NG (Natural Gas) options to suit your preferences.

Clearances and Cavity Measurements

Refer to Manual


Limited Warranty

Product Highlights

Elevate your living spaces with the Tunnel 31H (31X65) Fireplace, an exquisite masterpiece by Ortal Fireplaces. This exceptional creation redefines the way you experience warmth and ambiance, boasting a vertical see-through design that adds contemporary elegance and modern efficiency to your home. With its exposure and visibility from both sides, the Tunnel 31H becomes a captivating centerpiece that bridges areas with unparalleled style and innovation. The ingenious Passive Cool Wall Technology allows you to hang your TV or artwork directly above the fireplace, expanding your design possibilities without compromising safety. Choose from an extensive array of creative interiors, including a variety of logs, pebbles, and glass options, to customize the fireplace’s aesthetic to match your vision. The Power Vent System provides limitless design freedom, enabling placement wherever your imagination takes you. Whether you’re seeking a cozy evening glow or a dramatic statement, the internal lighting creates an enchanting atmosphere that complements any occasion. Crafted for both beauty and practicality, the Tunnel 31H features a co-axial flue and sealed glass front for safety, while its unique burner design ensures efficient and clean gas usage. Seamlessly integrating with your modern lifestyle, the Smarthome compatibility lets you control the fireplace from your mobile device. Experience the ultimate comfort with the Heat Control System, which allows you to transfer warmth to another room or even outdoors. Embrace the future of fireplace design with the Tunnel 31H by Ortal – where innovation meets elegance to transform your home into a haven of sophistication and coziness.

Company Overview for Manufacturer

Ortal Fireplaces stands as a pioneering force in the realm of modern fireplace design and innovation. With a commitment to pushing the boundaries of aesthetic excellence and technological advancement, Ortal has redefined the way fireplaces are perceived and integrated into contemporary living spaces. Established with a vision to blend cutting-edge engineering with timeless elegance, the company has become a global leader in the luxury fireplace industry.

Innovative Design and Engineering:
Ortal’s journey began with a deep appreciation for the artistry of fire and its ability to evoke emotion and warmth. Since its inception, Ortal has consistently combined innovative design with precision engineering to create fireplaces that are not only visually captivating but also functionally superior. The company’s dedication to research and development has led to groundbreaking features like Passive Cool Wall Technology, Power Vent Systems, and Smarthome integration, elevating the fireplace experience to unprecedented levels.

Stunning Aesthetics:
Ortal Fireplaces are synonymous with contemporary sophistication. The brand’s commitment to design excellence is evident in its diverse range of fireplace models, each meticulously crafted to offer a unique blend of form and function. From linear fireplaces that redefine architectural focal points to see-through models that seamlessly divide and connect living spaces, Ortal’s portfolio encompasses a spectrum of designs to suit various preferences and architectural styles.

Technological Advancements:
Incorporating state-of-the-art technologies, Ortal Fireplaces consistently innovates to enhance safety, efficiency, and convenience. From advanced heat barrier solutions that enable hanging artwork above the fireplace to intuitive controls that allow remote operation, Ortal is at the forefront of integrating smart features with traditional hearths.

Craftsmanship and Customization:
Ortal understands that every living space is unique, and its fireplaces are designed to accommodate a range of customization options. With choices in interior finishes, media types, and glass configurations, homeowners and designers have the creative freedom to curate fireplaces that align with their visions.

Global Presence:
Founded in Israel and established as a global brand, Ortal Fireplaces has an international footprint with authorized dealers and distributors across various regions. The company’s commitment to delivering exceptional products and customer experiences has earned it a reputation as a trusted partner for both residential and commercial projects.

Environmental Stewardship:
Ortal Fireplaces is dedicated to sustainability and environmental responsibility. The company’s commitment to creating clean-burning, energy-efficient fireplace solutions aligns with its goal to minimize environmental impact while delivering the ultimate in comfort and style.

In the world of luxury fireplaces, Ortal stands as a beacon of innovation, design excellence, and technological advancement. With a legacy of crafting stunning hearth solutions that enhance the aesthetics and functionality of modern living spaces, Ortal Fireplaces continues to ignite the imagination while redefining the art of fire.


Q: What is the Tunnel 31H (31X65) Fireplace by Ortal?
A: The Tunnel 31H is a vertical see-through fireplace designed to divide living spaces with contemporary style and modern efficiency.

Q: How does the Tunnel 31H differ from traditional fireplaces?
A: The Tunnel 31H features a see-through design, providing exposure and warmth to two separate areas while adding a touch of elegance to your space.

Q: What is Passive Cool Wall Technology?
A: Passive Cool Wall Technology allows you to safely hang a TV or artwork directly above the fireplace, thanks to its heat barrier solutions.

Q: Can I customize the interior of the Tunnel 31H?
A: Yes, you can choose from a variety of logs, pebbles, and glass options to create a personalized look for your fireplace.

Q: What is the Power Vent System?
A: Ortal’s Power Vent System offers flexibility in fireplace placement, allowing you to design without limitations.

Q: Is the Tunnel 31H environmentally friendly?
A: Yes, Ortal Fireplaces are designed for clean-burning and energy efficiency, aligning with environmental stewardship.

Q: How can I control the Tunnel 31H fireplace?
A: You can control the fireplace using the included remote, via WiFi, or through a wall switch for added convenience.

Q: What is the efficiency of the Tunnel 31H with LPG (Propane)?
A: The Tunnel 31H has an LPG efficiency of 73.9% with a BTU output of 28,118.

Q: Can I use natural gas (NG) with the Tunnel 31H?
A: Yes, the Tunnel 31H offers NG compatibility, with an efficiency of 77.80% and an NG BTU output of 29,100.

Q: What type of venting system does the Tunnel 31H require?
A: The Tunnel 31H uses a 5×8 Co-Axial Direct Vent Pipe (5-inch interior, 8-inch exterior) or a 3×5 Co-Axial Direct Vent Pipe (3-inch interior, 5-inch exterior).

Q: Is there a warranty for the Tunnel 31H Fireplace?
A: Warranty information for the Tunnel 31H can be found in our product documentation.

Q: Can I integrate the Tunnel 31H with my smarthome system?
A: Yes, the Tunnel 31H offers smarthome integration, allowing you to control it from your mobile device.

Q: What is the Heat Control System?
A: The Heat Control System lets you transfer heat to another room or even outdoors, maximizing comfort.

Q: Is the Tunnel 31H suitable for both residential and commercial spaces?
A: Yes, the Tunnel 31H is designed to enhance the aesthetics and functionality of various spaces, from homes to commercial establishments.

Q: What are the dimensions of the viewing area?
A: The viewing area of the Tunnel 31H is 30 5/8″ x 64 15/16″.

Q: Can I hang artwork directly above the Tunnel 31H fireplace?
A: Yes, thanks to the Passive Cool Wall Technology, you can safely hang artwork or a TV above the fireplace.

Q: How does the co-axial flue and sealed glass front enhance safety?
A: The co-axial flue and sealed glass front ensure proper ventilation and containment of the fire, minimizing risks.