Wilderness Front Facing 60H

Unleash the Wild: Experience the Magic of Wilderness Front Facing 60H by Ortal Fireplaces!


Product Description

Immerse yourself in the captivating ambiance of a wood-burning fire with the Wilderness Front Facing 60H Gas Fireplace by Ortal. This revolutionary fireplace from The Wilderness Collection combines cutting-edge Firelog Technology with the luxurious appeal of a tall, lifelike flame. Experience the warmth and comfort of a traditional wood fire without the hassles, with all the innovations and options found in our premium gas fireplaces. Choose between Dark or Chopped Wood Logs to complement your interior design, and elevate your living space with a touch of natural beauty and sophistication.

Product Features

Passive Cool Wall Technology: Safely hang your TV or artwork right above the fireplace, adding versatility to your space.
Heat Barrier Solutions: Enjoy a clean, unobstructed view of the flames with the Double Glass or Screen option for enhanced safety.
Power Vent System: Freedom to design without limitations, making installation easier and more flexible.
Lighting: Enhance the visual impact with internal lighting that creates a captivating and dramatic effect.
Direct Vent: Co-axial flue and sealed glass front ensure maximum efficiency and safety.
Efficiency: Unique burner design guarantees clean and efficient gas usage.
Smarthome: Control your fireplace effortlessly from your mobile device for ultimate convenience and comfort.

Product Specifications

Dimensions: 60-1/8 inches (Width) x 15-3/4 inches (Height)
Weight: Double Glass – 509 lbs, Screen – 473 lbs
Gas Type: LPG (Liquid Propane Gas), NG (Natural Gas)
LPG BTU Output / Efficiency: 31,400 BTU / 80.2%
NG BTU Output / Efficiency: 32,163 BTU / 81.4%
Vent: 5X8 Co-axial Direct Vent Pipe (5-inch interior, 8-inch exterior)
Heat Barrier: Double Glass, Micro Mesh Screen
Interiors: Black Reflective Glass, Standard Matte
Log Sets: Short Driftwood
Controls: Remote, WiFi, Wall Switch

Installation Options

The Wilderness Front Facing 60H can be installed using various options, including wall-mounted, recessed, or freestanding configurations, providing flexibility to suit your design preferences and architectural requirements.

Fuel Types


Fuel Type Application

The fireplace is compatible with both LPG (Liquid Propane Gas) and NG (Natural Gas) fuel types, offering versatility and convenience for your specific needs

Clearances and Cavity Measurements

Prior to installation, please ensure that the recommended clearances and cavity measurements are followed diligently. Refer to the official installation manual for detailed guidelines.


Limited Lifetime Warranty

Product Highlights

Experience the pinnacle of luxury and innovation with the Wilderness Front Facing 60H Gas Fireplace by Ortal. As a part of The Wilderness Collection, this fireplace redefines realism, allowing you to savor the enchanting charm of a wood-burning fire with its exclusive Firelog Technology. Witness tall, lifelike flames that evoke the nostalgic ambiance of a traditional wood fire, while indulging in the modern comforts and conveniences of a premium gas fireplace. Ortal’s ingenious Passive Cool Wall Technology enables you to hang your TV or artwork safely above the fireplace, expanding the possibilities of your interior design. With the Double Glass or Screen option, enjoy an unobstructed view of the dancing flames while maintaining a clean and safe look. Designed with a Power Vent System, the Wilderness 60H provides unparalleled installation flexibility, empowering you to create your dream hearth without restrictions. The internal lighting creates a captivating and dramatic effect, elevating your living space to new heights of sophistication. Take control of your fireplace from the palm of your hand with the Smarthome feature, enabling remote operation via your mobile device. With exceptional efficiency and a range of fuel options (LPG and NG), the Wilderness Front Facing 60H is an eco-friendly and versatile addition to your home. Revel in the beauty of nature-inspired design and modern comforts – ignite the magic of the Wilderness Front Facing 60H by Ortal Fireplaces and set the stage for unforgettable moments in your living space.

Company Overview for Manufacturer

Ortal Fireplaces is a renowned leader in the luxury fireplace industry, dedicated to reimagining the art of modern heating solutions. Founded with a vision to deliver unparalleled design, innovation, and comfort, Ortal has become synonymous with sophistication and excellence in gas fireplace craftsmanship.

Established with a commitment to transforming the traditional fireplace experience, Ortal has consistently pushed the boundaries of technology and design to create gas fireplaces that are both aesthetically striking and functionally superior. With a passion for blending natural beauty with cutting-edge engineering, Ortal has earned a prestigious reputation as a trendsetter in the industry.

The Wilderness Collection, a hallmark series by Ortal, showcases the epitome of realism with its exclusive Firelog Technology. This revolutionary innovation offers an authentic wood-burning fire experience with taller and more lifelike flames, while retaining the modern conveniences and options synonymous with luxury gas fireplaces.

Committed to customer satisfaction, Ortal Fireplaces has earned the trust and loyalty of discerning homeowners, architects, and designers worldwide. Each fireplace is meticulously crafted with attention to detail and quality, delivering not only a source of warmth but also a stunning focal point that elevates any living space.

Incorporating cutting-edge features such as Passive Cool Wall Technology, Heat Barrier Solutions, Power Vent Systems, and Smarthome compatibility, Ortal empowers customers with unrivaled versatility, safety, and control over their fireplace experience.

With an eco-conscious approach, Ortal Fireplaces prioritizes energy efficiency and environmentally friendly practices, providing sustainable solutions that meet the evolving demands of modern living.

As a forward-thinking company, Ortal remains committed to continuous research and development, ensuring that their products consistently meet and exceed the highest standards in the industry. Backed by a team of passionate experts, their commitment to craftsmanship, innovation, and customer satisfaction has earned Ortal Fireplaces a prominent place among the world’s most prestigious and sought-after fireplace brands.

Experience the magic of fire and immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Ortal Fireplaces, where artistry and technology come together to redefine the luxury fireplace experience. Whether in residential or commercial spaces, Ortal’s masterful creations continue to ignite the imagination, making moments around the hearth truly unforgettable.

Step 6: Get FAQs


Q: What is the Wilderness Front Facing 60H Gas Fireplace?
A: The Wilderness Front Facing 60H Gas Fireplace is a luxury gas fireplace offered by Ortal Fireplaces, featuring exclusive Firelog Technology for a realistic wood-burning fire experience.

Q: What makes the Wilderness 60H different from other gas fireplaces?
A: The Wilderness 60H stands out with its patent-pending Firelog Technology, delivering taller and more lifelike flames reminiscent of a traditional wood fire.

Q: What fuel options are available for the Wilderness Front Facing 60H?
A: The fireplace is compatible with both LPG (Liquid Propane Gas) and NG (Natural Gas) fuel types for your convenience.

Q: Can I hang a TV or artwork above the Wilderness 60H fireplace?
A: Yes, you can! Ortal’s Passive Cool Wall Technology allows you to safely hang your TV or artwork above the fireplace.

Q: What are the available log options for the Wilderness 60H?
A: The Wilderness 60H comes with a choice of Dark or Chopped Wood Logs for added customization.

Q: Is there a warranty for the Wilderness Front Facing 60H fireplace?
A: Yes, Ortal Fireplaces offers a comprehensive warranty for the Wilderness 60H. Please refer to the official warranty documentation for details.

Q: Can I control the Wilderness 60H fireplace remotely?
A: Absolutely! The Wilderness 60H features Smarthome compatibility, enabling remote control via your mobile device.

Q: What are the interior options for the Wilderness Front Facing 60H?
A: The fireplace offers interior options of Black Reflective Glass and Standard Matte for your preference.

Q: What type of venting does the Wilderness 60H use?
A: The Wilderness 60H utilizes a 5X8 Co-axial Direct Vent Pipe with a 5-inch interior and an 8-inch exterior.

Q: What is the heating capacity of the Wilderness Front Facing 60H?
A: The fireplace has a BTU output of 31,400 for LPG and 32,163 for NG, ensuring efficient and effective heating.

Q: Can I install the Wilderness 60H fireplace as a freestanding unit?
A: Yes, the Wilderness 60H offers multiple installation options, including wall-mounted, recessed, and freestanding configurations.

Q: Is the Wilderness 60H fireplace environmentally friendly?
A: Yes, Ortal Fireplaces prioritizes energy efficiency, making the Wilderness 60H an eco-conscious choice for your home.

Q: Can I adjust the flame height of the Wilderness Front Facing 60H?
A: The flame height may vary depending on venting, fuel type, and altitude, but the fireplace provides a mesmerizing and adjustable flame display.

Q: How heavy is the Wilderness 60H fireplace?
A: The fireplace weighs 509 lbs with Double Glass and 473 lbs with the Screen option.

Q: Are there any safety features included with the Wilderness 60H?
A: Yes, the fireplace offers Heat Barrier Solutions with Double Glass or Screen to ensure safety while enjoying the view of the flames.

Q: Can I use a remote to control the Wilderness 60H fireplace?
A: Yes, the fireplace comes with a remote control for easy operation.

Q: What kind of interior lighting does the Wilderness Front Facing 60H have?
A: The fireplace features internal lighting, creating a captivating and dramatic effect.

Q: Is there a product brochure available for the Wilderness 60H?
A: Yes, you can find a product brochure for the Wilderness 60H on the Ortal Fireplaces website.

Q: Can I download the installation manual for the Wilderness 60H?
A: Yes, the installation manual is available for download on the Ortal Fireplaces website.

Q: Where can I find a dealer to purchase the Wilderness Front Facing 60H?
A: To find a dealer near you, visit the Ortal Fireplaces website or contact their customer support for assistance.