Wilderness Front Facing 60HH

Experience the Unrivaled Beauty: Introducing Wilderness Front Facing 60HH by Ortal Fireplaces


Product Description

Elevate your living space with the Wilderness Front Facing 60HH gas fireplace from Ortal’s exclusive Wilderness Collection. Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing glow of its ultra-realistic Firelog Technology, which replicates the charm of a wood-burning fire while offering all the modern comforts of a luxury gas fireplace. With its patent-pending design (Patent Pending 62/797.279), the Wilderness 60HH delivers a taller and more lifelike flame, creating a captivating centerpiece for your home.

Product Features

Passive Cool Wall Technology: Hang your TV or artwork safely above the fireplace without overheating worries.
Heat Barrier Solutions: Choose between double glass or a screen for a clean and secure aesthetic.
Power Vent System: Enjoy unmatched design freedom with our efficient Power Vent System.
Direct Vent: A co-axial flue and sealed glass front ensure safe ventilation.
Efficiency: Our unique burner design ensures clean and efficient gas usage.
Smarthome Integration: Control your fireplace conveniently from your mobile device.

Product Specifications

Viewing Area: 59 13/16″ x 29 1/2″
Gas Type: Available in LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas) and NG (Natural Gas)
LPG BTU Output / Efficiency: 49,704 / 77.80%
NG BTU Output / Efficiency: 43,715 / 80.60%
Vent: Requires Enervex or 3/5 Ortal Power Vent 5X8 Co-Axial Direct Vent Pipe (5-inch interior, 8-inch exterior)
Heat Barrier Interiors: Available in Black Reflective Glass and Standard Matte
Log Sets: Long Driftwood
Controls: Remote, Wi-Fi, Wall Switch]

Installation Options

[Choose your preferred fuel type for installation

Fuel Types


Fuel Type Application

LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas)
NG (Natural Gas)

Clearances and Cavity Measurements

Refer to Manual


Limited Lifetime Warranty

Product Highlights

Experience the Wilderness Front Facing 60HH, a masterpiece of modern fireplace engineering by Ortal Fireplaces. As part of their esteemed Wilderness Collection, this gas fireplace sets a new standard for realism and innovation. The patented Firelog Technology astounds with its taller, lifelike flames that evoke the charm of a traditional wood-burning fire, all while incorporating the luxury and convenience of gas. Ortal’s Passive Cool Wall Technology ensures that you can safely hang your TV or artwork directly above the fireplace, opening up endless design possibilities for your living space. The versatility continues with the choice between double glass or a screen for a sleek and secure look. With the Power Vent System, design freedom knows no bounds, allowing you to place this stunning fireplace anywhere in your home. Control the flames effortlessly from your mobile device with the Smarthome Integration, and transfer heat to another room or outdoors with the Heat Control System for unrivaled comfort. Elevate your living space with the Wilderness Front Facing 60HH and indulge in the captivating allure of its realistic flames, making it a statement piece and an ideal addition to any home.

Company Overview for Manufacturer

Ortal Fireplaces, a leading name in the luxury fireplace industry, is renowned for its cutting-edge technology, innovative designs, and commitment to providing the ultimate fireplace experience. Established with a vision to redefine the art of heating spaces, Ortal has been at the forefront of creating elegant, efficient, and environmentally friendly gas fireplaces since its inception.

Founded by a team of skilled engineers and designers, Ortal’s journey began with a passion for craftsmanship and a desire to revolutionize traditional heating solutions. Over the years, the company has consistently pushed the boundaries of fireplace technology, introducing groundbreaking advancements that combine aesthetic appeal with exceptional functionality.

Central to Ortal’s success is its unwavering dedication to quality and craftsmanship. Each fireplace is meticulously crafted using premium materials and undergoes rigorous testing to ensure optimum performance and safety. Ortal’s commitment to sustainability is evident in its use of clean-burning, energy-efficient gas fireplaces that leave a smaller ecological footprint.

The company’s diverse product range caters to various architectural and design preferences, including front-facing, three-sided, corner, and tunnel fireplaces, providing architects, designers, and homeowners with unmatched flexibility in incorporating fire features into their spaces. Ortal’s fireplaces are also known for their sleek, minimalist designs that seamlessly integrate into both contemporary and traditional settings.

Ortal has consistently earned accolades for its innovative technologies, including their exclusive Firelog Technology, Passive Cool Wall Technology, Power Vent System, and Smarthome Integration, further solidifying their position as pioneers in the industry.

As a global brand, Ortal maintains a strong presence in international markets, serving customers worldwide with the same dedication and passion that drives its success. With an extensive network of dealers and distributors, Ortal ensures that its products and services reach customers in various regions, backed by exceptional customer support and technical assistance.

Committed to educating and inspiring their audience, Ortal provides valuable resources, buyer’s guides, and technical documentation on their website, empowering customers to make informed decisions about their fireplace selections.

From luxurious residences to prestigious commercial projects, Ortal Fireplaces graces the most elegant spaces worldwide, making a profound impact with its unparalleled designs and unmatched performance. With a legacy built on excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction, Ortal Fireplaces continues to lead the way in creating extraordinary fireplace experiences for discerning individuals and design professionals alike.


Q: What is the Wilderness Front Facing 60HH fireplace?
A: The Wilderness Front Facing 60HH is an ultra-realistic gas fireplace by Ortal Fireplaces.

Q: What makes the Wilderness Collection unique?
A: The Wilderness Collection features Ortal’s exclusive Firelog Technology for a more realistic flame experience.

Q: Can I hang a TV or artwork above the Wilderness 60HH fireplace?
A: Yes, the fireplace comes with Passive Cool Wall Technology, allowing you to do so safely.

Q: What are the venting options for this fireplace?
A: The Wilderness 60HH requires ENERVEX or 3/5 Ortal Power Vent 5X8 co-axial direct vent pipe (5-inch interior, 8-inch exterior).

Q: Is it suitable for both natural gas and liquid propane gas?
A: Yes, the Wilderness 60HH is compatible with both LPG and NG.

Q: What is the BTU output for LPG and NG?
A: The LPG BTU output is 49,704 BTU, and the NG BTU output is 43,715 BTU.

Q: How efficient is this fireplace?
A: The LPG efficiency is 77.80%, and the NG efficiency is 80.60%.

Q: What are the available heat barrier interiors?
A: You can choose from Black Reflective Glass or Standard Matte.

Q: Are there different log sets available?
A: Yes, the Wilderness 60HH comes with the Long Driftwood log set.

Q: Can I control the fireplace using a mobile device?
A: Yes, the Wilderness 60HH is equipped with Smarthome technology for remote control.

Q: Does it have a heat control system?
A: Yes, you can transfer the heat to another room or outdoors using the Heat Control System.

Q: What control options are available?
A: You can control the fireplace using a remote, WiFi, or a wall switch.

Q: How big is the viewing area of the Wilderness 60HH?
A: The viewing area measures 59 13/16″ X 29 1/2″.

Q: Can I download the installation manual and product documentation?
A: Yes, you can find these resources on our website.

Q: Are there any restrictions on the design due to building codes?
A: Certain designs may have restrictions based on local building codes.

Q: Is the flame height consistent across all setups?
A: The flame height may vary depending on venting, fuel type, and altitude.

Q: Can I become a dealer for Ortal Fireplaces?
A: Yes, you can find information on becoming a dealer on our website.

Q: How can I find a dealer near me?
A: You can use the “Find a Dealer” feature on our website to locate a dealer in your area.

Q: Does the Wilderness 60HH come with a warranty?
A: Yes, the fireplace is covered by Ortal’s warranty. Please check the terms and conditions for details.

Q: Where can I download the Buyer’s Guide for luxury fireplaces?
A: You can download the Buyer’s Guide from our website for more information on selecting a luxury fireplace.