Wilderness Stand Alone Front 150

Experience Ultimate Fireplace Luxury: Discover the Wilderness Stand Alone Front 150 by Ortal Fireplaces!


Product Description

The Wilderness Stand Alone Front 150 by Ortal Fireplaces is a masterpiece of modern fireplace design, combining the charm of a wood-burning fire with cutting-edge gas fireplace technology. Its exclusive Firelog Technology offers an incredibly realistic flame experience, making it the focal point of any room. Explore the wilderness and embrace luxury like never before with Ortal.

Product Features

Passive Cool Wall Technology: Hang your TV or artwork right above the fireplace without worrying about overheating.
Power Vent System: Enjoy design flexibility with this versatile venting system.
Freedom to Design: Craft your dream fireplace setup without limitations.
Internal Lighting: Create a dramatic ambiance with built-in interior lighting.
Direct Vent: Co-axial flue and a sealed glass front for safety and efficiency.
Efficiency: Unique burner design ensures clean gas usage for improved efficiency.
Heat Control System: Transfer heat to another room or outdoors for added comfort.

Product Specifications

Viewing Area: 60 1/16″ X 13 9/16″
Weight (Double Glass/Screen)
Gas Type: LPG, NG (Propane and Natural Gas)
LPG BTU Output / Efficiency: 31,400 / 80.20%
NG BTU Output / Efficiency: 32,163 / 81.40%
Vent: 5X8 CO-AXIAL DIRECT VENT PIPE (5-inch interior, 8-inch exterior)
Heat Barrier: Micro Mesh Screen
Interiors: Black Reflective Glass, Standard Matte
Log Sets: Short Driftwood
Controls: Remote, WiFi, Wall Switch

Installation Options

Refer to Manual

Fuel Types


Fuel Type Application

Choose between LPG (Propane) or NG (Natural Gas) for your convenience.

Clearances and Cavity Measurements

Ensure you have the necessary clearances and cavity measurements for a safe installation. Refer to the installation manual for detailed instructions.


Limited Warranty

Product Highlights

Elevate your living space with the Wilderness Stand Alone Front 150 by Ortal Fireplaces, a pinnacle of luxury and innovation in the realm of home heating. This exceptional masterpiece redefines fireplace experiences, seamlessly blending the timeless charm of a wood-burning fire with the cutting-edge advancements of gas fireplace technology. At the heart of its allure lies the exclusive Firelog Technology, an ingenious breakthrough that crafts an ultra-realistic flame, capturing the essence of a crackling wood fire. With its patent-pending design, this fireplace delivers an unparalleled sense of authenticity, complemented by the convenience and customization options synonymous with Ortal’s legacy.

Indulge in the freedom to design without limitations, courtesy of the Passive Cool Wall Technology that enables you to hang your cherished artwork or TV directly above the fireplace without concerns of overheating. The Power Vent System provides versatility in placement, letting you reimagine your interior spaces with creative fireplace configurations. This fireplace isn’t just about aesthetics; its innovative heat control system facilitates heat transfer to other areas, allowing you to extend the cozy warmth to adjacent rooms or even outdoors.

Featuring a strikingly expansive viewing area of 60 1/16″ X 13 9/16″, the Wilderness Stand Alone Front 150 stands as a testament to Ortal’s commitment to superior craftsmanship. It operates efficiently with both LPG (Propane) and NG (Natural Gas), boasting impressive BTU outputs and efficiencies for each fuel type. The inclusion of Short Driftwood log sets and various control options—remote, WiFi, and wall switch—ensures that your experience is tailored to your preferences.

Embrace the captivating play of light and shadow with internal lighting that adds a touch of drama to your evenings. The sealed glass front and direct vent system provide safety and convenience, while the Micro Mesh Screen serves as a heat barrier, ensuring a secure and cozy ambiance. Discover a fireplace that not only warms your space but ignites conversations and memories. The Wilderness Stand Alone Front 150 is your invitation to embrace the wilderness of luxury living while enjoying the modern ease of Ortal’s unmatched innovation.

Company Overview for Manufacturer

Ortal Fireplaces is a distinguished leader in the luxury fireplace industry, renowned for its commitment to innovation, quality, and design excellence. With a rich history dating back to its founding in 1986, Ortal has consistently pushed the boundaries of fireplace technology, redefining the way we experience warmth and ambiance in our homes and commercial spaces.

Mission and Vision:
Ortal’s mission is to create exquisite, technologically advanced fireplaces that blend seamlessly with contemporary living while prioritizing safety, efficiency, and sustainability. The company envisions a world where fireplaces are not just sources of heat but also captivating focal points that enhance the aesthetics and comfort of any environment.

Innovative Excellence:
Ortal has earned a reputation as an industry pioneer by continually introducing groundbreaking innovations. Notably, Ortal’s Firelog Technology stands as a testament to their commitment to reimagining the fireplace experience. This proprietary technology delivers remarkably realistic flames, capturing the essence of a wood-burning fire in a clean, energy-efficient gas fireplace.

Product Range:
Ortal offers a diverse and extensive range of fireplace solutions to cater to various design preferences and installation requirements. Whether you seek the allure of a see-through fireplace, the modern elegance of a linear model, or the charm of a classic front-facing fireplace, Ortal’s product lineup is designed to meet your specific needs.

Customization and Flexibility:
At Ortal, customization is key. The company prides itself on providing customers with the freedom to tailor their fireplaces to suit their unique visions. From selecting burner styles and media options to choosing interior finishes and control systems, Ortal empowers clients to craft the perfect fireplace for their spaces.

Eco-Friendly Commitment:
Ortal is dedicated to environmental responsibility. Their gas fireplaces are renowned for their efficiency, clean-burning technology, and low emissions, making them environmentally conscious choices. Ortal’s commitment to sustainability extends to its manufacturing processes, ensuring responsible use of resources.

Global Presence:
Headquartered in Israel, Ortal Fireplaces has established a global presence with distribution in over 70 countries. Their international reach has enabled them to serve a diverse clientele, from homeowners and interior designers to architects and developers.

Industry Recognition:
Ortal’s dedication to quality and design has earned them prestigious awards and accolades within the industry. Their fireplaces have become the choice of discerning homeowners and professionals seeking the pinnacle of style and function.

Ortal Fireplaces is not merely a fireplace manufacturer; it is a symbol of innovation, luxury, and craftsmanship. With a commitment to pushing the boundaries of fireplace technology and design, Ortal continues to shape the future of how we experience warmth and ambiance in our living spaces. Their fireplaces represent the intersection of artistry and engineering, inviting us to embrace the beauty of fire in its most modern and captivating form.


Q: What is the Wilderness Stand Alone Front 150?
A: The Wilderness Stand Alone Front 150 is a luxurious gas fireplace from Ortal’s Wilderness Collection.

Q: What makes the Wilderness Stand Alone Front 150 unique?
A: This fireplace features Ortal’s exclusive Firelog Technology, providing an ultra-realistic wood-burning fire experience.

Q: Can I hang artwork or a TV above the Wilderness Stand Alone Front 150?
A: Yes, you can! The Passive Cool Wall Technology prevents overheating, allowing you to hang items safely above the fireplace.

Q: What is the Power Vent System?
A: The Power Vent System offers flexible installation options for the fireplace, providing design versatility.

Q: What kind of lighting does the fireplace have?
A: The Wilderness Stand Alone Front 150 comes with internal lighting for creating a dramatic ambiance.

Q: How does the Direct Vent work?
A: The fireplace utilizes a co-axial flue and a sealed glass front to ensure safe and efficient venting.

Q: Can I control the flame height and heat output?
A: Yes, the fireplace features a unique burner design and heat control system for adjustable heat and flame levels.

Q: What are the available fuel types?
A: The fireplace can operate on both LPG (Propane) and NG (Natural Gas).

Q: What log sets are included?
A: The fireplace comes with Short Driftwood log sets for an authentic appearance.

Q: What control options are available?
A: You can control the fireplace using a remote, WiFi, or a wall switch, depending on your preference.

Q: What are the dimensions of the viewing area?
A: The viewing area measures 60 1/16″ X 13 9/16″.

Q: Is there a warranty for the Wilderness Stand Alone Front 150?
A: Yes, there is a warranty. Please refer to the warranty information for details.

Q: How efficient is the fireplace with LPG?
A: The fireplace has an LPG BTU output of 31,400 with an efficiency of 80.20%.

Q: How efficient is the fireplace with NG?
A: The fireplace has an NG BTU output of 32,163 with an efficiency of 81.40%.

Q: What is the venting system like?
A: The fireplace uses a 5X8 CO-AXIAL DIRECT VENT PIPE with a 5-inch interior and an 8-inch exterior.

Q: Can I transfer heat to another room or outdoors?
A: Yes, the fireplace’s Heat Control System allows you to transfer heat for added comfort.

Q: Are there any clearances and cavity measurements I should be aware of?
A: Yes, refer to the installation manual for clearances and cavity measurements to ensure safe installation.

Q: Can I download the installation manual and other product documentation?
A: Yes, you can find installation manuals and other product documentation for download on our website.