7 Amazing Benefits of a Linear Fireplace

linear fireplace

You’ve thought about adding a fireplace to your home each winter but you’re not sure if you want the hassle. What if there was an option that allowed you to enjoy all the benefits of a traditional fireplace: heat, ambiance, and relaxation without the maintenance and expenses usually required? If this sounds appealing to you, as you either remodel your current home or build your new dream home, then you need to consider a linear fireplace.

We’ve laid out the top benefits our clients have seen over the years so you can make the best decision for your home.

1. Energy Efficient

Adding a linear fireplace to your existing home or office can improve your energy efficiency dramatically. Many home builders choose a linear fireplace over the traditional layout due to both its convenience and energy efficiency. You’ll quickly see the difference when heating your space whether you choose a gas or electric model.

New home buyers appreciate the ambiance of a linear fireplace while also knowing their new home is energy efficient. Heating your home with a traditional fireplace can take hours to reach optimal temperatures. However, with a modern linear fireplace, you’ll be able to warm up your home in minutes.

2. Sleek Modern Design

You can quickly transform the look of any space by adding a new fireplace and choosing a linear fireplace can take your look to the next level. Designers everywhere are choosing the linear look for its sleek modern design. If you’re looking for a modern, minimalist look for your home while enjoying the benefits of a fireplace, then a linear fireplace is the best choice for you.

Create a stunning look in your home or office with a unique and seamless style only found with a linear fireplace. Your fireplace just doesn’t have to be functional. You can add style with porcelain, LED lights, lava rocks, and even crackling sounds.

3. Small Size With a Big Impact

As you consider the benefits of a new linear fireplace installation, you’ll soon find that this small addition will add a large impact on your room. Due to its sleek layout, you won’t have to sacrifice any wall space to get the heat you want from a fireplace.

You can pair a low linear fireplace with an oversized television on the wall above it. You can use a low wall with a linear fireplace to add division to an outside living space. Or you can enjoy the visual ambiance in your reception or office area at work.

4. Safe for Your Family

Too many young families can’t enjoy their traditional fireplace for fear of safety for the whole family. With a linear fireplace, you don’t have to worry about your fireplace being warm to the touch. And you don’t have to gate off an entire area of your family room thanks to the sleek in-wall design.

Now you can enjoy your entire living space while benefitting from the cost-saving features of heating your home with a fireplace. You can go to bed relaxed, never worrying about carbon-monoxide buildup or opening up a flute to let the toxic fumes out.

5. Cost-Effective Over Time

Many homeowners are tired of the hassle and cost of having to clean out their chimneys every year so they can enjoy a warm fire in the winter. Thanks to the low maintenance benefits of a gas or electric linear fireplace, you’ll never have to worry about cleaning your chimney.

Not only will you save money on decreased maintenance costs but you’ll never have to buy wood year after year. A modern linear fireplace gives you all the benefits of heating your home without the traditional maintenance costs.

6. Plenty of Design Choices

Our designers love linear fireplaces because they can offer their clients many style choices. Their clients want unique features in their homes. With the plethora of choices available, your clients won’t have to worry about having the same fireplace as their neighbors.

As mentioned earlier, you can add LED lights, realistic crackling fire sounds, or a decorative screen to your fireplace. In addition, if you prefer a traditional mantle over your fireplace, you can add that as well so you can decorate seasonally and use your fireplace year-round.

7. Increase Your Home Value

Home buyers want all the benefits listed above. As you consider any next steps in your life, you’ll appreciate knowing that your investment in a linear fireplace will pay off long after you’ve moved. A linear fireplace adds quality and refinement to your home that allows you to ask for top dollar when it comes time to sell.

You’ll enjoy the many benefits of a linear fireplace. And you’ll appreciate when your investment pays off years down the road when the next homeowners appreciate the many benefits that a modern linear fireplace adds to any living space.

More FAQs

What Is a Linear Fireplace?

You can see the many benefits of choosing a linear fireplace, but you might still wonder what defines a linear vs traditional fireplace. In general, a linear fireplace is a long, horizontal design that sits flush into the wall of your home. This gives you the simple, modern, and minimalist look many homeowners seek these days.

Who Is a Linear Fireplace Best For?

We work with several different types of clients that all enjoy the benefits of a linear fireplace. We help existing homeowners remodel and redesign their homes, giving them a fresh new look. We also help new homebuilders and contractors as they seek to add sophistication and a unique look to their homes so the new owners don’t feel like they’ve bought the standard model home.

In short, anyone seeking a fresh and modern look for their space, while adding the heating and comfort that comes with a fireplace, can enjoy the linear style.

Choose the Best Linear Fireplace for Your Home

As you can see there are many benefits to choosing a linear fireplace. Here at Dreifuss Fireplaces, we’ve been bringing the heat to homes in the Pennsylvania area since 1876. We help new and existing homeowners, office complexes, designers, and contractors choose the best heating option for over a hundred years and we can help you too.

Now that you’ve seen the benefits, you can learn more about the linear fireplaces we offer here.

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