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Ashley Hearth Products

History of the Company

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Ashley Hearth Products has a rich history that began in the late 1970s.

The original Ashley company was known for pioneering some of the first wood-burning stoves equipped with a thermostatic damper.

This innovation marked a significant advancement in the control and efficiency of home heating solutions.

In the late 1970s, Ashley underwent a major change when it was acquired by Martin Industries.

This acquisition signaled a new era in the production of Ashley stoves, continuing into the 1990s.

During this period, the stoves were popular for their innovative design, though they faced challenges such as smoke and creosote production.

In the 1990s, another significant development occurred when Martin Industries, including the Ashley brand, was purchased by the United States Stove Company.

This transition was crucial as it transformed the brand into what is now known as Ashley Hearth Products.

This new identity reflected a renewed commitment to innovation and improvement.

Under new ownership, the company developed modern, EPA-certified stoves which addressed the earlier safety and efficiency concerns.

Today, Ashley Hearth Products continues to innovate, with a focus on producing high-quality, environmentally friendly heating solutions.

The company offers a wide range of products, including wood, pellet, and multi-fuel stoves, all designed to meet contemporary standards for safety, efficiency, and minimal environmental impact.

This evolution from a traditional stove manufacturer to a modern heating solutions provider demonstrates Ashley Hearth Products’ commitment to advancing home heating while keeping pace with environmental and safety standards.

Mission and Values

At Ashley Hearth Products, we are dedicated to enhancing the warmth and comfort of homes through our innovative heating solutions.

Our mission is to create reliable, efficient, and environmentally-conscious products that enrich the lives of our customers.

We strive to lead the industry in delivering warmth, quality, and style, ensuring that every home feels like a haven.

Our core values shape the way we conduct our business and guide our strategies.

Innovation is at the heart of our operations; we continually seek to improve and advance our technologies to exceed customer expectations.

Integrity is crucial to us—we maintain transparency, honesty, and ethical practices in all our dealings, which helps us build trust with our customers, employees, and partners.

Customer focus is another cornerstone of our philosophy.

We prioritize understanding and meeting the needs of our users, aiming to enhance their comfort and satisfaction with every product.

Environmental responsibility is also a key commitment; we aim to minimize our ecological footprint, producing energy-efficient products and promoting sustainable practices across our operations.

Team collaboration is essential for our success.

We value the diverse talents and perspectives of our team members, fostering a positive and inclusive work environment that drives us towards shared goals.

Quality assurance underpins everything we do; we are committed to manufacturing the highest quality products that guarantee safety, durability, and reliability.

Finally, community engagement reflects our dedication to social responsibility.

We actively contribute to local initiatives and support charitable organizations, striving to make a positive impact beyond our business operations.

Through these values, Ashley Hearth Products aims to provide more than just heating solutions—we offer a commitment to improving quality of life and supporting communities.

Overview of Products

Ashley Hearth Products offers a comprehensive range of heating appliances designed to meet the diverse needs of modern households.

Our product lineup includes wood stoves, pellet stoves, multi-fuel units, and wood circulators, each crafted to provide superior warmth and efficiency.

Our wood stoves are known for their robust performance and durability, ideal for creating a cozy home environment.

These stoves come in various sizes and styles, ensuring that there is a perfect match for any room aesthetics and heating requirements.

Ashley Hearth’s pellet stoves are a convenient and environmentally friendly heating solution, offering easy maintenance and automated fuel feed that allows for a continuous, controlled burn.

For homes needing versatile fuel options, our multi-fuel stoves are capable of burning a variety of materials, including wood pellets, corn, and other biofuels.

This flexibility ensures that homeowners can select the most cost-effective and accessible fuel type for their region. Additionally, our classic wood circulators integrate advanced technology to circulate warm air throughout the space more efficiently, enhancing overall heat distribution and comfort.

Each product from Ashley Hearth is engineered with precision to maximize safety and minimize environmental impact.

Our stoves are EPA certified, meeting stringent standards for emissions and efficiency.

The design of every stove focuses on maximizing heat output and reducing waste, which helps homeowners save on fuel costs while reducing their ecological footprint.

By continuously innovating and adhering to strict quality standards, Ashley Hearth Products remains committed to providing high-quality, reliable, and sustainable heating solutions that make homes warmer and more welcoming.

Manufacturing Process

The manufacturing process at Ashley Hearth Products reflects our commitment to quality, efficiency, and environmental responsibility.

Each step of production, from initial design to the final product, focuses on creating heating solutions that meet the highest standards.

Our process begins with design and engineering, where advanced technology and creative thinking come together to produce efficient, safe, and stylish stoves.

We consider every aspect of functionality and user experience, ensuring our products not only heat homes but also contribute positively to interior aesthetics.

Material selection is critical. We use high-quality, durable, and often locally sourced materials to build our stoves. This includes robust metals, heat-resistant glass, and other components that ensure longevity and performance.

Precision cutting tools shape these materials into parts with exact specifications, ready for assembly.

Skilled craftsmen then assemble these parts.

Our workforce combines traditional techniques with modern manufacturing practices, resulting in products known for their reliability and innovative features. After assembly, stoves undergo a rigorous quality assurance process.

This includes multiple inspections and testing to meet safety and performance standards set by industry regulations.

Finally, each product is finished with heat-resistant paint and other treatments that enhance durability and appearance.

This not only protects the stove but also ensures it fits seamlessly into home environments.

By controlling every step of the production process,

Ashley Hearth Products guarantees that each stove is a testament to the company’s values of innovation, integrity, and responsibility, ready to provide warmth and comfort to homes for years to come.

Advantages of Ashley Hearth Products

Ashley Hearth Products distinguishes itself in the heating industry through several key advantages, making it a preferred choice for homeowners seeking reliable and efficient home heating solutions.

One of the most significant benefits of Ashley Hearth stoves is their energy efficiency.

These stoves maximize heat output and minimize fuel consumption, making them cost-effective and environmentally friendly by reducing the carbon footprint associated with home heating.

Ashley Hearth offers a wide variety of heating options, including wood stoves, pellet stoves, and multi-fuel stoves, ensuring that there is a suitable model for every type of home and heating need.

Whether you prefer the traditional ambiance of a wood stove or the convenience of a pellet stove, Ashley Hearth has a product to meet your requirements.

Innovation is central to the development of Ashley Hearth products.

Their stoves feature modern technological advancements such as automated pellet feed systems and advanced combustion technologies that improve both the user experience and safety.

High-quality materials go into building the stoves, ensuring durability and years of reliable service, making them a sound investment for any homeowner.

Furthermore, Ashley Hearth demonstrates its commitment to environmental stewardship by offering EPA-certified stoves that meet strict emissions standards.

This compliance ensures cleaner burning processes and improved air quality both inside and outside the home.

Safety is also a paramount concern in the design of Ashley Hearth products, which include features like automatic shut-off, protective barriers, and robust construction materials to ensure safe operation under all conditions.

These advantages highlight Ashley Hearth Products’ dedication to quality, safety, and environmental responsibility, solidifying their reputation as a wise choice for effective and sustainable home heating.

Considerations for Buyers

When considering the purchase of an Ashley Hearth product, buyers should keep several important factors in mind to ensure they select the best heating solution for their home.

The following are key considerations for Ashley Hearth Products.

Heating Needs

Evaluate the size of the space you need to heat. Ashley Hearth offers products with different heating capacities, measured in BTUs (British Thermal Units). A larger area might require a stove with a higher BTU rating to maintain a comfortable temperature efficiently.

Fuel Type

Ashley Hearth provides a variety of fuel options including wood, pellet, and multi-fuel stoves. Each type has its advantages and considerations. Wood stoves offer a traditional ambiance, while pellet stoves provide convenience with automated fuel feeding. Multi-fuel options offer flexibility in fuel choice. Consider availability and cost of fuel in your area, as well as storage requirements.

Installation Requirements

Proper installation is crucial for safety and efficiency. Consider the placement of the stove in your home, venting requirements, and local building codes. We recommend that a certified technician professionally install the equipment to ensure compliance with all safety standards.

Maintenance and Upkeep

Understand the maintenance required to keep your stove in optimal working condition. Pellet stoves, for example, typically require more regular cleaning and maintenance than wood stoves. Regular maintenance ensures efficiency, safety, and longevity of the appliance.

Energy Efficiency

Look for EPA-certified models that meet current environmental standards. These stoves burn cleaner and more efficiently, helping reduce heating costs and environmental impact.

Aesthetics and Design

Choose a model that fits the style of your home. Ashley Hearth offers designs that range from traditional to contemporary, allowing you to complement your home’s decor while adding a functional heating element.

By carefully considering these factors, buyers can select an Ashley Hearth product that not only meets their heating needs but also fits their lifestyle and home design preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ashley Hearth Products Overview

Q: Is Ashley Hearth Products known for its wood-burning stoves?A: Yes, Ashley Hearth Products is renowned for its wood-burning stoves and other heating solutions.

Q: What is the history of Ashley Hearth Products?
A: The company has roots dating back to the late 1970s, involving acquisitions and transitions, eventually leading to the formation of Ashley Hearth Products.

Environmental and Energy Efficiency

Q: Are Ashley wood-burning stoves EPA certified?
A: While the older models may not be, newer Ashley wood-burning stoves, such as the WoodChief AW100E and others, are EPA certified.

Q: What are the advantages of Ashley Hearth Fireplaces in terms of energy efficiency?
A: Ashley Hearth Fireplaces may offer modern designs with advanced combustion technologies, providing energy-efficient heating solutions.

Q: Do Ashley Hearth Fireplaces contribute to cost savings?
A: Yes, they can contribute to cost savings by offering alternative or supplementary heating sources and potentially reducing overall heating bills.

Q: How do Ashley Hearth Fireplaces impact the environment?
A: Depending on the model, Ashley Hearth Fireplaces may have a lower environmental impact, especially those using alternative fuels or holding EPA certifications for cleaner burning.

Installation and Maintenance

Q: What installation requirements are associated with Ashley wood-burning stoves?
A: Installation requirements may include proper ventilation, clearances, and, for some models, professional installation for safety and efficiency.

Q: How often do Ashley wood-burning stoves require maintenance?
A: Maintenance frequency varies by stove type, but we typically recommend regular cleaning, inspections, and safety checks.

Q: Are there alternative fuels used in Ashley Hearth Fireplaces?
A: Some models, like those using bioethanol, may incorporate alternative fuels for cleaner burning and reduced environmental impact.

Q: Can electric fireplaces from Ashley Hearth Products be installed without ventilation?
A: Yes, electric fireplaces generally do not require ventilation, making them suitable for various installation locations.

Purchase Considerations

Q: What are the considerations for buyers regarding the cost and budget of Ashley Hearth Fireplaces?
A: Buyers should consider the initial cost, ongoing operational costs, fuel expenses, maintenance costs, and long-term energy efficiency when budgeting for Ashley Hearth Fireplaces.

Q: Are Ashley wood-burning stoves suitable for heating large spaces?
A: Yes, newer models like the Ashley AC2000 and AWC31 can heat larger areas and provide high BTU outputs for efficient heating.

Q: How can buyers ensure the safety of their wood-burning stoves?
A: Following proper installation requirements, regular maintenance, and adhering to safety guidelines outlined in the user manual can help ensure the safety of wood-burning stoves.

Model Specifics

Q: Are there color options available for Ashley AWC21 wood stoves?
A: Yes, the Ashley AWC21 wood stove is available in black, red, or mahogany, providing color choices to match various home aesthetics.

Q: Can Ashley Hearth Fireplaces be used in mobile homes?
A: Yes, certain models like the Ashley AC2000, AWC21, and AWC31 are certified for mobile home use, meeting safety standards for such installations.

Q: What is the burn time of the Ashley AWC21 wood stove?
A: The Ashley AWC21 wood stove has a burn time of up to 10 hours with a single load of firewood.

Q: Do Ashley wood-burning stoves come with a blower for heat distribution?
A: Yes, some models, such as the WoodChief AW100E, come equipped with blowers to help circulate warm air throughout the space.

Q: How much does the Ashley AWC31 wood stove weigh?
A: The Ashley AWC31 wood stove weighs 450 pounds, offering stability and durability.

Q: Are replacement parts readily available for older Ashley wood-burning stoves?
A: Replacement parts for older models, especially pre-EPA certification stoves, can be challenging to find. We recommend considering newer, EPA-certified models for ease of maintenance.

Q: Can Ashley wood-burning stoves handle logs of varying lengths?
A: Yes, depending on the model, Ashley wood-burning stoves can handle logs of different lengths, with some accommodating logs up to 21 inches.