Abbot 30 Gas Insert

Elevate Your Space with the Abbot 30 Gas Insert – A Perfect Blend of Style and Functionality

Product Description

The Abbott 30 Gas Insert from Amantii is more than just a gas fireplace insert; it’s a statement of style and functionality. Designed for direct venting, this model offers an understated yet sophisticated contemporary design. The large glass viewing area ensures an unobstructed view of the stunning flames, which are beautifully accentuated by standard black porcelain panels, black reflective glass, and a versatile 9-piece rock set.

Product Features

  • True Clean Face Design: Merging seamlessly into any living space with its sleek appearance.
  • Ceramic Glass: Enhancing durability and aesthetic appeal.
  • High Heat Output: Generates a substantial 26,000 BTU for efficient warmth.
  • Programmable Thermostat Remote Control: A 7-day programmable remote adds convenience.
  • Modulating Flame Control: With 7 stages for the ideal flame ambiance.
  • Full Fan Kit: Includes a 6-stage adjustable fan for superior air circulation.
  • Electronic Ignition: Ensures easy and reliable operation.
  • Safety Assurance: Comes with a 100% safety shut-off feature.
  • Spacious Viewing Area: Measures an impressive 16″ H x 25″ W.
Abbot 30 Gas Insert in white living room

Product Specifications

Deluxe System
Fuel Options: Natural Gas, Liquid Propane
Surround Options: Standard black 3-sided surround ‐ 40″ W x 28″ H, Standard black 3-sided surround ‐ 40″ W x 26″ H, 4 sided black surround ‐ 40″ W x 31 1/2″ H

Installation Options

Refer to manual

Fuel Types

Natural Gas, Liquid Propane

Fuel Type Application

Standard Application of Natural Gas, Liquid Propane


Amantii Imports Corp. (“Amantii”) warrants that your newly purchased Amantii fireplace is free from manufacturing and material defects for a period of two (2) years from the date of the first purchase.

Product Highlights

The Abbot 30 Gas Insert is a deluxe choice for transforming any living space. With a clean face design and robust ceramic glass, it balances style with functionality.

The high BTU output ensures effective heating, while the programmable remote and modulating flame control allow for tailored comfort.

Suitable for both natural gas and liquid propane, it adapts to various home settings.

The Deluxe System offers a contemporary look or a traditional feel with optional ceramic brick panels and log sets, making the Abbot a versatile and refined addition to any space.

Company Overview for Manufacturer

Amantii Fireplaces is a leading innovator in the electric fireplace industry, renowned for combining cutting-edge technology with elegant design.

Committed to quality and craftsmanship, Amantii Fireplaces offers a range of products that redefine the ambiance of any space.

With a diverse portfolio, including the Abbot 30 Gas Insert, Amantii continues to set the standard for luxurious and functional fireplace solutions.


Q: Can I customize the appearance of the Abbot 30 Gas Insert?
A: Absolutely! The Abbot comes standard with contemporary black porcelain panels, black reflective glass, and a 9-piece rock set. For a more traditional look, you can opt for the optional ceramic brick panels and log set.

Q: Is the fireplace insert easy to control?
A: Yes, the Abbot 30 Gas Insert features a 7-day programmable thermostat remote control and a 7-stage modulating flame control for effortless customization of heat and ambiance.

Q: What surround options are available?
A: You can choose from standard black 3-sided surrounds in two different sizes (40″ W x 28″ H or 40″ W x 26″ H) or a 4-sided black surround (40″ W x 31 1/2″ H) to complement your interior.

Q: Are there any safety features?
A: Absolutely. The Abbot 30 Gas Insert includes electronic ignition, a 100% safety shut-off feature, ensuring peace of mind while enjoying the warmth and beauty of the flames.

Q: What fuel options are supported?
A: The Abbot supports both Natural Gas and Liquid Propane, giving you flexibility in choosing the most convenient and efficient fuel type for your home.

Q: Can I install the Abbot 30 Gas Insert myself?
A: While it’s recommended to have a professional installation, the Abbot 30 Gas Insert comes with detailed manufacturer documentation to guide installers.

Q: What is the warranty for the Abbot 30 Gas Insert?
A: Warranty information can be found in the product specifications, providing you with confidence in the durability and reliability of your purchase.

Q: How does the flame appear, and has it changed recently?
A: The flame appearance has been enhanced with a bright yellow, orange, and red light combination, replacing the blue flame lights for a more realistic effect. This change was implemented after July 01, 2021.

Q: Can I get extra decorative rock media?
A: Yes, optional accessories include extra decorative rock media available in a 3-piece set to further personalize your fireplace.

Q: Are there any health concerns related to the product?
A: The product comes with a California Proposition 65 warning regarding potential exposure to lead found in some copper fittings.