How to Style Your Interior to Match Your Electric Linear Fireplace

electric linear fireplace

Are you unhappy with how your fireplace looks in contrast to the rest of your home? Do you feel that your fireplace looks out of place in the room and stands out like a sore thumb? You can solve this problem by styling your electric linear fireplace to match the rest of your home.

But where should you start? What can you do to change the fireplace or the room so that they match each other better? Keep reading and learn more about the best design ideas you can employ.

Colors Are Important

The colors you choose are more important than you’d expect. Your interior might not match your fireplace or vice versa because of the colors they currently have. Suppose that the walls in the room are a soft shade of blue, but your fireplace is made of black metal.

This would make the fireplace look very bold and sharp. It might not blend very well with the rest of the room which otherwise has very soft tones and shapes. If the color of the wall contrasts too much with the color of the fireplace, it isn’t going to look good.

The fireplace will instead feel very out of place and strange. This is especially true for a linear fireplace since it takes up more space and is more noticeable. You can spruce up your linear fireplace design by matching its color with the colors inside the room.

It may be easier to paint the walls a new color to match the fireplace. This is especially true if the fireplace is a shade dictated by a material such as stone or metal. Since it wouldn’t be easy to change the color of the fireplace, you’ll be better off changing the shade of the walls.

The Details

Neutral shades go well with everything. Neutral shades are black, white, gray, and beige. If you paint the walls in any of these colors, the room should match well with the fireplace no matter what color it is. You should also consider the color of your furniture.

If the furniture clashes with the fireplace, the room isn’t going to harmonize. Choose furniture that shares a common denominator with your fireplace. Think about the decor in the room as well.

If the room’s decor is very bright and colorful but the fireplace is very neutral and somber, they aren’t going to match.

Think About the Interior Design Style

What kind of style are you going for in your home? Do you want to pursue a more old-fashioned and rustic style? Or do you want to go for a more minimalist and modern style?

What about a more retro look or something completely different? You should consider what style you want your home to be before you think too much about fireplace ideas. Understanding your home’s style will make it much easier to make the fireplace match.

Suppose you want to go for a more rustic style. If your fireplace already has a rustic look, then you’re halfway there. The next step is getting the rest of the room to match.

If your room is sleek and very minimalistic, it isn’t going to match a rustic fireplace. Change up the room by painting it a warmer and cozier color. Change the furniture so that it is more rustic rather than modern.

Change the decorations so they look more worn down and natural.

What You Need to Know

You can also use certain materials to make the room look more rustic. Common materials that are used in rustic interior design are wood, stone, and sometimes tile.

You can also use darker and moodier colors to bring the environment to life. Many rustic homes use shades like dark blue, forest green, beige, brown, and so on. This makes the room feel more lush and natural.

If you want to go for a more modern style, you’ll have to do the opposite. Use crisper and more neutral colors to streamline the environment. The modern style is defined by clean and crisp shapes and tones.

You may have to experiment before you finally find a style that best complements your fireplace.

Use a Few Common Materials

Suppose your fireplace is made of stone. It will be a good idea to incorporate more stone throughout the room. This will bring the room together and make it more harmonized.

Consider adding a stone table or piece of decor. You can also add stone trim to certain areas of the room. If you don’t have the chance to do this, you could instead use colors that are similar to the stone on your fireplace throughout the room.

This would have a similar effect. If your fireplace is made of metal, scatter metal pieces of design throughout the room instead. Using a material as a common denominator will help the interior of the room match better with the fireplace.

If the fireplace has more than one material, you can be more flexible with your design options.

You can also harmonize the fireplace with the rest of the room by adding a few stylish knickknacks to the mantel.

All About Electric Linear Fireplace Design

There are many ways you can match your electric linear fireplace design with the rest of your home. Consider what kind of colors would match best with each other. Think about what style you want your home to have.

Try using common materials to bring the room together. To learn more about fireplaces, check out the options we have available.

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