Experience Elegance and Warmth with the ELEVATION™ 42: Your Perfect Fireplace Upgrade!

Product Description

ELEVATION™ 42 is the epitome of luxury and warmth, bringing the timeless beauty of a fireplace into your home. Crafted by Napoleon Fireplaces, this direct vent gas fireplace boasts exquisite features and customizable options, making it the centerpiece of any living space.

Product Features

Stunning Realism: The hand-painted split oak log set provides a captivating and authentic flame experience, visible from every angle.
Customization: Choose from a variety of decorative backer panel options and finishing trim kits in black, charcoal, gunmetal, and copper to match your style.
Universal Heat Management (UHM): Enhance your comfort with the optional UHM system, which circulates heat throughout the room, ensuring memorable moments in front of your fireplace.
High Heat Output: With up to 30,000 BTU’s of heat, the ELEVATION™ 42 keeps your space warm and inviting.
Safety Barrier: The full view safety barrier ensures peace of mind, making it safe for all family members.
Battery Backup: Equipped with a battery backup control system, you won’t miss a cozy evening even during power outages.
Tempered Glass: The fireplace features tempered glass that adds both safety and elegance.
Dual Flame Pan Style Burner: Enjoy the mesmerizing dance of flames with the dual flame pan style burner.
Various Decorative Panels: Choose from MIRRO-FLAME™ Porcelain Reflective Radiant Panels, Westminster, Old Town Red, Newport, Glacier, and Ledgestone Panels to customize your fireplace.
Fuel Options: Available in both natural gas and propane models, ensuring the right fit for your home.

Product Specifications

Dimensions: 48 1/2” H X 44 5/8” W X 22” D
Venting: 5/8″ Top Venting – Accepts Flex and Rigid Venting
Framing Dimensions:
Width: 45.75 in (116.21 cm)
Height: 47.75 in (121.29 cm)
Depth: 22.25 in (56.52 cm)
Warranty: President’s Limited Lifetime Warranty*

Installation Options

Refer to Manual

Fuel Types


Fuel Type Application


Clearances and Cavity Measurements

Refer to Manual


Limited Lifetime Warranty

Product Highlights

The ELEVATION™ 42 by Napoleon Fireplaces is a masterpiece of modern fireplace design, offering a host of features that make it a standout addition to any home. Its hand-painted split oak log set creates a remarkably realistic flame, visible from all angles, delivering the cozy ambiance of a traditional fireplace without the hassle. With customizable decorative backer panels and finishing trim kits in multiple stunning finishes, you can tailor the fireplace to match your unique style.

One of the standout features is the optional Universal Heat Management (UHM) system, which efficiently circulates heat throughout your room, ensuring your comfort during those memorable moments spent in front of the fire. The ELEVATION™ 42 boasts a high heat output of up to 30,000 BTU’s, making it a reliable source of warmth during chilly evenings.

Safety is paramount, with a full view safety barrier, tempered glass, and a battery backup control system ensuring both peace of mind and uninterrupted enjoyment. The dual flame pan style burner creates a captivating dance of flames, adding to the visual appeal.

This fireplace offers versatility with various decorative panels, including MIRRO-FLAME™ Porcelain Reflective Radiant Panels, Westminster, Old Town Red, Newport, Glacier, and Ledgestone Panels. Whether you choose natural gas or propane, the ELEVATION™ 42 is designed to fit seamlessly into your home, with top venting options that accept both Flex and Rigid Venting.

Elevate your living space with the ELEVATION™ 42, a combination of elegance, warmth, and style that will transform your home into a haven of comfort and beauty.

Company Overview for Manufacturer

Napoleon Fireplaces is a renowned name in the world of home heating and comfort, known for its unwavering commitment to innovation, quality, and design excellence. Founded in 1976, this Canadian-based company has evolved into a global leader in the heating, grilling, and outdoor living industry, setting industry standards and redefining the way people experience warmth and ambiance in their homes.

Core Values and Philosophy:
Napoleon Fireplaces is guided by a strong set of core values that drive every aspect of their business. These values include a dedication to innovation, a passion for quality craftsmanship, and an unyielding commitment to customer satisfaction. At the heart of their philosophy is a belief that homeowners deserve products that not only provide exceptional functionality but also elevate the aesthetics of their living spaces.

Product Portfolio:
Napoleon Fireplaces offers a diverse range of products designed to enhance the comfort, beauty, and functionality of homes. Their product portfolio includes:

Fireplaces: From gas and electric fireplaces to wood-burning stoves and inserts, Napoleon Fireplaces provides a wide array of heating solutions that blend seamlessly with various interior designs.
Grills: Renowned for their grilling innovations, Napoleon offers a comprehensive selection of grills, from gas and charcoal models to premium built-in options, catering to the needs of outdoor cooking enthusiasts.
Heating and Cooling: Beyond fireplaces, Napoleon provides heating and cooling solutions, including air conditioners and furnaces, designed to create optimal indoor environments.
Outdoor Living: Napoleon’s commitment to enhancing outdoor spaces is evident in their outdoor fireplaces, patio heaters, and furniture, enabling homeowners to extend their living areas into the great outdoors.
Global Reach:
With a presence in over 50 countries worldwide, Napoleon Fireplaces has established itself as a global brand trusted by homeowners, builders, and designers alike. Their extensive network of dealers and distributors ensures that their products are readily available to customers around the world.

Innovation and Sustainability:
Napoleon Fireplaces remains at the forefront of innovation, continually developing cutting-edge technologies and environmentally conscious solutions. Their commitment to sustainability includes initiatives aimed at reducing environmental impact, such as producing eco-friendly fireplaces and grills.

Customer-Centric Approach:
Napoleon Fireplaces places great emphasis on customer satisfaction, providing comprehensive support through a network of authorized dealers. Their dedication to exceptional service extends from product selection to installation and maintenance.

In summary, Napoleon Fireplaces is not just a manufacturer of home heating and outdoor living products; it’s a symbol of quality, innovation, and the pursuit of creating warm, inviting, and sustainable living spaces for people worldwide. With a legacy of excellence spanning decades, Napoleon continues to redefine comfort and style in homes and outdoor settings.


Q: What is the ELEVATION™ 42 by Napoleon Fireplaces?
A: The ELEVATION™ 42 is a direct vent gas fireplace designed by Napoleon Fireplaces.

Q: What makes the flame in the ELEVATION™ 42 realistic?
A: The fireplace features a hand-painted split oak log set that enhances the realism of the flame.

Q: Can I customize the appearance of the ELEVATION™ 42?
A: Yes, you can customize it with decorative backer panels and finishing trim kits in various finishes.

Q: Is the ELEVATION™ 42 available in different sizes?
A: No, the ELEVATION™ 42 is a specific size fireplace.

Q: How much heat does the ELEVATION™ 42 produce?
A: It can produce up to 30,000 BTU’s of heat.

Q: What type of venting does the ELEVATION™ 42 use?
A: It uses 5/8″ top venting and can accept both Flex and Rigid Venting.

Q: Is the ELEVATION™ 42 safe for families with children or pets?
A: Yes, it comes with a full view safety barrier to ensure safety.

Q: Does the ELEVATION™ 42 work during power outages?
A: Yes, it has a battery backup control system, so it can still function during power outages.

Q: Can I control the ELEVATION™ 42 remotely?
A: Yes, there is an optional remote control available.

Q: What fuel types are available for the ELEVATION™ 42?
A: You can choose between natural gas and propane models.

Q: Are there additional features available for the ELEVATION™ 42?
A: Yes, there are various decorative panels, heat management systems, and other features you can add.

Q: How do I find a local Napoleon dealer for the ELEVATION™ 42?
A: You can use the “Find a Dealer” feature on our website.

Q: What is the warranty for the ELEVATION™ 42?
A: The ELEVATION™ 42 comes with Napoleon’s President’s Limited Lifetime Warranty. Please refer to the warranty page for full details.

Q: Can I install the ELEVATION™ 42 myself?
A: It’s recommended to have the fireplace professionally installed to ensure safety and proper functioning.

Q: Are there specific clearances and cavity measurements required for installation?
A: Yes, please refer to the installation manual for detailed clearance and cavity measurement requirements.

Q: Can I use the ELEVATION™ 42 in an outdoor setting?
A: No, this fireplace is designed for indoor use only.

Q: Does Napoleon Fireplaces offer other fireplace models?
A: Yes, Napoleon offers a range of fireplace models, including gas, electric, and wood-burning options.

Q: Is there a community where I can share photos of my ELEVATION™ 42?
A: Yes, you can share your photos on our community page using #NapoleonAtHome and tagging us @napoleonfireplace.

Q: Does the ELEVATION™ 42 require special maintenance?
A: Regular maintenance is recommended for optimal performance. Refer to the user manual for maintenance guidelines.

Q: Can I purchase additional accessories for the ELEVATION™ 42?
A: Yes, there are various accessories available to enhance your fireplace experience.