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Do Fireplaces Increase Home Value?

Elegant library featuring a wood-burning fireplace, increasing the home's value.

Considering adding a fireplace to your home? Will it increase your home value? We will explore the different types of fireplaces available, the potential impact on your home’s value, and the factors that can affect this impact. Discussing the pros and cons of having a fireplace, along with valuable tips for maximizing your home’s value […]

Can You Hang a Flatscreen TV Over a Fireplace? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Mounting a flatscreen TV over a fireplace not only adds a touch of modernity to your living space but also maximizes your viewing pleasure. However, before you proceed with this installation, it is essential to consider several factors to ensure a safe and practical setup. In this article, we will guide you through the key […]

Get the Most Out of Your Fireplace and Lower Your Heating Bill

As colder weather sets in during winter, many of us turn on our heaters to stay cozy and toasty. Home heating costs can add up quickly if we aren’t careful with managing our heating systems. One option that many homeowners turn to is their fireplace, which can provide both heat and a cozy ambiance. Did you […]

Relaxation Ideas: Why Sitting Around the Fire Is Perfect for Relaxing

relaxation ideas

Stress and anxiety play a major role in modern American life. With nearly 80% of Americans reporting feelings of stress on a daily basis and 33% of people saying they experience extreme stress, there’s a clear need to reevaluate our collective mental health. Being able to relax and de-stress at home is something not enough […]

Does Installing a Fireplace Increase Home Value?

increase home value

A fireplace is a cozy and charming feature that many homeowners and buyers love. You might be wondering, though, does a fireplace actually increase home value? As a responsible property owner, you want to get a high return on investment. Maybe that’s why the home improvement industry was worth $538 billion in 2021. Luckily, the […]

6 Reasons a Fireplace Is Perfect for Entertaining at Home

entertaining at home

Between 2005 and 2017, the number of new homes that were constructed with fireplaces built in dropped from 818,000 to 320,000. Most modern homes have other types of heating systems, and it’s generally cheaper to build a home without a fireplace. Many people see this as a shame, however, as a fireplace can be a very […]

4 Common Issues with Seasoning Wood and How to Overcome Them

seasoning wood

[et_pb_section admin_label=”section”] [et_pb_row admin_label=”row”] [et_pb_column type=”4_4″][et_pb_text admin_label=”Text”] Did you know improperly seasoned firewood will smolder and cause creosote buildup in the chimney and fireplace? Creosote buildup in the chimney might potentially lead to a fire in the chimney further down the line. Before using wood in a fireplace or stove to start a fire, it must be […]

Do You Need a Chimney Installation?

chimney installation

Did you know 1 percent of Americans use firewood or wood pellet fireplaces during winter – and you’re considering joining them. You could get an electric model, but you want a traditional fireplace. You won’t be satisfied until you’ve got the kind you must throw a few logs on to keep burning. Contrary to your belief, […]

Fireplace Safety Tips for Families With Pets

fireplace contractor

There are almost 50 million households with dogs and over 30 million households with cats in America. Toss pet birds into the mix and you’re looking at around 85 million American households with pets. If you’re a pet owner that wants a fireplace, you need to think long and hard about the way your pet […]