Experience Radiant Luxury: PURVIEW™ 100 Electric Fireplace by Napoleon

Product Description

Elevate your home ambiance with the Napoleon PURVIEW™ 100 Electric Fireplace. This stunning electric fireplace offers not only warmth but also a captivating visual experience. Whether you want to create a cozy atmosphere or simply enjoy the mesmerizing LED flames, the PURVIEW™ 100 is the perfect addition to your living space.

Product Features

Radiant Heat: With a heat output of up to 5,000 BTUs and 1,500 Watts, the PURVIEW™ 100 provides warmth to your room, making it comfortable even during the coldest nights.

Crystal Clear Cube Ember Bed: The electric fireplace features a crystal ember bed that enhances the realism of the flames, creating a visually appealing focal point.

Versatile Installation: Choose between wall mounting (wall bracket included) or recessed installation to suit your room’s decor and style.

Spectacular LED Flames: Enjoy the beauty of LED flames with multiple color options, including orange, white, and a mesmerizing combination of both.

Convenient Controls: Control your fireplace with ease using the included remote control or the user-friendly touch screen panel.

Timer Function: Set the timer for anywhere between 30 minutes and 8 hours, allowing you to customize your heating experience.

Product Specifications


Viewing Area: 95 x 14.25 in (241.30 x 36.20 cm)
Framing Width: 100 in (254 cm)
Framing Height: 21.40 in (54.40 cm)
Framing Depth: 5.50 in (14 cm)
Warranty: 2-Year Limited*

Installation Options

Refer to Manual

Fuel Types


Fuel Type Application


Clearances and Cavity Measurements

Refer to Manual


Limited Warranty

Product Highlights

The PURVIEW™ 100 by Napoleon Fireplaces is a true masterpiece, designed to elevate your home’s ambiance and comfort. This electric fireplace boasts an impressive heat output of up to 5,000 BTUs and 1,500 Watts, ensuring warmth on even the chilliest evenings. Its Crystal Clear Cube Ember Bed adds a touch of sophistication, enhancing the realism of the flames and making it a captivating focal point in any room. Installation options are versatile, allowing you to choose between wall mounting (complete with a wall bracket) or recessed installation to seamlessly blend with your decor.

The PURVIEW™ 100 doesn’t just provide warmth; it offers a visual spectacle with LED flames that can be customized to your preference, offering orange, white, or a stunning combination of both. Control is a breeze, thanks to the included remote control and user-friendly touch screen panel. Whether you want to create a cozy atmosphere or simply enjoy the mesmerizing LED flames, the PURVIEW™ 100 is the perfect addition to any space, offering comfort, style, and convenience in one exquisite package.

Company Overview for Manufacturer

Napoleon Fireplaces, often referred to simply as Napoleon, stands as a renowned and innovative leader in the world of heating and home comfort solutions. With a rich history spanning over four decades, the company has consistently delivered exceptional products that combine cutting-edge technology with elegant design.

Founded in 1976 in Barrie, Ontario, Canada, Napoleon initially specialized in manufacturing high-quality wood-burning stoves and fireplaces. Over the years, the company has expanded its product portfolio to include a wide range of heating and cooling solutions, from gas and electric fireplaces to grills and HVAC systems.

Napoleon’s commitment to innovation and sustainability has made it a trusted name in the industry. The company has received numerous awards for its environmentally conscious practices and energy-efficient products. Their dedication to craftsmanship and quality is evident in each product they produce, and their extensive dealer network ensures that customers worldwide have access to top-notch service and support.

Napoleon’s dedication to customer satisfaction extends beyond their products. They provide comprehensive support services, including product manuals, installation guides, and warranty coverage. Furthermore, the company values its community of customers and enthusiasts, actively engaging with them through social media and online forums.

Today, Napoleon Fireplaces is recognized not only for its exceptional heating and cooling solutions but also for its unwavering commitment to innovation, sustainability, and customer satisfaction. With a global presence and a passion for creating comfortable and stylish living spaces, Napoleon continues to be a trusted choice for homeowners and professionals alike.


Q: What is the heat output of the PURVIEW™ 100 electric fireplace?
A: The PURVIEW™ 100 offers a heat output of up to 5,000 BTUs and 1,500 Watts.

Q: Can I control the flame colors of the PURVIEW™ 100?
A: Yes, you can. The PURVIEW™ 100 allows you to choose from orange, white, or a combination of both LED flame colors.

Q: Is the PURVIEW™ 100 suitable for year-round use?
A: Absolutely! This electric fireplace comes with both low and high heat settings and can also operate with no heat, making it perfect for all seasons.

Q: What is the warranty for the PURVIEW™ 100?
A: The PURVIEW™ 100 is backed by a 2-Year Limited Warranty for your peace of mind.

Q: Can I install the PURVIEW™ 100 as a wall-mounted unit?
A: Yes, you have the option to wall mount the PURVIEW™ 100, and a wall bracket is included for your convenience.

Q: Is recessed installation possible for the PURVIEW™ 100?
A: Yes, you can choose to install the PURVIEW™ 100 recessed into your wall for a seamless look.

Q: What are the dimensions of the PURVIEW™ 100?
A: The viewing area measures 95 x 14.25 inches (241.30 x 36.20 cm), with framing dimensions of 100 inches in width, 21.40 inches in height, and 5.50 inches in depth (254 cm x 54.40 cm x 14 cm).

Q: Does the PURVIEW™ 100 come with a remote control?
A: Yes, the PURVIEW™ 100 includes a convenient remote control for easy operation.

Q: Can I set a timer for the PURVIEW™ 100?
A: Absolutely, you can set a timer for the fireplace, allowing you to customize its operation between 30 minutes and 8 hours.

Q: What type of fuel does the PURVIEW™ 100 use?
A: The PURVIEW™ 100 is an electric fireplace, so it operates using electricity as its fuel source.

Q: How do I clean and maintain the crystal ember bed?
A: Cleaning the crystal ember bed is easy; simply follow the cleaning instructions provided in the user manual.

Q: Is there a touch screen control panel for the PURVIEW™ 100?
A: Yes, the fireplace features a user-friendly touch screen control panel for convenient operation.

Q: What are the clearances required for installing the PURVIEW™ 100?
A: Detailed information about clearances and cavity measurements can be found in the installation manual. Please refer to it for specific requirements.

Q: Can I purchase additional accessories for the PURVIEW™ 100?
A: Yes, you can enhance your PURVIEW™ 100 fireplace with compatible accessories. Your authorized Napoleon dealer can assist you in selecting the right ones.

Q: Does the PURVIEW™ 100 come with installation instructions?
A: Yes, the fireplace includes installation instructions to help you with the setup process.

Q: What’s the difference between the orange and white LED flames?
A: The orange flames provide a warm and cozy ambiance, while the white flames offer a more contemporary look. You can choose your preferred style.

Q: Can I use the PURVIEW™ 100 without the crystal ember bed?
A: The crystal ember bed enhances the visual appeal, but you can choose to operate the fireplace without it if desired.

Q: How do I register my PURVIEW™ 100 fireplace for warranty?
A: To register your fireplace and access warranty information, visit the Napoleon website and follow the provided instructions.

Q: What should I do if my PURVIEW™ 100 encounters technical issues?
A: If you experience technical problems, reach out to Napoleon’s customer support team at webcare@napoleon.com for assistance.

Q: Where can I purchase the PURVIEW™ 100 by Napoleon Fireplaces?
A: You can find the PURVIEW™ 100 at authorized Napoleon dealers or purchase it online through our website.