Elevate Your Space with the Ascent™ Linear 36: Ignite Comfort and Style!

Product Description

Make your home stand out with the exquisite Napoleon Ascent™ linear gas fireplace. This stunning addition can transform any room into a cozy oasis. The customizable design allows you to tailor the fireplace to your style, while the topaz CRYSTALINE™ ember bed adds a touch of luxury to your space. The eFIRE app provides seamless control from your mobile device, ensuring convenience and comfort at your fingertips.

Product Features

17,500 BTU’s of Comfort: Enjoy the warmth of up to 17,500 BTU’s to keep your space cozy and inviting.

CRYSTALINE™ Ember Bed: The topaz crushed glass ember bed adds a touch of sparkle and elegance to the flames.

SIT Proflame II System: Experience reliable and efficient operation with the advanced SIT Proflame II system.

Easy Access Air Control: Adjust the flame and heat settings easily with the convenient air control feature.

Battery Backup Control System: Stay warm even during power outages with the included battery backup control system.

eFIRE App Compatibility: Control your fireplace from your mobile device using the eFIRE app for added convenience.


Product Specifications

Dimensions: 35.94 in (H) x 39.06 in (W) x 15.75 in (D)

Viewing Area: 30.75 x 16.75 in

Heat Output (Max): 17,500 BTU

Fuel Type: Natural Gas

Warranty: President’s Limited Lifetime Warranty

Fuel Types


Fuel Type Application


Clearances and Cavity Measurements

Ensure proper clearances and cavity dimensions as specified in the installation manual to ensure safe and efficient operation.


Warranty: President’s Limited Lifetime Warranty

Product Highlights

Introducing the ASCENT™ LINEAR 36 by Napoleon Fireplaces – a masterpiece of both design and function. Elevate your living space with this gas fireplace that seamlessly combines comfort and style. Boasting a remarkable heat output of up to 17,500 BTU, the Ascent™ Linear 36 ensures your room remains warm and inviting. The mesmerizing CRYSTALINE™ ember bed, adorned with topaz crushed glass, imparts a touch of elegance to the dancing flames, creating a truly captivating ambiance. Engineered with the SIT Proflame II system, this fireplace guarantees efficient and reliable operation. The inclusion of the battery backup control system ensures your comfort, even during unexpected power outages. With the added convenience of the eFIRE app, control of your fireplace rests right at your fingertips. The Ascent™ Linear 36 isn’t just a fireplace; it’s a statement piece that offers both luxury and warmth. Backed by Napoleon’s President’s Limited Lifetime Warranty, this gas fireplace is a testament to quality craftsmanship and enduring beauty. Experience the ultimate blend of form and function – elevate your surroundings with the ASCENT™ LINEAR 36 by Napoleon Fireplaces.

Company Overview for Manufacturer

Napoleon Fireplaces, a renowned industry leader, has been redefining home comfort and ambiance for over four decades. Established with a commitment to innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction, Napoleon has solidified its position as a pioneer in the fireplace and heating solutions market.

Founded in 1976 by Wolfgang Schroeter, the company’s journey began with the creation of steel railings and wood-burning stoves. The entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to excellence soon led Napoleon to expand into the fireplace industry, and since then, the brand has never looked back.

Napoleon’s extensive product range includes an array of gas, wood, electric fireplaces, stoves, and outdoor heating options that cater to various design preferences and functional needs. These products seamlessly blend cutting-edge technology with timeless craftsmanship, delivering not only warmth but also elevating the aesthetics of any living space.

The brand’s commitment to innovation shines through in features like advanced heating systems, intuitive controls, and connectivity through apps for modern convenience. In addition, Napoleon’s focus on energy efficiency aligns with contemporary environmental concerns, providing eco-friendly options without compromising performance.

Napoleon’s unwavering dedication to quality is underscored by its meticulous manufacturing processes and rigorous testing standards. This commitment is reflected in their extensive warranties that offer peace of mind to customers.

Headquartered in Barrie, Ontario, Canada, Napoleon Fireplaces has expanded its global footprint, providing their superior products and services across North America and beyond. The brand’s network of authorized dealers ensures expert guidance and support throughout the customer journey, from selection to installation and maintenance.

In essence, Napoleon Fireplaces stands as a symbol of innovation, elegance, and comfort in the world of home heating solutions. With a legacy rooted in craftsmanship, a vision for the future, and an unyielding dedication to customer satisfaction, Napoleon continues to shape the industry and redefine the way we experience warmth and ambiance in our homes.


Q: What is the ASCENT™ LINEAR 36 by Napoleon Fireplaces?
A: The ASCENT™ LINEAR 36 is a gas fireplace designed to provide both warmth and visual appeal to your living space.

Q: What is the heat output of the ASCENT™ LINEAR 36?
A: The ASCENT™ LINEAR 36 offers a maximum heat output of 17,500 BTU.

Q: Can I customize the appearance of the fireplace?
A: Yes, you can customize the look of the fireplace by adding optional media enhancement kits like glass embers, beads, and decorative panels.

Q: Is the fireplace remote-controlled?
A: The fireplace can be controlled remotely using the eFIRE app, giving you convenient control over the flame and heat settings.

Q: What is the CRYSTALINE™ Ember Bed?
A: The CRYSTALINE™ Ember Bed features topaz crushed glass that adds a sparkling and elegant touch to the flames.

Q: Does the ASCENT™ LINEAR 36 come with a warranty?
A: Yes, the ASCENT™ LINEAR 36 comes with Napoleon’s President’s Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Q: Is the fireplace suitable for natural gas?
A: Yes, the fireplace is designed for use with natural gas.

Q: Can the ASCENT™ LINEAR 36 be used for both heating and decorative purposes?
A: Yes, the fireplace provides both heating functionality and a visually appealing ambiance.

Q: What is the SIT Proflame II System?
A: The SIT Proflame II System is an advanced control system that ensures efficient and reliable operation of the fireplace.

Q: Does the fireplace have a battery backup control system?
A: Yes, the ASCENT™ LINEAR 36 includes a battery backup control system for continued operation during power outages.

Q: Are there different media kits available for the fireplace?
A: Yes, you can choose from various media kits including glass embers, beads, and decorative panels to personalize your fireplace’s appearance.

Q: Can I control the fireplace from my mobile device?
A: Yes, the eFIRE app allows you to control the fireplace remotely using your mobile device.

Q: What are the dimensions of the ASCENT™ LINEAR 36?
A: The dimensions of the ASCENT™ LINEAR 36 are 35.94 in (H) x 39.06 in (W) x 15.75 in (D).

Q: What is the viewing area of the fireplace?
A: The viewing area measures 30.75 x 16.75 in.

Q: Can the fireplace be installed in various settings?
A: The fireplace is suitable for single-sided installations.

Q: What clearances and cavity measurements are required for installation?
A: Ensure you follow the clearances and cavity dimensions specified in the installation manual for safe and efficient installation.

Q: Can the ASCENT™ LINEAR 36 be used with other fuel types?
A: The fireplace is designed specifically for natural gas use.

Q: Is the eFIRE app compatible with all devices?
A: The eFIRE app is compatible with most mobile devices, offering convenient control of your fireplace.

Q: Can I find a dealer near me to explore customization options?
A: Yes, you can use our dealer locator to find a dealer near you who can guide you through customization choices.

Q: How does the ASCENT™ LINEAR 36 contribute to home ambiance?
A: The ASCENT™ LINEAR 36 combines its elegant design and topaz CRYSTALINE™ ember bed to create a luxurious and cozy atmosphere in your living space.