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Do I Need A Carbon Monoxide Detector With My Fireplace?

Fireplace in use with safety measures in place.

Curled up by a cozy fireplace, sipping on hot cocoa, the last thing on your mind may be carbon monoxide poisoning. Do you need a carbon monoxide detector when you have a fireplace? This silent, odorless gas can pose a serious threat, especially when using a fireplace. Learn about the sources of carbon monoxide, the […]

How To Program Two Garage Doors To One Remote

Dual garage doors controlled with a single remote control.

Garage door remotes have made our lives much easier when it comes to accessing our homes. But what if you have two garage doors and only want to carry one remote? We discuss the step-by-step process of programming two garage doors to one remote, along with the benefits and potential risks of this setup. We […]