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Renaissance Cooking Systems

History of the Company

Renaissance Cooking

Renaissance Cooking Systems (RCS) began its journey in June 1949 when Ralph Cunningham founded Cunningham Plumbing Company in Austin, Texas.

Initially focused on plumbing, the company thrived under Ralph’s principles of hard work and honesty.

After Ralph’s passing, his son Roy took over, balancing the business with his service in the Navy and the Houston Fire Department.

In the mid-1970s, the company shifted direction after being approached by United Gas to install gaslights and grills.

This new focus led to the rebranding of the company as Cunningham Gas Products.

Over the years, the business expanded, incorporating new product lines and transitioning from retail to wholesale, eventually venturing into the digital marketplace with one of the industry’s first websites.

By the late 1990s, the company launched multiple boutique sites and an online wholesale catalog, further cementing its presence in the market.

The introduction of Renaissance Cooking Systems marked a significant evolution, offering a range of high-quality grills and outdoor kitchen products designed to meet the needs of both casual and professional chefs.

RCS Grills, known for their durability and performance, embody the legacy of innovation and quality that began with Ralph Cunningham.

Today, Renaissance Cooking Systems continues to enhance outdoor cooking experiences, providing customers with premium grills and accessories that are built to last and designed to create memorable moments.

Mission and Values

Renaissance Cooking Systems (RCS) centers its mission and values around quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction.

The company aims to elevate outdoor cooking experiences by providing top-notch grills and kitchen equipment that meet the highest standards of durability and performance.

RCS believes in crafting products that stand the test of time, ensuring customers can enjoy their outdoor kitchens for years to come.

The values at RCS emphasize quality and integrity.

Every grill and accessory undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it meets stringent quality standards.

This commitment to excellence is rooted in the company’s history, dating back to 1949, when Ralph Cunningham founded the original Cunningham Plumbing Company.

Over the decades, this dedication to quality has evolved, focusing now on producing high-performance grilling equipment.

Innovation drives RCS forward.

The company continually invests in research and development to introduce advanced features in its products, such as precision temperature controls and even heat distribution.

These innovations help both amateur and professional chefs achieve culinary perfection, making every meal memorable.

Customer satisfaction is paramount at RCS.

The company strives to build lasting relationships with its customers by offering robust support and service.

RCS stands by the quality of its products with comprehensive warranties, reflecting its confidence in the durability and performance of its grills.

RCS also values community and connection.

They believe that grilling is more than just cooking; it’s about creating moments and memories.

By providing reliable and innovative outdoor cooking solutions, RCS helps families and friends gather and enjoy delicious meals together.

Through these principles, Renaissance Cooking Systems continues to honor its legacy while looking toward the future, ensuring every product embodies the company’s mission and values.

Overview of Products

Renaissance Cooking Systems (RCS) offers a comprehensive range of high-quality outdoor cooking equipment designed to enhance your culinary experience.

The product line includes built-in and freestanding grills, side burners, refrigeration units, sinks, and various grilling accessories.

Each product is crafted with durability and performance in mind, ensuring they withstand the rigors of outdoor use.

RCS Grills stand out for their robust construction and advanced features.

The built-in grills, such as the American Renaissance and Cutlass Pro series, offer precision temperature controls, even heat distribution, and stainless steel construction.

These grills cater to both casual backyard enthusiasts and professional chefs, providing the perfect tools for any grilling need.

The freestanding grills combine mobility with the same high-performance features found in the built-in models.

These grills are ideal for those who want the flexibility to move their cooking station without sacrificing quality or performance.

Side burners from RCS complement the main grilling units, providing additional cooking surfaces for preparing side dishes and sauces.

These burners are available in various configurations, ensuring they meet the needs of any outdoor kitchen setup.

RCS also offers a range of refrigeration units designed to keep your ingredients fresh and your beverages cold.

These units are essential for a fully equipped outdoor kitchen, ensuring convenience and functionality.

Accessories such as grill covers, rotisserie kits, and smoker trays enhance the grilling experience, offering versatility and protection for your equipment.

Each accessory is designed to integrate seamlessly with RCS products, ensuring a cohesive and efficient outdoor kitchen setup.

Renaissance Cooking Systems prioritizes quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, making their products a reliable choice for any outdoor cooking enthusiast.

Manufacturing Process

Renaissance Cooking Systems (RCS) emphasizes quality and precision in its manufacturing process.

The process begins with the selection of premium materials.

RCS uses high-grade stainless steel known for its durability and resistance to rust and corrosion.

This ensures the longevity and reliability of their products.

The manufacturing process involves advanced engineering and design.

RCS employs state-of-the-art technology to design grills and accessories that meet exacting standards.

Each component is carefully crafted using precision cutting and welding techniques.

This attention to detail ensures that every grill performs flawlessly, delivering even heat distribution and optimal cooking conditions.

Quality control is a crucial part of the RCS manufacturing process.

Each product undergoes rigorous testing at multiple stages.

Initial inspections check for material quality and structural integrity.

Subsequent tests evaluate the performance of each grill, including heat output, temperature control, and overall functionality.

These tests guarantee that every product leaving the factory meets RCS’s high standards.

RCS also incorporates innovation into its manufacturing.

The company continually invests in research and development to introduce new features and improve existing ones.

This commitment to innovation ensures that RCS products remain at the forefront of outdoor cooking technology.

Sustainability is another key aspect of the RCS manufacturing process.

The company strives to minimize waste and reduce its environmental impact.

Efficient manufacturing techniques and recycling initiatives help RCS achieve this goal.

In summary, the manufacturing process at Renaissance Cooking Systems combines high-quality materials, advanced technology, rigorous quality control, and a commitment to innovation and sustainability.

This ensures that every RCS product delivers exceptional performance and durability, making it a trusted choice for outdoor cooking enthusiasts.

Advantages of Renaissance Cooking Systems

Renaissance Cooking Systems (RCS) offers several advantages that make its products stand out in the outdoor cooking market.

One of the primary benefits is the exceptional build quality.

RCS uses high-grade stainless steel in their grills and accessories, ensuring durability and resistance to rust and corrosion.

This high-quality construction means that RCS products can withstand harsh outdoor conditions and maintain their performance over time.

Another advantage is the advanced engineering and innovative features found in RCS products.

Their grills are designed with precision temperature controls, even heat distribution, and various cooking configurations.

These features allow users to achieve perfect grilling results, whether they are searing steaks or slow-roasting meats.

The integration of these advanced technologies ensures a superior cooking experience.

RCS also offers a wide range of products to suit different outdoor kitchen setups.

From built-in and freestanding grills to side burners and refrigeration units, RCS provides comprehensive solutions for outdoor cooking enthusiasts.

This variety allows customers to customize their outdoor kitchens to meet their specific needs and preferences.

Customer satisfaction is a top priority for RCS, reflected in their robust customer support and comprehensive warranties.

The company stands by the quality of its products, offering lifetime warranties on many of its grills.

This commitment to customer care provides peace of mind and ensures long-term satisfaction.

Additionally, RCS’s focus on innovation means they continuously update their product line with new features and improvements.

This commitment to staying at the forefront of outdoor cooking technology ensures that customers always have access to the latest advancements.

In summary, Renaissance Cooking Systems combines high-quality materials, advanced engineering, a wide product range, excellent customer support, and continuous innovation to provide outstanding outdoor cooking solutions.

Considerations for Buyers

When considering products from Renaissance Cooking Systems (RCS), buyers should evaluate several key factors to ensure they select the best outdoor cooking equipment for their needs.

First, assess the quality and durability of the materials.

RCS uses high-grade stainless steel, which is crucial for longevity and resistance to rust and corrosion.

This material choice ensures that the grills and accessories can withstand various weather conditions and provide lasting performance.

Next, consider the range of features offered.

RCS grills come with advanced temperature controls, even heat distribution, and multiple cooking configurations.

These features allow for precise cooking and versatility, catering to both casual grillers and professional chefs.

It’s important to determine which features are essential for your cooking style and needs.

Buyers should also think about the type of grill that fits their outdoor space.

RCS offers both built-in and freestanding models, allowing for flexibility in kitchen design.

Built-in grills are ideal for permanent outdoor kitchens, while freestanding models offer mobility and ease of use in different locations.

Another consideration is the range of additional products and accessories available.

RCS provides side burners, refrigeration units, sinks, and various grilling accessories.

These products can enhance your cooking experience and help create a fully equipped outdoor kitchen.

Customer support and warranty are also important.

RCS stands behind its products with comprehensive warranties and robust customer service.

This ensures that any issues can be promptly addressed, providing peace of mind for the buyer.

Finally, consider your budget.

RCS products offer excellent value for their quality and features, but it’s essential to choose equipment that fits within your financial plan while meeting your cooking needs.

By evaluating these considerations, buyers can make informed decisions and enjoy the benefits of high-quality, reliable outdoor cooking equipment from Renaissance Cooking Systems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Products and Availability

Q: What products does Renaissance Cooking Systems offer?
A: Renaissance Cooking Systems offers a wide range of outdoor cooking products. These include grills, side burners, and outdoor kitchen accessories. Their products are known for quality and durability.

Q: Where can I buy Renaissance Cooking Systems products?
A: You can buy Renaissance Cooking Systems products through their official website. Many authorized dealers and online retailers also carry their products. Check their website for a list of authorized dealers.

Installation and Maintenance

Q: Are Renaissance Cooking Systems products easy to install?
A: Yes, Renaissance Cooking Systems products are designed for easy installation. They come with detailed instructions. Many users find the installation process straightforward.

Q: How do I maintain my Renaissance Cooking Systems grill?
A: Maintaining your Renaissance Cooking Systems grill is easy. Regular cleaning and proper storage are key. Follow the maintenance guidelines provided in the user manual for best results.

Q: Can I find replacement parts for Renaissance Cooking Systems products?
A: Yes, replacement parts for Renaissance Cooking Systems products are available. You can purchase them through their website or authorized dealers. It’s important to use genuine parts for the best performance.

Features and Benefits

Q: What makes Renaissance Cooking Systems different from other brands?
A: Renaissance Cooking Systems focuses on high-quality materials and craftsmanship. Their products offer innovative features and reliable performance. This sets them apart from many competitors.

Q: Are Renaissance Cooking Systems grills good for beginners?
A: Yes, Renaissance Cooking Systems grills are user-friendly. They are suitable for both beginners and experienced grillers. Their products offer ease of use without compromising on features.

Warranty and Support

Q: Do Renaissance Cooking Systems grills come with a warranty?
A: Yes, Renaissance Cooking Systems grills come with a warranty. The warranty period varies depending on the product. Check the warranty details on their website or with the retailer.

Q: Do Renaissance Cooking Systems offer customer support?
A: Yes, Renaissance Cooking Systems provides excellent customer support. You can contact them through their website for any inquiries or assistance. Their team is known for being responsive and helpful.

Materials and Construction

Q: What materials are used in Renaissance Cooking Systems grills?
A: Renaissance Cooking Systems grills are made from high-quality materials. Stainless steel is commonly used, ensuring durability and longevity. These materials are resistant to rust and corrosion.