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How Much Do Wooden Garage Doors Cost?

A newly installed wooden garage door, sealed and treated for weather resistance.

Are you considering installing wooden garage doors but wondering about the cost? Factors like the type of wood used, size, style, insulation, and customization play a significant role in determining the price. In this article, we will explore the average cost of single, double, and custom wooden garage doors, as well as additional expenses to […]

Why Does My Fireplace Have So Much Cold Air Infiltration?

Fireplace in a cozy living room showing effective sealing and insulation to keep warmth in.

Are you struggling with cold air infiltration in your fireplace and wondering why it’s happening? This article will explore the common causes of cold air infiltration, including poorly sealed chimneys, damaged flues or dampers, inadequate insulation, and structural issues. We will also discuss how to detect cold air infiltration, the risks associated with it (such […]