Amantii Lynwood W-76 Wood Fireplace

Experience Warmth Redefined: Introducing the Amantii Lynwood W-76 Wood Fireplace

Product Description

The Lynwood W-76 by Amantii Fireplaces is more than a wood stove; it’s a warm and cozy reminder to slow down and enjoy life. Rediscover the joy of a natural wood-burning fire with this efficient and nostalgic wood stove.

Product Features

Nostalgic and efficient wood-burning stove
Minimal ecological footprint with a low emissions rate of 1.35 G/Hr.
Optimum efficiency rate of 76%
Heats up to 2000 sq. ft. with an output of 57,000 BTU/h
Cast iron construction for beauty and efficiency

Amantii Lynwood W-76

Product Specifications

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Fuel Types


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Limited Warranty

Product Highlights

Elevate your living space with the Amantii Lynwood W-76 Wood Fireplace. Experience the perfect blend of nostalgia and efficiency as you enjoy the warmth of a natural wood-burning fire. With a minimal ecological footprint, optimum efficiency, and cast iron construction, the Lynwood W-76 is not just a fireplace; it’s a lifestyle.

Company Overview for Manufacturer

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For homeowners seeking a reliable and reputable choice in the fireplace market, Amantii Fireplaces continues to be a steadfast option. The brand’s enduring commitment to excellence, coupled with its focus on electric and gas fireplaces, positions Amantii as a leader that consistently raises the bar in terms of both performance and aesthetics. As the industry evolves, Amantii remains dedicated to providing cutting-edge heating solutions that not only meet the demands of today but anticipate the needs of tomorrow.


Q: Is the Lynwood W-76 suitable for heating large spaces?
A: Yes, the Lynwood W-76 can efficiently heat up to 2000 sq. ft., making it ideal for larger living areas.

Q: What is the emissions rate of the Lynwood W-76?
A: The Lynwood W-76 has a low emissions rate of 1.35 G/Hr., meeting eco-friendly standards.

Q: Can I burn different types of wood in the Lynwood W-76?
A: Yes, you can choose your preferred wood type, whether aromatic or long-burning, to create the perfect ambiance.

Q: What is the warranty for the Lynwood W-76?
A: Limited Lifetime warranty is provided.

Q: Are there installation options for the Lynwood W-76?
A: The Lynwood W-76 is a wood-burning stove with versatile installation options to suit your preferences.

Q: What is the fuel type for the Lynwood W-76?
A: The Lynwood W-76 operates on wood fuel.

Q: Can the Lynwood W-76 be used during a power outage?
A: Yes, the wood-burning stove provides a reliable heat source and cozy light during power outages.

Q: Does the Lynwood W-76 come with installation instructions?
A: Yes, detailed installation instructions are provided for a hassle-free setup.