Stanford 55L Gas Fireplace

Experience Elevated Comfort: Introducing the Stanford 55L Gas Fireplace by Amantii Fireplaces

Product Description

Elevate your living space with the Stanford 55L Direct Vent Linear Gas Fireplace. Boasting a sleek and contemporary design, this fireplace offers the largest flame viewing area at an impressive 55” wide. With the Deluxe System featuring a 7-day programmable thermostat remote, 6 stages dual fan control, and modulating valve, you have complete control over the ambiance. Available in both gas and liquid propane, the Stanford comes with black porcelain panels, black reflective glass, and a 9-piece rock set, providing a stunning focal point for any room.

Product Features

Ceramic glass
Flush mount design
36,000 BTU
Electronic Ignition
7-day programmable thermostat deluxe remote
7-stage modulating valve (flame control)
Linear style burner
Safety shut off
Natural Gas or Liquid Propane
Top vent only
Deluxe digital remote control
Dual Fan kit with 6 stages adjustable control
Black reflective fire glass media & 9 pieces decorative rock media set
Dual stainless steel pan burner

Stanford 55L Gas Fireplace

Product Specifications

Dimensions: 18-1/2” H x 52-3/4” Wl

Fuel Types



Limited warranty

Product Highlights

Elevate your home with the Stanford 55L Gas Fireplace by Amantii. With its contemporary design, this fireplace features a flush mount design, 36,000 BTU output, and a 7-day programmable thermostat deluxe remote for ultimate control. The 7-stage modulating valve allows you to set the perfect flame, while the dual fan kit ensures efficient heating. Available in Natural Gas or Liquid Propane, it comes with black porcelain panels, black reflective glass, and a 9-piece rock set for a stunning aesthetic.

Company Overview for Manufacturer

Amantii Fireplaces is a leading innovator in the electric fireplace industry. With a commitment to combining cutting-edge technology and elegant design, Amantii delivers premium fireplace solutions. Known for their wide range of electric fireplaces, gas fireplaces, and inserts, Amantii Fireplaces brings warmth and style to homes worldwide. Backed by a dedication to quality and customer satisfaction, Amantii continues to redefine the fireplace experience.


Q: What fuel types does the Stanford 55L Gas Fireplace support?
A: The Stanford 55L is available for both Natural Gas and Liquid Propane.

Q: Can I control the flame and temperature with the included remote?
A: Yes, the Deluxe System includes a 7-day programmable thermostat remote for precise control.

Q: What safety features does the fireplace offer?
A: The fireplace comes with a 100% safety shut off for peace of mind.

Q: Is professional installation required?
A: We recommend professional installation to ensure proper setup and safety compliance.

Q: What surround options are available for the Stanford 55L?
A: Choose between a clean face surround or a basic black surround with a safety barrier.

Q: Can I use the fireplace for both heating and aesthetic purposes?
A: Absolutely, the Stanford 55L combines efficient heating with a visually stunning flame.

Q: Are there any changes to flame colors?
A: Yes, as of July 01, 2021, blue flame lights have been replaced with a realistic yellow, orange, and red light combination.

Q: What media is included with the fireplace?
A: The Stanford 55L comes with black porcelain panels, black reflective glass, and a 9-piece rock set.

Q: Is a safety barrier surround mandatory for this model?
A: Yes, a surround with a safety barrier is mandatory for the Stanford 55L.

Q: Can I use this fireplace outdoors?
A: The Stanford 55L is designed for indoor use only.

Q: Are there any California-specific warnings for this product?
A: Yes, please be aware of the California Proposition 65 warning regarding lead content.

Q: Can I modify the fireplace after purchase?
A: We recommend against modifying the product to ensure safety and compliance with local building codes.

Q: Does the fireplace come with a dual fan kit?
A: Yes, the Stanford 55L includes a dual fan kit with 6 stages adjustable control.

Q: Can I convert the fireplace from Natural Gas to Liquid Propane?
A: Liquid Propane conversion is available by special order.

Q: How realistic is the flame effect?
A: Flame colors on the website may appear differently; for the most accurate representation, visit your nearest dealer.

Q: Is the Stanford 55L suitable for wall mounting?
A: The fireplace is designed for flush mount installation.