Symmetry Bespoke

Celebrate Warmth and Elegance with Symmetry Bespoke by Amantii Fireplaces

Product Description

The Symmetry Bespoke Electric Fireplace by Amantii is more than just a heating source; it’s a fusion of style, technology, and warmth. This modern electric fireplace combines a stunning flame presentation with customizable features, all wrapped in a sleek and elegant design.

Product Features

Realistic Flame: Enjoy the charm of a real fire with vibrant, multi-colored flame presentation that you can adjust.
Sound Enhancement: Experience the soothing crackling of a real fire with the integrated sound system.
Intuitive Remote: Control flames, temperature, and timers with the colorful and patented thermostatic remote.
WiFi App: Control your fireplace from anywhere with the dedicated app. Set it to turn on before you arrive or in response to the weather.
Adjustable Flame: Choose from two flame patterns, standard and realistic, and adjust flame height and speed.
Programmable Timer: Set a timer from 30 minutes to 8 hours with a 7-day preset option.
Heating Capacity: Produces up to 1465W / 5000 BTU of heat.
Indoor/Outdoor Use: Rated for both indoor and outdoor applications.
Warranty: Backed by a 5-year warranty.

Symmetry Bespoke

Product Specifications

Dimensions: Varies by model (Sym Bespoke 50″, 60″, or 74″)
Fuel Type: Electric

Fuel Types


Clearances and Cavity Measurements

Follow local building codes and consult with a local builder for wall-mounted installations.


Backed by a 5-year warranty.

Product Highlights

The Symmetry Bespoke by Amantii Fireplaces offers a unique blend of elegance and technology. With vibrant, adjustable flames and integrated sound, it brings the cozy atmosphere of a real fire to your home. Control it remotely via an intuitive app, set timers, and enjoy indoor or outdoor use. The sleek design, versatile dimensions, and 5-year warranty make it a perfect addition to any space.

Company Overview for Manufacturer

Amantii Fireplaces is a leading name in the world of electric fireplaces. With a commitment to innovation and design, Amantii has crafted a wide range of fireplaces that offer not only warmth but also style and technology. Their products are known for their realistic flames, customizable features, and the ability to create a comfortable ambiance in any setting. Backed by a strong warranty, Amantii Fireplaces ensures quality and elegance in every product.


Q: Can I install the Symmetry Bespoke fireplace in my existing wall or do I need special construction?
A: The installation options include fully recessed or wall-mounted.

Q: What is the range of colors available for the ambient canopy lighting?
A: The ambient canopy lighting offers a range of 13 different colors to choose from.

Q: Does the fireplace come with a remote control, or is it sold separately?
A: The fireplace comes with an included colorful and intuitive remote for easy control.

Q: Can I use the Symmetry Bespoke fireplace in a commercial setting, such as a restaurant or hotel?
A: Yes, this fireplace is suitable for both residential and commercial applications.

Q: Is there a safety feature that automatically turns off the fireplace in case of overheating?
A: Yes, the fireplace includes safety features to prevent overheating and ensure safe operation.

Q: What is the material of the black steel surround?
A: The black steel surround is made of durable and high-quality materials.

Q: Does the Symmetry Bespoke fireplace require any specific maintenance?
A: It’s relatively low-maintenance, but regular cleaning and dusting are recommended to keep it looking its best.

Q: Can I use the fireplace without heating, just for the visual ambiance?
A: Yes, you can use the fireplace without turning on the heating function, making it suitable for year-round use.

Q: How does the Symmetry Bespoke affect energy consumption in comparison to traditional fireplaces?
A: Electric fireplaces like Symmetry Bespoke are generally more energy-efficient than traditional wood or gas fireplaces.

Q: Is there a professional installation service available, or is it designed for DIY installation?
A: You can typically find professional installation services for the Symmetry Bespoke fireplace, or you can choose to install it yourself if you have the necessary skills.Q: Can I control the fireplace remotely?
A: Yes, you can control the Symmetry Bespoke fireplace remotely through an intuitive app.

Q: Is it suitable for outdoor use?
A: Yes, this fireplace is rated for both indoor and outdoor use.

Q: What are the available sizes for Symmetry Bespoke?
A: You can choose from Sym Bespoke 50″, 60″, or 74″ sizes.

Q: How does the flame presentation work?
A: The fireplace offers a vibrant, multi-colored flame presentation that can be adjusted to change from yellow to orange to red.

Q: What kind of warranty is included?
A: The Symmetry Bespoke comes with a 5-year warranty.

Q: Can I adjust the flame height and speed?
A: Yes, you can conveniently adjust the flame height and speed using the intuitive remote.

Q: Does it provide heating as well as ambiance?
A: Absolutely, it produces up to 1465W / 5000 BTU of heat, in addition to its aesthetic appeal.

Q: Are there options for customization?
A: Yes, there are various accessories available to personalize your fireplace, such as log sets and media.

Q: What is the difference between the standard and realistic flame patterns?
A: The standard flame pattern offers a more traditional look, while the realistic flame pattern mimics the charm of a real fire.

Q: Can I set a timer for the fireplace to turn off automatically?
A: Yes, you can program a timer ranging from 30 minutes to 8 hours, with a 7-day preset option.

Q: How does the sound system work?
A: The fireplace includes an integrated sound system that delivers the crackling sound of a real fire, enhancing the overall experience.

Q: Is there an app for controlling the fireplace?
A: Yes, there’s a dedicated WiFi app that allows you to control various fireplace functions remotely.