Experience Warmth and Style with the AGC500VFN Vent Free Gas Stove by Ashley Hearth – Your Cozy Corner Upgrade!

Product Description

Classic cast iron styling meets modern efficiency with the Ashley Hearth AGC500VFN gas stove. Enjoy 32,000 BTUs of safe and efficient heat in a sleek black finish. No vent required, 99% efficiency, and a realistic flame log set included

Product Features

Heats up to 1,500 Sq Ft with 32,000 BTUs
Natural Gas fuel type
Safety screen and log set for a realistic flame
Millivolt thermostat hookup for easy on/off operation
Painted black finish
Approved for installation in mobile homes (USA only

Product Specifications

Product Type: Freestanding
Heating Area: 1,500 ft²
ETL Listed: Yes
Height: 16 in
Manufacturer Warranty: 3 years (Burn Chamber and valve), 1 year (Cabinet and other parts)
Ignition System: Push Button Piezo
Vented or Vent-Free: Vent-Free
Gas Stove Fuel Type: Natural Gas
Maximum BTU: 32,000
Color/Finish: Black Paint

Length: 29 in
Width: 26.0 in

3 years for Burn Chamber and valve
1 year for Cabinet and other parts

Installation Options

Vent-Free design for versatile placement

Fuel Types


Fuel Type Application

Natural Gas

Clearances and Cavity Measurements

Follow the provided installation manual for clearances and cavity measurements.


3 years (Burn Chamber and valve), 1 year

Product Highlights

Elevate your home with the AGC500VFN Vent Free Gas Stove by Ashley Hearth. This stunning gas stove not only adds a touch of classic elegance with its cast iron styling and black finish but also delivers efficient heating with 32,000 BTUs. The inclusion of a realistic log set and safety screen enhances the cozy ambiance. With vent-free operation, millivolt thermostat hookup, and approval for mobile homes, the AGC500VFN offers both style and substance.

Company Overview for Manufacturer

Ashley Hearth Company Overview:
As a distinguished brand, Ashley Hearth, a division of the renowned U.S. Stove Company, has been at the forefront of designing and engineering heating solutions since its establishment. Based in South Pittsburg, Tennessee, Ashley Hearth combines quality craftsmanship, affordability, and innovation in every product. With a global presence, they proudly manufacture heating appliances that keep homes warm and welcoming, continuing a tradition that began in 1869.


Q: Is the AGC500VFN suitable for mobile homes?
A: Yes, the AGC500VFN is approved for installation in mobile homes in the USA.

Q: Can I use this gas stove during a power outage?
A: Absolutely! The AGC500VFN does not require electricity to operate, making it a reliable heating solution during power outages.

Q: What is the efficiency of the AGC500VFN?
A: The gas stove boasts an impressive 99% efficiency, ensuring optimal heating performance.

Q: Does the AGC500VFN come with a warranty?
A: Yes, it comes with a 3-year warranty for the burn chamber and valve, and a 1-year warranty for the cabinet and other parts.

Q: Can I control the heat output of the stove?
A: Yes, the millivolt thermostat hookup allows for easy heat output control, ensuring comfort and efficiency.

Q: Is a log set included with the AGC500VFN?
A: Yes, a realistic log set is included, providing a charming and authentic flame appearance.

Q: What is the fuel type for this gas stove?
A: The AGC500VFN operates on natural gas.

Q: Can I install the AGC500VFN in any room?
A: Yes, the vent-free design offers versatile placement options in various living spaces.

Q: What are the clearances required for installation?
A: Refer to the provided installation manual for specific clearances and cavity measurements.

Q: Does the gas stove come with a safety screen?
A: Yes, a safety screen is included to prevent burns and enhance safety.

Q: Can I use liquid propane (LP) with the AGC500VFN?
A: Yes, there is a liquid propane (LP) model available for this gas stove.

Q: What is the maximum heating capacity of the AGC500VFN?
A: The gas stove can heat up to 1,500 sq ft with a maximum BTU of 32,000.

Q: Is the AGC500VFN suitable for heating large rooms?
A: Yes, with its 32,000 BTUs, the AGC500VFN is effective in heating up to 1,500 sq ft.

Q: Can I connect the gas stove to a standard millivolt thermostat?
A: Yes, the AGC500VFN is millivolt thermostat hookup ready for convenient temperature control.

Q: Is the gas stove available in a different finish?
A: The AGC500VFN is currently available in a classic painted black finish.

Q: How do I address a gas odor when the control knob is in the off position?
A: If you smell gas when the control knob is off, follow the troubleshooting steps outlined in the user manual or contact customer support.

Q: Why won’t the burner light?
A: Check for gas supply, proper ignition system function, and refer to the troubleshooting section of the user manual for assistance.

Q: What causes the pilot to go out when the control knob is released?
A: This issue may be related to the thermocouple or pilot assembly. Refer to the user manual for troubleshooting steps or contact customer support.

Q: Why won’t the pilot light?
A: Ensure proper gas supply, follow the lighting instructions in the user manual, and check for any obstructions in the pilot assembly.

Q: What is a vent-free system?
A: A vent-free system, like the AGC500VFN, operates without a vent, providing efficient heating while minimizing heat loss.

Q: Is the AGC500VFN UL Listed?
A: No, the gas stove is not UL Listed, but it meets other safety and quality standards.