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What Is The Hottest Burning Firewood?

A cozy fireplace burning oak wood, the hottest burning firewood for efficient home heating.

Are you looking to cozy up by the fire this winter? If so, you might be wondering what the hottest burning firewood is and what factors affect its burning temperature. In this article, we will explore the different types of firewood, the benefits and disadvantages of using the hottest burning options, and how to determine […]

What Is The Cheapest Wood To Burn?

Image of hardwood logs, like oak and maple, ideal for long-lasting fires.

Are you looking to save money on heating costs by using wood for burning? Choosing the right type of wood is crucial to ensure efficient and cost-effective heating. We will explore the factors that affect the cost of wood, the cheapest types of wood to burn, as well as the benefits and drawbacks of using […]

Are Woodburning Fireplaces Banned In Some States?

A cozy living room with an inviting woodburning fireplace.

Woodburning fireplaces have long been a cozy and traditional way to heat homes. Recent concerns about the environmental and health impacts of woodburning have led some states to ban their use. We will explore the reasons behind the ban on woodburning fireplaces, as well as which states have implemented such restrictions. Alternatives to woodburning fireplaces […]

Is There Any Wood You Shouldn’t Burn In A Fireplace?

Crackling fire in a traditional fireplace with hardwood logs.

Burning wood in a fireplace is a traditional and efficient way to heat a home while creating a cozy atmosphere. But is there any wood you shouldn’t burn in a fireplace? Not all types of wood are suitable for this purpose. We will explore the benefits of burning wood in a fireplace, the different types […]

How To Light Wood Fireplace Even On the Coldest Days

Wood-burning fireplace with burning bright with wood pile on both sides of stone hearth.

Lighting a wood fireplace during the coldest days can be a daunting task, even for those experienced with fireplaces. In this guide, we’ll explore effective methods for overcoming common challenges and ensuring a warm, cozy environment in your home. Understanding the Challenge The key to mastering how to light a wood fireplace lies in understanding […]

The Ultimate Wood Burning Guide: Mastering Your Wood Stove, Insert, or Fireplace

Traditional wood burning fireplace with a wooden mantel

In this comprehensive wood burning guide, we will primarily focus on wood stoves, but rest assured, these tips are also applicable to wood inserts and wood fireplaces. However, before we dive into the details, we strongly recommend reading your owner’s manual thoroughly to familiarize yourself with your specific unit’s features and guidelines. Understanding the Anatomy […]

How to Arrange Fireplace Logs

fireplace logs

Many people believe that you can burn anything in a home fireplace. This isn’t true. Driftwood, painted or varnished wood, pressure-treated lumber, and more can all create harmful fumes. Avoiding the wrong fireplace logs isn’t the only way to create the optimal home fireplace fire. Read on to learn how to arrange fireplace logs and […]

Is a Gas or Wood Fireplace Better for Home Resale Value?

gas or wood fireplace

If you plan to sell your home in the next few years, it’s vital to consider which home improvement projects offer the best return on investment. For prospective buyers, every detail counts, including the overall appearance of the home to its features, location, and age. While some features may seem inconsequential, others can have a significant […]

Beautiful and Innovative Firewood Storage Ideas

Research shows that 1.9% of American households still rely on wood for their heat. This is low compared to other options, but it shows that wood fireplaces are still around. If you have a wood-burning fireplace, you need firewood storage. This can be quite a challenge depending on your home and the room you have. […]

Gas or Wood Fireplace? Which Is Better for Your Home?

gas or wood fireplace

Close to 50% of homebuyers prefer to have a gas or wood fireplace in a home. Although there are other ways to heat a house these days, many people still see fireplaces as a great home feature. If you’re thinking about installing a fireplace, however, one of the most important decisions to make is which type you […]

Your Guide to Caring for Your Wood Burning Fireplaces

A fire burning in a wood burning stone fireplace.

Did you know a fireplace can help you save on energy bills and give you an alternative heat source if the power goes out? While not every home has a fireplace these days, many of them do. And in addition to helping to keep your home nice and toasty in the wintertime, a fireplace can add an esthetic charm to your […]

Advice for an Expert: How to Start a Fire With Wood

how to start a fire with wood

Around 41% of homes built in 2018 had fireplaces. Fireplaces are great not only for staying warm but also for making your home more ambient. While electric fireplaces are very popular, old-fashioned wood fireplaces are also great to have. Learning how to start a fire with wood in your fireplace isn’t hard. But there are […]