The Dreifuss Name

The Dreifuss Name

Over the years many people have mentioned how hard it is to spell our name: Dreifuss. Many have suggested we even change the name of our company to something easier to spell for our potential customers.

That sounds easy! But let’s go back in history a bit before we take that leap.

Dreifuss Family Name on US Census - Dreifuss History

According to houseofnames, the meaning of Dreifuss: The surname, which was originally derived from the German word drivuoss, which means a tripod or a cooking pot with three legs, was also applied to a person who “stands for” everything or was tolerant.

According to Ancestry the Dreifuss name can be found on census cards in Pennsylvania all the way back in 1759.

Unfortunately, many of the family records were lost due to natural disaster and sickness, the family moving to new locations, and the simple passage of time.

What disasters could cause such a thing you might ask?


Pennsylvania Disasters

Pennsylvania has seen its share of hardships over the years. It was rough country before the big cities came and after they were established, it didn’t get any easier.

Between 1918-1919 The Spanish Influenza Epidemic devastated the state after a Navy ship traveling from Boston docked in Philadelphia. In the United States, 350,000 cases of Spanish Influenza were reported, with 150,000 of them coming from Philadelphia.

In 1936, two massive floods swallowed the state with the first on March 10th raising the water level to 14 feet. Followed closely on March 17th and 18th bringing the water level to 46 feet destroying 100,000 buildings and killing 69 people and injuring another 500.

There were many more disasters along the way with mining explosions and devastating train wrecks. The state has endured hard weather and tragedy throughout its history.

The attacks of September 11, 2001 also brought heartache to the state as United Flight 93. While en route from Newark, N.J. to San Francisco when terrorists seized control of the plane. The passengers and crew chose to fight, the terrorists responded by crashing the place a field in Shanksville, about 60 miles southwest of Pittsburgh.

Now we can’t say for certain that the Dreifuss name was involved in every disaster in the state, but what we do know the family has been here since the beginning and still going strong today.

Dreifuss Roots in Pennsylvania and New Jersey

Census records show the Dreifuss name all throughout New England, with a concentration in Pennsylvania followed by New Jersey.

Common spellings on state and federal documents include: Dreyfuss, Dreyfus, Drayfuss, Drayfus, Driefuss, Driefus, Drifuss, Dryfuss, Dreyfous, Dreifus and of course, our very own, Dreifuss.

Don’t be alarmed by this, take a moment and look up your family name and you will probably find a few spellings along its history too.

According to last names, or surnames, change for a variety of reasons.

Notetakers guessing at the spelling, misread old documents, phonetic spelling, individual accents, and simple lack of education all contribute to name spell changes over time.

There is one thing that hasn’t changed over time.

Dreifuss Business Excellence

There is a reason we are still in business and going strong since 1876. We strive for excellence!

No business is perfect all the time. We’ve had ups and downs, just like everyone else. But, just like the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania we keep pressing forward.

The Dreifuss Fireplaces Company name has even changed over the year.

Originally, The Dreifuss Company, then Dreifuss Stove Company, then Dreifuss Prebilt Inc. then Dreifuss Prebuilt Fireplaces, now Dreifuss Fireplaces.

Some of these name changes came from passing the company from generation to generation. Some of it came from the requirements of government and some… well… because of the internet.

Today, we are on the cutting edge of design, engineering, and technology in both residential and commercial fireplaces.

We have the largest selection of fireplaces in the state and take pride in our heritage of being an industry leader.

Our Dreifuss name has been synonymous with fireplaces since the late 1870s (even if a few people misspell it from time to time) and we hope we make such an impression on you, you’ll never forget it.

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