Escape the Chill with the ESCAPE 1800-I by Drolet Fireplaces!

Product Description

Warm up your space efficiently and in style with the ESCAPE 1800-I wood insert. This versatile, EPA-certified appliance is perfect for upgrading your masonry fireplace, offering a clean and eco-friendly heating solution.

Product Features

  • High Heat Output: With up to 75,000 BTU/h, it can heat areas from 500 to 2,100 sq. ft.
  • Clean Burning: Low particulate emission rate of only 2.3 g/h.
  • Long Burn Time: Enjoy up to 8 hours of burn time on a single load.
  • Large Firebox: Spacious 2.4 ft³ firebox accommodates logs up to 20″.
  • Robust Build: 5/16″ steel construction reinforced with a stainless steel heat shield.
  • Blower Included: Features a premium quality blower for enhanced heat distribution.
  • EPA 2020 Approved: Meets the latest environmental standards.
  • Proudly Made in Canada: Crafted with precision and care.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty: Your investment is protected.
  • Eligible for US Tax Credit: Energy-efficient heating with financial benefits.

Product Specifications

Fuel Type: Dry cordwood (16″ recommended)
Maximum Log Length: 20″
Flue Outlet Diameter: 6″
Recommended Chimney Diameter: 6″
Minimum Chimney Height: 12′
Overall Dimensions (WxHxD): 28 3/8″ x 23 1/8″ x 26 3/8″
Door Type: Single, glass with cast iron frame
Glass Type: Ceramic glass
Steel Thickness – Body: 3/16″
Steel Thickness – Top: 5/16″
Firebox Lined with Refractory Bricks: Yes
Warranty: Limited lifetime

Installation Options

Certified according to applicable standards by an accredited laboratory (CAN/USA).
Stainless-steel secondary-air system for efficient combustion.
Suitable for liner-type chimneys.
Clearances to combustibles comply with Canadian and US standards.

Fuel Types


Fuel Type Application


Clearances and Cavity Measurements

Clearance – Base of the unit to ceiling: 84″
Clearance – Combustible top mantle to unit: 27″
Clearance – Combustible side mantle to unit: 9″
Clearance – Combustible side wall to unit: 16″
Clearance – Top of the unit to a 12″ combustible mantle shelf: 27″


Limited Lifetime Warranty

Product Highlights

The ESCAPE 1800-I by Drolet Fireplaces offers a high-efficiency heating solution that combines style and performance. With low emissions, long burn times, and a spacious firebox, it stands out with the following highlights:

High Heat Output: Up to 75,000 BTU/h for heating areas up to 2,100 sq. ft.
Eco-Friendly: EPA-certified with low particulate emissions (2.3 g/h).
Long Burn Time: Enjoy up to 8 hours of warmth on a single load of wood.
Spacious Firebox: Accommodates logs up to 20″ for extended heating intervals.
Sturdy Construction: Crafted with 5/16″ steel and a stainless steel heat shield.
Energy-Efficient: Eligible for US tax credit, saving you money.
Premium Blower: Included for even heat distribution.
Made in Canada: Proudly crafted with precision and care.
Limited Lifetime Warranty: Protecting your investment.

Company Overview for Manufacturer

Drolet Fireplaces is a leading Canadian manufacturer known for its commitment to delivering top-quality heating solutions. With a focus on eco-friendly and efficient products, Drolet has become a trusted name in the industry. Their range of wood stoves, inserts, and other heating appliances is designed to meet high standards of performance and environmental responsibility.


Q: What’s the heating area coverage of the ESCAPE 1800-I wood insert?
A: It can efficiently heat areas ranging from 500 to 2,100 sq. ft.

Q: How long can I expect the ESCAPE 1800-I to burn on a single load of wood?
A: You can enjoy up to 8 hours of burn time.

Q: What is the maximum BTU output of this wood insert?
A: The ESCAPE 1800-I offers an impressive 75,000 BTU/h.

Q: Is it environmentally friendly?
A: Yes, it’s EPA-certified with low particulate emissions of only 2.3 g/h.

Q: What’s the maximum log length it can accommodate?
A: Logs up to 20″ can fit in the firebox.

Q: What is the construction material of the unit?
A: It’s constructed with 5/16″ steel reinforced with a stainless steel heat shield.

Q: Is the ESCAPE 1800-I eligible for the US tax credit?
A: Yes, it qualifies for the US tax credit, offering financial benefits to users.

Q: Where is the ESCAPE 1800-I wood insert manufactured?
A: It’s proudly made in Canada.

Q: What kind of warranty does Drolet offer for this product?
A: The ESCAPE 1800-I comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Q: Does it come with a blower for heat distribution?
A: Yes, it includes a premium quality blower (CFM: 144).

Q: What’s the recommended chimney diameter for this unit?
A: The recommended chimney diameter is 6 inches.

Q: What type of fuel should I use with this wood insert?
A: Dry cordwood is recommended.

Q: What is the overall efficiency of this appliance?
A: The overall efficiency is 72% (dry cordwood, HHV).

Q: Is this wood insert suitable for liner-type chimneys?
A: Yes, it is designed for liner-type chimneys.

Q: Can you tell me more about the firebox lining?
A: The firebox is lined with high-quality refractory bricks.

Q: Are the clearances to combustibles compliant with standards?
A: Yes, they comply with Canadian and US standards.

Q: Is there an installation manual provided with the product?
A: Yes, the owner’s manual contains installation instructions.

Q: Can I install this wood insert in a masonry fireplace?
A: Yes, it’s an excellent choice to upgrade your masonry fireplace for efficiency.

Q: What makes this wood insert environmentally friendly?
A: Its low particulate emissions and EPA certification contribute to its eco-friendliness.